Thursday, March 31, 2011


A lot has been going through my mind lately. Schedules, deadlines, rush hour, necessities, personal relation, demands, calls / texts and so on. 


Many of us are in this phase whether we like it or not. 

A colleague of mine recently expressed his disgust over people who put standards and superiority over personal characteristics. I know a few who are willing to forego humility over glamour. People put money above love and similarly, career above family.

Think about it. For those in the corporate world, we spend a minimum of 10 hours for work – 9 hours in the office and 1 hour on the roads, to and from the office. That’s like 42% of your day spent on work. That’s a whole big chunk, imho. Really, you should choose a job you enjoy doing. If you’re gonna experience Monday blues every week, every year without fail, quit your job. You’d probably fare better in a job you’re passionate about.

Going further – If we take an average of 7 hours of sleep, that will be a cumulative of 71% of NOT spending time with friends and family.

What’s left is 7 hours of free time to keep you sane. Unless it’s really necessary, spend it with your loved ones. Pick a life partner you would not dread being with and make sure he/she does not have a bunch of weird relatives who love to interfere in his/her personal life.

Just came out from a bad experience but nevermind that. 

Recently I find myself being under a lot of stress, 90% of which are really unnecessary. I find myself getting very frustrated and agitated very easily, which affected my work and the people around me. And me being a disorganized person worsen it. As time passes, my stuff are segregated and placed in 3 different places. Don’t ask me where. And the fact that I travel pretty often makes things worse because I created an additional spot – my luggage bag -_-“

At times I don’t know where I put my towel, or my toiletries. Yep, it’s that bad -_-“

So this weekend, I’m gonna eliminate two of the four, luggage bag being one of them.

Busy month ahead. Anticipating the 9th and 30th of April :D


Hazel said...

well said..totally agree with you
Anyway, emo-ing for a short while and move ahead with positive mindset :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

time for a holiday!! :D as for me, i'm going to tioman for some R & R this sunday.. yippie!! and hopefully melaka and sg end of april

Anonymous said...

There are too many things going on in your life now. Its time to take a step back and set your priorities straight.

Once you've taken a step back and start looking at the bigger picture, things will become clearer for you..I assure you that.

Take it easy. Your loved ones are with you.

Rah said...

I agree with you. Your job should be as enjoyable as possible. Life is short, and you definitely don't want to waste in on something you do not enjoy. :)