Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nagomi's CNY & VDAY Special

Festive season became one of the priorities of the society nowadays. Chinese New Year deco is yet to be fully set up when I got to know about Nagomi’s Valentine Lover’s Bento & CNY Sashimi Yee Sang.
It was a tad too early but curiosity got into me and next I knew, I arrived at Nagomi at Jaya33, all hyped up about this special menu.
The Lover's Bento

The Lover’s Bento consists of several interesting Japanese dish. The one which first caught my attention was the Rose Shape Sashimi, beautifully presented on a large scallop shell.
Three rose sashimi to denote ‘I Love You’ and one cheeky dude asked why not make it FIVE rose sashimi to denote ‘I Love You VERY MUCH’. LoL.
Next to it was the Love Sushi Roll. This relatively large heart shape sushi has avocado and strawberry in it. I don’t know about u but strawberry in my sushi is something very new to me but surprisingly, the combination was pretty good.
The huge Grilled King Prawns served with white sauce on it were good as well but in my opinion this particular dish still has room for improvements. I had a hard time de-shelling one prawn probably cause it wasn’t that fresh. But the other one was awesome.
Soba Soft Shell Crab Salada. This I like! I’m a fan of soba and soft shell crab and it was a huge plus point when both were served together.
This is Suzuki Senbei – Homemade seabass crispy cracker. The crispier, the better.

Overall, my favourite was the Soba Soft Shell Crab Salada. The orangy homemade Miso Dressing Sauce gives a positive change to the traditional standard way of eating soba. A good difference indeed.
The Lover’s Bento also includes a serving of Chocolate Cheese Brownie from the famous Dessert’s Bar.

Before you start getting headache on what and how to celebrate this coming Valentine’s, Nagomi’s one good dining place to consider to surprise your loved ones with a sumptuous meal in a romantic ambiance. Lover’s Bento’s available only from 11th – 14th February 2011.

How many of you ‘loued’ yee sang already? My first lou-ing yee sang this year was at Nagomi’s!
Nagomi’s offering CNY Sashimi Yee Sang in a portion for 2 and 6 people. It is served with 4 different types of sashimi – Salmon, Tuna, Amberjack and Seabass – and Nagomi’s special homemade sauce and freshly made ingredients. Available from now onwards till the 20th of February 2011.
More money, more money! Nice skin, nice skin! Burberry bag Burberry bag! Loyal, caring and rich man, rich man, rich man, rich man!! =P
Partners in crime:
These two special offers are only available during the period mentioned at the following outlets:

- Nagomi Jaya 33 [03-79562330]
- Nagomi Hap Seng [03-21416332]

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