Thursday, March 31, 2011


A lot has been going through my mind lately. Schedules, deadlines, rush hour, necessities, personal relation, demands, calls / texts and so on. 


Many of us are in this phase whether we like it or not. 

A colleague of mine recently expressed his disgust over people who put standards and superiority over personal characteristics. I know a few who are willing to forego humility over glamour. People put money above love and similarly, career above family.

Think about it. For those in the corporate world, we spend a minimum of 10 hours for work – 9 hours in the office and 1 hour on the roads, to and from the office. That’s like 42% of your day spent on work. That’s a whole big chunk, imho. Really, you should choose a job you enjoy doing. If you’re gonna experience Monday blues every week, every year without fail, quit your job. You’d probably fare better in a job you’re passionate about.

Going further – If we take an average of 7 hours of sleep, that will be a cumulative of 71% of NOT spending time with friends and family.

What’s left is 7 hours of free time to keep you sane. Unless it’s really necessary, spend it with your loved ones. Pick a life partner you would not dread being with and make sure he/she does not have a bunch of weird relatives who love to interfere in his/her personal life.

Just came out from a bad experience but nevermind that. 

Recently I find myself being under a lot of stress, 90% of which are really unnecessary. I find myself getting very frustrated and agitated very easily, which affected my work and the people around me. And me being a disorganized person worsen it. As time passes, my stuff are segregated and placed in 3 different places. Don’t ask me where. And the fact that I travel pretty often makes things worse because I created an additional spot – my luggage bag -_-“

At times I don’t know where I put my towel, or my toiletries. Yep, it’s that bad -_-“

So this weekend, I’m gonna eliminate two of the four, luggage bag being one of them.

Busy month ahead. Anticipating the 9th and 30th of April :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Yoga Sanctuary: A Secret to Maintaining A Slim Physique & A Healthy Lifestyle

For someone who dislikes boring evening jog or work out with gym equipment, yoga is one option in keeping a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, improving on your current physique and not feel guilty pigging out.

I for one love to eat. I am thankful for my metabolic rate which hasn't failed on me. Yet.

And since there's a "yet" at the end of the sentence, I've decided to give yoga a shot. I've heard so much about it, how it helps in breathing and engaging your physical and mental disciplines through different yoga poses.

My very first yoga session was at Yoga Sanctuary, Bandar Utama. Went with a few of the babes to give this outlet a shot. For a beginner like myself, I'm appreciative that Yoga Sanctuary holds somewhat more private classes which enables the instructor to correct your body poses/posture.

The particular session which I went for was more packed than the usual, mainly to accommodate the first-timers i.e. me :) 

Dude in black top grey shorts was the instructor - Azmi Samdjaga, Malaysia's most sought after Ashtangi. He's a yoga practitioner for over 10 whole freaking years! -_-" If my determination and passion are like his I'll be as flexible if not more than him in 10 years' time.

I struggled really hard keeping up to poses after poses cause I have really, really tight hip and hamstrings. All the while I knew I'm not one flexible babe but I have no idea I was this bad :( 

Look! I couldn't even straighten my leg :( That was the max I could managed, after much huffing and puffing pushing myself to the limit.

But I guess I gotta learn to take things slow. Heard it's normal for beginners to experience what I experienced. There was one girl in the class who was awfully awesome in handling all the poses and my, was she hot! She practiced yoga for like 2 years only!

That'll be my New Year's resolution this year and next - To keep up the motivation and determination for yoga till I am on par with her. Heee :)

A group of first-timers at Yoga Sanctuary with outlet owner Alex and Azmi after a fulfilling class.

Drop by Yoga Sanctuary and give this outlet a try. Do not afraid if you're as unflexible (don't know if such word exists) as myself because one obvious advantage this outlet have over other popular and over-populated fitness centres - You get the attention from the instructor. You'll need him to correct and push you.

C3-05-1, 1 Bukit Utama Condo,
Cangkat Bukit Utama, 
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor.
Contact: 018 - 355 3676

Or you can give their Facebook Page a visit! :) Happy stretching!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brotzeit - A Place to Indulge

Brotzeit is a Bavarian expression which depicts a cozy meal complemented by pints and pints of fresh beer. 

With its contemporary new residence along Mid Valley Megamall's outdoor boulevard, Brotzeit serves the specialty cuisine all the way from Germany as well as an assortment of beers from Paulaner. 

I first heard about them from MHB blogger babe Michelle. She loved Brotzeit so much she frequented the outlet and helped boosting their business and publicity. 

Just like what was written on the board, the Schweinshaxe or Pork Knuckle [RM 85] - a term more fondly known among the Malaysians, which is one of the unanimously voted and agreed as Brotzeit's ultimate specialty, set expectations even before I stepped into Brotzeit.

