Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Creeps ..

Who says bunking in posh hotel rooms are all great? Have you ever encountered unexplained, creepy incidents like .. how TV channels miraculously changed from HBO to Sports Channel? =.=

I was in Miri, as usual, to attend my monthly meetings and my usual choice of hotel would be the Imperial Hotel Miri, since it’s convenient and it’s a quite an awesome place to bunk for a night or two. It was just this one particular trip .. where I felt the chill the moment I entered the room. I ignored it and proceeded to do what I had to do.

I turned on the TV and switched to HBO to check on the scheduled movies that day before taking a shower. And when I was done, I jumped on my bed and *flik, the channel was switched to Sports Channel. 

I thought I accidently jumped onto the remote so I switched it back to HBO and went to get the hair dryer from the cupboard (TV was out of sight). And when I walked towards the bed, it was back to Sports Channel …..


I instantly switched it off.

My friend pinged me thing morning and ‘excitedly’ related his night’s stay at a hotel in Louisiana (He was in Houston for training). Right before he went to bed, he switched off ALL the lights, and the last one was the table lamp beside his bed. This morning he woke up with one table light and toilet light switched on.

Thinking it was purely electrical fault, he went ahead and freshen up etc etc .. only to realize his shoes were in a weird position. 

You know how ppl usually arrange their shoes? Right shoe on the right side and the left one on the left side, put together. But his shoes, the shoes were in the opposite sides – right shoe on the left side and vice versa. 

Can you picture it? Odd. And creepy.

As he wished me goodnight (remember the time difference), I said “Hope your shoes won’t be in an awkward position tmr :)”

Well, guess what? I’m going to Miri again this Sunday …


Anonymous said...

omg....the goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

you can try imperial palace hotel, which is a new hotel. location wise - very convinient :)