Saturday, January 15, 2011


Second stop y’all! This time the journey was much smoother than the first one, since Yong kinda know the area. The team is already quite emotional dy since we arrive quite late leh. Looks like Donn is suffering a mild heart attack (takut separuh mati): kena saman by DBKL, Yong’s crazy driving, and his leg got almost pancaked by his own car.

On second thought, let’s talk about the consequences of Yong’s driving so far:
Brake pads almost gone,
Tyres close to blowing up,
Bumpers nearly flew away,
Suspensions 10 degrees more to bursting into flames,
Whole team - near-death experience ala Final Destination 4
Anyway, the next stop brings the team to TARBUSH SUNWAY PYRAMID! YESSS!!!! We ate before at Tarbush Bukit Bintang area, but we didn’t know they have a branch in Sunway Pyramid.
Tarbush is well known for their top notch Lebanese cuisine. Donn said that a taxi-driver once told him whenever Middle Eastern tourist visits Malaysia, they always choose to dine in Tarbush. Goes to show how famous this place is.
We love the ambience here... feels like Boom Boom Pau was invited into a Sheikh’s palace... damn royal wei!
Biryani Prawn – Hearty rice dish, spied with turmeric and topped with prawns... looks colourful too! The gravy that comes with it has a flavourful ‘prawny’ taste to it. We love the ‘Shatta’ that comes together... Shatta is like the Middle East version of Malaysian sambal, but tasted more ‘refreshing’ and gives more live to this dish.
Muttabal – Looks like hummus! Makes a great dip for the pita bread that comes with it. Tastes like a more savoury version of the usual hummus we always eat. Very fluffy and smooth... and would make a nice dip for anything else we think!
Creme caramel – Didn’t know that Middle East cuisine offer crème caramel in their course. Another pleasant delight to finish a heavy meal! Caramel tasted home-made, and the pudding is really bouncy, giving a nice sensation chewing it. We love the fact that it’s not too sweet.
Location (Tarbush Restaurant Sunway)
LG2.123, Sunway Pyramid,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-5633 9222
Verdict: Authentic Lebanese cuisine right at our doorsteps worth dining at. Will definitely come back for more to savour the rest of the servings. Cosy ‘palace-like’ ambience as well.


The Rest of The Team:

Shi En
Yong Hsin

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