I wasn't disappointed. It's a must-try, especially the DAMN AWESOME & SINFUL crisp deep fried skin. Then again, most of the dish in Brotzeit were like that - awesome yet sinful, but who really cares about it being sinful right? ;)

The Brotzeitflade Speck [RM 30] was a very addictive snack - consists of belly bacon, onions, vine ripened cherry tomatoes, chilli and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust fladenbrot. 

The Käsekrainer aka pork cheese sausages [RM 27] oozes out generous warm melted cheese into your mouth at every bite. They were so good.

Knoblauchwurst aka garlic sausages [RM 38] were served with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is actually braised white German cabbage, quite sourish in taste. Supposed to help with all the sinful meat digestion. 

After blabbering about FOUR sinful dishes, here's one to ease the digestion, besides the sauerkraut (OMG these German names -_-")

Meeresfrüchtesalat (omg omg I had a hard time typing this word) aka Seafood Salad [RM 46] is one damn awesome mixed salad with generous amount of smoked salmon, tuna and prawns.

We also had these, less sinful but equally as good. Loved the eggs and ham :)

As for the desserts in Brotzeit, I'm appreciative by the fact that they are not overly sweet. I simply hate desserts with pounds and pounds of sugar in them. My favourite would be the Bayrische Crème [RM 12], a Bavarian vanilla Cream with chocolate sauce and almonds has texture similar to a panna cotta.


I also find the Kaiserchmarrn [RM 20] awesome. It's a German pancakes cut up, served with sweet plum sauce with real plum bits in it. This is fluffy and taste just right, not too sweet.

The food pricing at Brotzeit is undeniably on the higher end and since this outlet is one recommended place for awesome sinful food and beers, go in a group. Sharing is caring and would definitely save your pockets.

Brotzeit Bar & Restaurant
Lot G (E) - 018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley Megamall.

Psst psst. Many asked how us girls managed to maintain our figures when we often indulge in sinful stuff like all the above. Secret will be revealed next so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EVO F1 Screening - Win Passes to Watch F1 this April 10th!

[Teaser Post]

Okay who loves winning prizes and passes to exclusive events and whatnot?

I have TWO passes to giveaway so WHO wants to join me and the rest of the blogger babes at Ecoba Restaurant & Bar @ Damansara Perdana this coming April 10th at 2 pm and watch the Formula One race in total absolute comfort with free flow of F&B at the Malaysian EVO 'Rev It Up!'??

Things don't come easy so I have to do something to decide on the lucky winner (not winners). Passes are actually 1 + 1, so fret not, you can bring a friend along IF YOU WIN :)

It's gonna be very simple.

WHEN did I have my first food review at Ecoba AND WHAT was my favourite pick?

Simple right? All you have to do is to rummage through my blog and the answers are sitting right there. You don't even have to search far ;)

There are fun and games and lots and lots of attractive prizes to be won! The lucky duo will even stand a chance to be the "The Best Dressed Fan" of the day if you don in anything that spells out Shell Ferrari. Not to forget the GRAND LUCKY DRAW at the end of the event which could win you spots to watch Formula One in Singapore this year!

So quick submit your answers in the comment box. Since this is a relatively easy contest (not something ridiculous like how many times I've had breakouts), the first to get it right wins! Fair enough?

Okay the contest is on. Happy rummaging! :)

The Creeps ..

Who says bunking in posh hotel rooms are all great? Have you ever encountered unexplained, creepy incidents like .. how TV channels miraculously changed from HBO to Sports Channel? =.=

I was in Miri, as usual, to attend my monthly meetings and my usual choice of hotel would be the Imperial Hotel Miri, since it’s convenient and it’s a quite an awesome place to bunk for a night or two. It was just this one particular trip .. where I felt the chill the moment I entered the room. I ignored it and proceeded to do what I had to do.

I turned on the TV and switched to HBO to check on the scheduled movies that day before taking a shower. And when I was done, I jumped on my bed and *flik, the channel was switched to Sports Channel. 

I thought I accidently jumped onto the remote so I switched it back to HBO and went to get the hair dryer from the cupboard (TV was out of sight). And when I walked towards the bed, it was back to Sports Channel …..


I instantly switched it off.

My friend pinged me thing morning and ‘excitedly’ related his night’s stay at a hotel in Louisiana (He was in Houston for training). Right before he went to bed, he switched off ALL the lights, and the last one was the table lamp beside his bed. This morning he woke up with one table light and toilet light switched on.

Thinking it was purely electrical fault, he went ahead and freshen up etc etc .. only to realize his shoes were in a weird position. 

