Saturday, March 12, 2011


Initially I don't give a shit to what people have to say but this one particular comment I cannot tolerate for shit.

Bravo!! At least now you can see the other person's personality early than late. I trust God will bless you more by now. Take care bro ..

WTF! This idiot (I don't know male or female) has totally zero idea on the story behind this entire shit yet he/she dared comment like that. Go to hell.

And to whom it may concern, please remove your mask and tell the whole world what you did. Idiot.

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Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure in this case both have your own faults. you can't stop people from talking but if he's a jerk, he is a jerk. if he's a flirt then he is one. heard the story from someone...cheer up. let him put on his mask as long as he wants babe. he's not worth your time.