Monday, January 10, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Disclaimer: Long entry ahead with loads of glorious and tempting food shots and pictures and pictures of a glutton - Me.

Yet another exciting one by Nuffnang. This time around, one of the largest leading telco in Malaysia, Maxis goes hand-in-hand with Nuffnang to organize a race ala Amazing Race Asia, called “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race”!
Maxis Om Nom Nom Race
It’s not hard to guess the Om Nom Nom refers to food. And food. And more food.

I am an obvious die-hard fan of Amazing Race Asia, yes, AND I wanna be part of this Om Nom Nom group to race against time to complete various food challenges all around Malaysia BECAUSE …


I just flattered myself by making me look like a freaking glutton yay -_-

But it was the glutton part of me that made me agree to join beauty queen Chantelle and talented songbird Sarah to be part of the then newly formed blogger group called the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers woot.
Founded by Tim Chew.

I attend and give food reviews so often I feel comfortable giving comments and critics already. At first really quite shy -_- See here, here and here to view my recent food reviews. Just remembered I have like 3 pending entries whoops. Look how the group has developed over a span of merely 6 months.
This makes all 20 of us gluttons lol.
And one more reason I’m interested in taking part in this (besides the tempting prizes to be won of course) is the fact that the MAXIS FINDER301 app on the iPhone will be used in this race.

I am one adventurous chick who love nothing more than something new and exciting, from the tasty new ice-kacang stall around the block to the fancy crème brulée at KL Uptown restaurants or just a chick flick with McDreamy in it I'M SO HOOKED ONTO THIS APP I don't know what I'd do without it.
It has the LARGEST food listings in Malaysia which helps locate new food places all around. It is also user-friendly where I could get hold of the contact details and location and even food reviews of the intended place!
I food hunt so often I hardly give the dodgiest alley or the most disgusting looking edibles a miss.
I am one MAXIS FINDER301 app user and I have gotten very comfortable with it so when I say it rocks, it really does! Feel free to give it a try here.

But of course, the app wouldn't work without a few accompanying gadgets such as the iPhone 4 (I have iPhone 3GS only lor) and Maxis Wireless Broadband, which will be utilized throughout the race, all available through Maxis.


I'm not superbly good at it but my mind works wonders I kid you not (sometimes only though)
Recent practice are of course from the wonderful apps iPhone has to offer. The games I have on my iPhone are mainly problem solving, puzzles and word games.
Words for Free iPhone app.
Cut the Rope iphone app.

So all in all, I'm up for all the riddles prepared during the race! :)))


The adrenaline pumping, the competition, the quest and most importantly, the FUN!
Sumo-inspired challenge at Nuffnang-GATSBY Street Fair!
Colleague and myself (in an oversized hardhat wtf) at an offshore platform.
Conquering terrains in Kota Kinabalu
Surfer chick spotted on the go!

I’ll say it again and again .. and again ..

I wanna be part of the group to race against time to complete various food challenges all around Malaysia!!


Date: 15 January 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Modesto’s, Ground Floor, Capital Square, 7 Persiaran CapSquare 50100, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8am-7pm
Dress code: Customized “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race” T-shirts (SIZE S)
Fingers crossed for both YongHsin and myself. We’re hoping to have fun together, again!

Also joining us this time are two gluttons Donn Lim and Koh Shi En yo! Click on the links for their blog post on this!


Donn Donovey said...

Ahyo... I should have given you a better picture of myself =.=! I look ridiculous

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nice post. thanks.