You know how ppl usually arrange their shoes? Right shoe on the right side and the left one on the left side, put together. But his shoes, the shoes were in the opposite sides – right shoe on the left side and vice versa. 

Can you picture it? Odd. And creepy.

As he wished me goodnight (remember the time difference), I said “Hope your shoes won’t be in an awkward position tmr :)”

Well, guess what? I’m going to Miri again this Sunday …

Sunday, March 20, 2011

CaiJin's Farewell @ Ecoba

Judging from the great moment we shared during our last food review, coupled with the great service, ambience and so on and so forth, Ecoba Restaurant & Bar topped the list when deciding on the venue to throw a farewell party for CaiJin who was to leave to further her studies in Aussie.

The celebrated drama queen ~

And Ecoba was kind enough to host the event, which added on to the already positive impression we had. We opened two bottles of Macallan 12 Years to start the night, and both cost RM 720 nett only.

Since it was still hype on CNY, we lou-ed yee sang for like the 100th time. I was late - stupid jam - so I missed out on that :'(

I had my first taste of their awesome Tapas Menu, which, among my favourite was Kean's Special Pizza and Chicken Boxing. 

Kean's Special Pizza (named after one of the owners), RM 28 nett, had the oddest combination - chili padi (OMG), chicken skin, mushrooms, pineapples and some secret ingredient - but it turned out to be the awesomest pizza ever. Maybe it's the cili padi .. or the special ingredient which I do not know what. 

Chicken Boxing [RM 6 nett] was tasty indeed. Too tasty to make it available only on Saturdays :( 

Ecoba Tapas Platter [RM 30 nett] is a combination of loaded potato skin, prawn fritters, nachos and bruschetta.

We also had cute little tender lamb cutlets, priced at RM 15 nett.

Not to forget, the sweet & sour & somewhat spicy Chicken Wings [RM 12 nett] - the mainstay of beerfood.

A toast, to CaiJin who will be leaving us (already left), Ecoba for their great food, ambience and hospitality and to the group for being where we are now. Cheers ~

A group shot with Kean (remember Kean's Special Pizza? :p) and Kenny (right most) before we're off for our second round of celebration at Phuture :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eventful Weekends

My weekends were pretty eventful. Had my first taste of yoga at Yoga Sanctuary @ Bandar Utama. Will do a full write-up once I get d pics.

Partially crashed a friend’s friends’ (both bride and groom) wedding last weekend .. both were strangers to me till we were formally introduced towards the end of the night. Felt somewhat awkward when the bride’s first line was “I heard so much about you” .. Curiosity really kills I was so tempted to ask her to elaborate.

Dinner was awesome. Check out the entrée. Freaking huge lobster wei. Dinner must be damn expensive.

HUUUUUUGE king prawns. 

Our table had like only 3 girls so the guys were like fighting for more portion one even went to the extend of “transferring” another table’s portion to ours lol. Yea the food was that good.

Attended Nicole’s birthday at Nerofico yesterday night after work (that's why in all pictures I had this post - 9to5 - look sigh). A very romantic candle-light setting with red and pink rose petals all over the table.

Dinner was awesome. My ultimate favourite was the cod fish. It was seriously to die for.

And the birthday girl looked simply stunning in her awesome pink Herve Leger dress. If I earn tens of thousands I'd have gotten it too but too bad I don't T.T

Today, I wanted to try out Jukari Fit to Flex at Chi Fitness but noob me didn't know sports shoes are compulsory sigh. Will try it out next weekend before I fly off to Miri, again.

Breakouts, breakouts go away. Please don’t come back ever again ~


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Initially I don't give a shit to what people have to say but this one particular comment I cannot tolerate for shit.

Bravo!! At least now you can see the other person's personality early than late. I trust God will bless you more by now. Take care bro ..

WTF! This idiot (I don't know male or female) has totally zero idea on the story behind this entire shit yet he/she dared comment like that. Go to hell.

And to whom it may concern, please remove your mask and tell the whole world what you did. Idiot.

2011 Thus Far

How has 2011 treated you so far?

I kicked off 2011 with a BANG!, welcomed the new year with friends, family, fireworks .. and the awesome MOET.

Then my life took its course and went slightly dramatic for a bit. All the decisions and risks to be considered and taken almost killed me mentally .. but I survived :) Didn't really like all that had happened.

Did my first blog write-up for Johnnie Walker in hopes to win an all expense paid 3D2N trip to Singapore for the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Mega Event but didn't emerge as one of the lucky duo. So sad :( I had fun writing it though.

