Friday, February 25, 2011

MAYFAIR English Kitchen & Bar

I have been in and out of KL, travelling all around in cabs, trains, planes, crew boats, supply boats and chopper (how cool is that huh); to the extend even my housemates hardly spot me at home.

They probably miss me already :)

Last night was the first night in so many months where I slept early and woke up in time for work. See lah, travel here there still need to be in office .. complain complain complain lol. Just kidding (in case boss happens to read this)

To me, there’s no better way to unwind from a long day job than to eat my heart out with the finest delectable treats and drinks. I love food so much it’s odd I actually fainted due to low glucose.

*Crime scene - KLCC Rotiboy @ 8 am. Shy :(

Mayfair, The English Kitchen & Bar is situated strategically at Damansara Perdana, within walking distance from Ecoba. Me being hungry as always was one of the early birds to arrive. Tim, as usual, did his VVIP catwalk upon entering the café.

I have grown to love salads (used to hate greens when I was younger) so their Ceaser Salad [RM 14+] was an appetizer I could not resist.

The Tuna and Mushroom Pasta [RM 23+] serves an awesome combination of pasta, smoked tuna and mushrooms. The tuna was de bomb I kid you not. A dish worth trying.

Chorizo and Bacon Pizza [RM 27+]. Hmm. Okay lah .. Very average.

The Tender Hickory Pepper Baby Pork Ribs [RM 60+] was served in a portion which guarantees satisfaction. It is not as tender as what other outlets served mainly because they do not use a kind of tenderizer for meat so in a way it’s healthier to dine it here.

Just look at how Sarah and myself gnawed the meat off the bone lol. We have zero patience when it comes to food, unlike the ladylike Nicole lol.

Next up was the extremely unhealthy yet sinfully GOOD Crispy Pork Knuckle [RM 45+]. Crispy on the outside, and mouth watering tender meat inside. Yum!

Sausages from Jarrod and Rawlins. Nothing to shout about though it was quite tasty.

And as for desserts, we had Warm Bread Butter Pudding [RM 14+]. I’m more to the warm tong sui i.e. red/green/black bean soup, longan, etc kinda person so I’m not particularly fussy towards such dessert but the other girls who were, suggested to add ice cream on the pudding to give it more oomph!

And the last I heard, they took the advice, thanks to MHB bloggers whee ~

Personal verdict:
Ambience – 8/10. Very warm and cozy, definitely spells out English Kitchen & Bar.
Food – 7.2/10. Love the salad, pasta and the pork knuckle.
Price – 6/10. A little on the pricey side if you ask me.
Service – 8/10. Awesome. Brothers Thomas (owner) and Kenneth (chef) were very friendly.

Unit D.G-03, Block D

Menara Taiko,

PJ Trade Centre,

No.8, Jalan PJU 8/8A,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7726 4131

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prince Hotel & Residence

One disadvantage of having to handle operations in the East Malaysia is that I could never enjoy the luxurious hotel rooms in KL without forking out an amount which would've cost the equivalent of my one month meal.

Nor the scenic night view of my office - The PETRONAS Twin Towers.

I'm always there IN the building working my ass off.

I got lucky when this benevolent company of Prince Hotel & Residence invited us over to enjoy the luxurious 5-star which promises luxury and comfort.

Prince Hotel and Residence lies in the heart of the city, being surrounded by the city's most sophisticated shopping centres, exciting entertainment outlets and fine dining establishments.

The hotel lobby.

Warm welcome, friendly smiles and helpful offers - I have to give it to the reception staffs. They were extremely helpful especially when it comes to the baggages we brought along just for a night's stay.

Tim freaked out, claiming people would assume he's some papa-san set out to kidnap both of us.

The scenic room I shared with Sarah.

I used to travel all the way down to KL just to catch the magnificent view of the PETRONAS Twin Towers and also the KL Tower. It's ironic how I do not bother taking a 5-minute break to enjoy the view when it's so close to me.

So I was just like any other tourists - "THE VIEW SO NICE WAHHH PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS SO BEAUTIFUL OOOOH!", which made both of them went -_-" and reminded me that I actually worked there.

Prince Hotel & Residence offers facilities you couldn't resist. I checked out the Mandara Spa, which offers a head-to-toe pampering experience for all. There was also a fitness centre and a pool with a panoramic view, which caters for BBQ and poolside parties.

We also took this opportunity to enjoy the luxury at the Premier Executive Lounge which offers a line of free flow evening cocktail drinks and appetizers.

I whooped 2 glasses of my favourite Gin Tonic that evening! And mini burgers. And grilled salmon. And a mouthful of Japanese soba. Those were my evening tea.

I can really eat a cow.

Dinner was at Tai Zi Heen, which was extremely famous for its Dim Sum but that night we had their authentic Chinese cuisine, which I believe is their forte as well.

We were greeted by this interesting flower tea which "blooms" when in contact with hot water. Like magic!! I found my second favourtie Chinese tea. The first (and only favourite for years) was kung pou - chrysanthemum tea if I'm not wrong.

And not to forget, the memorable red and white wine to accompany our dinner. Loves!

First up was the SERIOUSLY tempting Traditional Peking Duck with Condiments [RM 108++]

We were served with no, not the duck meat but the sleek skin of the roasted Peking Duck. A big thumbs up for the both presentation and taste.

