Monday, March 28, 2011

Yoga Sanctuary: A Secret to Maintaining A Slim Physique & A Healthy Lifestyle

For someone who dislikes boring evening jog or work out with gym equipment, yoga is one option in keeping a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, improving on your current physique and not feel guilty pigging out.

I for one love to eat. I am thankful for my metabolic rate which hasn't failed on me. Yet.

And since there's a "yet" at the end of the sentence, I've decided to give yoga a shot. I've heard so much about it, how it helps in breathing and engaging your physical and mental disciplines through different yoga poses.

My very first yoga session was at Yoga Sanctuary, Bandar Utama. Went with a few of the babes to give this outlet a shot. For a beginner like myself, I'm appreciative that Yoga Sanctuary holds somewhat more private classes which enables the instructor to correct your body poses/posture.

The particular session which I went for was more packed than the usual, mainly to accommodate the first-timers i.e. me :) 

Dude in black top grey shorts was the instructor - Azmi Samdjaga, Malaysia's most sought after Ashtangi. He's a yoga practitioner for over 10 whole freaking years! -_-" If my determination and passion are like his I'll be as flexible if not more than him in 10 years' time.

I struggled really hard keeping up to poses after poses cause I have really, really tight hip and hamstrings. All the while I knew I'm not one flexible babe but I have no idea I was this bad :( 

Look! I couldn't even straighten my leg :( That was the max I could managed, after much huffing and puffing pushing myself to the limit.

But I guess I gotta learn to take things slow. Heard it's normal for beginners to experience what I experienced. There was one girl in the class who was awfully awesome in handling all the poses and my, was she hot! She practiced yoga for like 2 years only!

That'll be my New Year's resolution this year and next - To keep up the motivation and determination for yoga till I am on par with her. Heee :)

A group of first-timers at Yoga Sanctuary with outlet owner Alex and Azmi after a fulfilling class.

Drop by Yoga Sanctuary and give this outlet a try. Do not afraid if you're as unflexible (don't know if such word exists) as myself because one obvious advantage this outlet have over other popular and over-populated fitness centres - You get the attention from the instructor. You'll need him to correct and push you.

C3-05-1, 1 Bukit Utama Condo,
Cangkat Bukit Utama, 
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor.
Contact: 018 - 355 3676

Or you can give their Facebook Page a visit! :) Happy stretching!

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