Had my first taste of TVC casting with Dove last year (which I failed to make the cut cause of the chemicals on my straightened hair which's starting to wear off), then with Friendscino which I felt so conned cause the entire so-called TVC gig was merely for publicity purposes whereby the girls need to tell the whole world (better still, the CNN) about their pic/video and then ask plead beg whatever for ppl's votes. What nonsense. Wanted to pull out but couldn't so I untagged myself and act dumb about it.

Then guess what. A couple of days ago I was asked to do a TVC for health and skincare products.


I decided to give it a try though. No harm done. Considering how initial the planning stage's currently at, I foresee facing the camera in 3-4 months' time.

And and and .. I'm going to China this May!! Shanghai, Beijing and .. more which I couldn't remember. Can't wait to enjoy spring for the very first time in my first visit to China wheeee ~

Yes, I chose a 9-day holiday over a bag.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thinking Back ..

What in the world was I thinking ..

And what in the world am I doing.


And why can't these stupid, stupid, STUPID breakouts leave me ALONE!

Bitter. Me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My CookBook, Sunway Giza

This is one fusion cuisine not to be missed.

My CookBook is one of the newly launched outlets in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara - dubbed the latest craze in the happening KL world.

With a wide selection of drinks and food to select from, one can frequent My CookBook to try out their interesting mix-and-match fusion cuisine.

At My CookBook, we were greeted by the homemade Fruit Yee Sang! Very fresh, very healthy and a perfect appetizer to start your dinner.

I recommend the 45-minute Poached Egg with Black Cream Sauce on Dried Scallop Toast as well. One thing about this outlet - The names on the menu are mostly like super lengthy.

Clockwise from top left:
MY Prawn Bisque with Prawn Wanton and Egg Beancurd (RM 8.90),
MY Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Shimeji Mushrooms (RM 8.90),
MY King Prawn Porridge with Century Egg and Ginger (RM 26.90)
MY Barley Pandan Rice with CookBook Curry Chicken (RM 18.90)

Love the Chicken Soup (looks and taste like taufufah), credits to the little mushrooms. The Barley Pandan Rice is something new to most of us it was far from disappointing.

Clockwise from top left:
Organic Pumpkin Porridge with Vegetable and Yam Fritters (RM 18.90),
Dried Curry Noodles with Crispy Chicken Roll and Long Beans (RM 18.90),
MY King Prawn Noodles in Prawn Bisque served with 45-minute Poached Egg (RM 26.90)
MY Curry Laksa with Moon-face Wanton, Poached Chicken Roll and Cockels (RM 18.90)

Basically, whichever dish which has HUGE prawns in it, I love them all! Prawns were so fresh and fleshy yums! Credits to the chickens as well. Very well done, and were served in a generous portion.

MY Crispy Chicken Rice with Fragrant Rice served with Double-Boiled Chicken Broth (RM 18.90). This is My CookBook's signature dish, a must try! Interesting presentation, quote a friend of mine "Looks like chicken satay!" unquote.

MY CookBook Fried Koay Teow with Duck Egg (RM 18.90) - In other words, Char Koay Teow lah, is also another specialty. Just look at the prawns OMG.

And now, to the line I've been waiting for - My CookBook's DESSERTS! I read really positive reviews on their dessert menu before this food review and had been dying to get my hands on them.

All below for RM 9.90 only!

Hot Homemade Soya Milk with Barley and Sesame Sead Beancurd, and Barley and Soya Bean Milk with Sesame Ice Cream and Peanut Beancurd.

Soya Milk's awesome for not being ridiculously like any other outlets. As for the dessert on the right, read my verdict below ..

Clockwise from top left:
Oat Congee with Homemade Sesame Ice Cream with Sweet Corn
Black Glutinous Rice with Pumpkin Puree and Durian Ice Cream
Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Ice Cream and Peanut Beancurd
Chilled Avocado Puree with Yam Ice Cream and Beancurd

ALL desserts were AWESOME-NESS!! Probably cause I'm a fan of such desserts and not super sweet stuff like puddings and cakes, but regardless!

I love the Avocado Puree the most!

The surrounding is spacious and they even accommodated several rooms for parties and celebrations purposes.

Drop by My CookBook, Sunway Giza and but make sure you're open to experimenting new fusion dish!

Personal Verdict
Ambience - 7/10. Love the fact that they accommodate parties / celebrations / gatherings.
Food - 7/10. Kudos to the dessert line.
Price - 6/10.
Service - 8/10. This, I'll give it to them.

A-12 Sunway Giza Mall,
Jalan PJU, 5/14,
Kota Damansara.

Phone: +603 - 6140 6113

Alternatively, you can visit their My CookBook's Facebook Fan Page. Bon Appetit!