Double-boiled Chinese Herbal Soup [RM 22++]

A dish rich in herbs, very good for the ladies, especially vain ones like me who cares nothing but her complexion.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab tossed with Buttered Oats, Garlic, Curry Leaves and Chilli
[RM 32++]

This was sinfully good, especially the little crumbs which Tim whacked most of it hmph.

Oven-Baked Black Cod Fillet with Butter and Parmesan Cheese Crust [RM 58++]

I vote this to be the best dish that night. The cod was OMG so good it melted in my mouth I kid you not.

Ying Yang Prawns - Crispy Prawns tossed with Asian Dressing and Garlic Pepper Sauce [RM 26++]

It was good plus I loved seafood I finished most of them cause Timmo's allergic to prawns HAHAHA and Sarah wanted to save her tummy for the remaining dish.

Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kailan with Garlic [RM 28++ (S), RM 42++ (M), RM 56++ (L)]

Well done. Compliments your tummy after all the hearty dishes.

Fried Rice with Seafood, Abalone Sauce and XO sauce
[RM 32++ (S), RM 48++ (M), RM 64++ (L)]

I was so stuffed by then but who would say no to DESSERTS? :)

Guiling Gao. Very good for the skin so this was my favourite dessert lol.

This is some avocado jelly with frozen yoghurt ice cream or some sort. Very cooling and refreshing!

Chilled Mango Puree with Ice Cream, Sago and Pomelo [RM 15++]

And you know what's the beauty of staying in the heart of KL?

It's so damn close to every night-out spot, be it bar, club or mamak stalls.

Spotted at Zouk, KL.

After a night of partying, all of us woke up with panda eyes .. as expected. Headed down to Eccucino for a hearty buffet breakfast in both Western and Asian style, and in shades of course to cover my dark rings and eye bags, before heading out to the pool for a good swim.

Should you need to make reservations for this posh hotel for whatever reasons, be it business or personal, check out their webpage. For what's worth, Prince Hotel & Residence is one highly recommended place to bunk in KL.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A State of Mind

Crossroads. No. A T-junction is more like it. You know. Options. Choices. Decisions. Don't like 'em very much. I thought I was set on what to do with my life. I was .. most of them, for now.

Career. Adaptable. Plus, I have nowhere to run unless I'm open to paying a hundred odd thousands to the company which sponsored my bachelor's degree. Family. I have a super loving and protective parents and a close knit family. I'm contented. Social life. I don't think I need to say much about this. I'm exhausted with the never ending agenda but I'm not complaining. Relationship. Well ..

What can I say? The most important element to have is now gone. I was taken aback by what had happened because I totally didn't see it coming. How am I to continue going down this path? Too bad I'm not like 100% smitten else I would have brushed it off and create a million reasons to cover his ass like any love sick puppy would (although I did try to .. for a couple of months).

Shit happens. The thing is, when it happened, coincidently at that nick of time, life somehow took its own toll and changed my life destiny. Or so it seems. And I've been following the flow ever since. Whether or not it's a better option, I wouldn't know but as for now, at this moment as I'm typing away, it couldn't have been any better.

I have learnt to not stereotype people. The decent ones can be as deceiving, if not more, as the bad asses out there. The thing to look out for and be more wary of is actually the former because you never expect it to jump on you and trust me, when it does, you just couldn't comfort yourself by saying "Not surprised" or "I saw that coming".

I rant a lot yet I still don't know what I want. I mean I do know what I want but I seriously think I have some issues with my assertiveness. So easily influenced wan cis. And soft-hearted too.

I hope those of you reading this won't conclude something out of nothing just because of what you hear about me and start spreading rumours, thank you very much. If you want to speculate, be my guest, just do me a favour and keep your damn mouth to yourself. I'm sick of all the dramas and all your noses poking into my life.

Sigh. Wish I could go back to being a student where life is way simpler. And I could be younger too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Of YeeSang, Partying and Baccarat

I'm supposed to be sleeping but here I am .. staring at my computer screen. Blank.

I had hardly 8 hours of sleep the past two nights. Thursday night - Was out at Straits Quay till 4 am, which resulted to me cancelling on Ivan on our breakfast appointment so he rescheduled it to the next morning.

The following night I was out at Mois with people I met in KL and also a few of my primary school friends but surprisingly I managed to wake up at 8.55 am and went on with my breakfast plan.
AllanChew, AmandaYoon, DannyYap and myself.
With cute SzeWei, DarenYoon.
Zombie mode whole day, swore to myself to rest early but I slept at 1 am and was forced to get up at 4.30 am to leave for KL.

Phew. At least we beat the jam. TimChew was stuck on the road for 8 freaking hours HAHAHA.

All the above are my late night activities. I was busy collecting angpaus, and stuffing myself with all the good yet sinful food during the day.

Oh. I actually went "Lou! Lou! Lou! Rich man, rich man, rich mannnnn!" while lou-ing YeeSang.
I'm serious. No kidding. LoL!! One dude copied me and went "Lou! Lou! Lou! Rich woman, rich woman!", and was asked to be a gigolo cause rich woman are mostly tai-tais HAHAHA.

I think I lou-ed YeeSang like 4 times this year. My little wish better be true since I lou-ed so much :P

And I also played a bit of Baccarat after giving in to an hour of persuasion. Managed to win back after losing in the first few rounds, thanks to such hands a couple of times :P
I quit after a while. Didn't dare take the risk of losing my hard-earned money.

That basically summarize my CNY 2011. Nothing interesting to shout about. How was yours? Managed to get extra pocket money? Angpaus not included :P

I miss my smelly towel already sigh.