Saturday, January 15, 2011


BEHOLD!!!! The final destination! *insert suspense song*. We are SO close to the ending of the race, we can smell it! Can’t wait for the race to end and for the organizers to announce the results!! The guys are in serious desperation, and in need for a new replacement for their prehistoric mobile phones. THE HEAT IS ON! Everyone of us feel like A-team, full of action and always on the run!
Updates? Here you go:
- One by one getting stressed, but still in high spirits and enthusiasm.
- Yong Hsin broke all the road rules according to Akta Pengangkutan.
- Erica got blister on her foot due to the running.
- Shi En has a face expression ala Gordon Ramsey … still haven’t called anyone a donkey yet.
- The Myvi is still in once piece man.

- After half day throughout the race, only wanna on the radio… let the music heal our soul!

Finally! A fine dining restaurant with a super cozy and air-conditioned atmosphere. Perfect restaurant to finish the finale of the race! Woah man…. Restaurant fine dancing concept that serves Malaysian and Indonese delicacies, with jazz music as the background. Chill out stylo milo.
RICE – Nasi putih and nasi kunyit. The rice served is fluffy, and the nasi kunyit is especially fragrant… goes well together.
AYAM PANGGANG – Roasted chicken with black sauce. Chicken was nicely roasted, and the black sauce nicely caramelized and coated on the chicken. Great dish to go with your nasi-nasi!
DANCING FISH – Look at that! Looks like the fish dancing…like, danced into a big pot of hot oil to be fried and be finally served to us…haha! Check out that colour, fried to perfection! The fish is super crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. Deep fried to the point that you can eat the bone like eating muruku. The presentation itself is a wonder piece of conversation.
ICE-CREAM – Strawberry and durian ice cream. The strawberry ice cream is sweet and slightly sour, just like real strawberries. Same goes for the durian.. quite smooth actually and not too strong.
LEMONGRASS JELLY WITH SOUR PLUM BURST – The name sounds so yeng wei…this dessert is sumthing new to us. The jelly has a tangy fruity flavor that melts in your mouth. The sour plum balls explodes in your mouth, giving a delightful burst of flavours that mixes well with the jelly. We want more please!

Lot T120, T121 & T122
285, Jalan Maarof, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-2095 6663
Verdict: Real cozy ambience to chill, with a fine-dining concept without break your wallet.


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