Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Breakfast Menu by TDH!

I've been a glutton lately. It was Nelson's 22nd BBQ birthday party yesterday at his crib and no thanks to his aspiring chef - friend, I finished TWO lamb steaks, ONE beef steak, TWO sau pau, ONE bbq chicken drumstick, ONE KFC drumstick, ONE teriyaki chicken drumstick, TWO satays, a couple of sotong balls and loads of cucumbers omg.

The original Seremban sau pau available at SS2.

My appetite's growing rapidly the last couple of months and I've been gaining weight like mad. Not my proudest moment :(

And I just had chicken rice + prawn wantan (Chong Thoong Kee Restaurant, TTDI), two sau pau (Restaurant Hock Seng Two, SS2), black glutinous tong sui (KTZ, SS2) and a slice of durian cake (Secret Recipe). Sigh.

In the midst of my all-time, never-ending food hunt, I found a place with awesome Western breakfast/brunch - Tom, Dick & Harry's, TTDI. 

I learnt they just launched their breakfast menu like a couple of months back. Talk about great timing! 

My ultimate favourite of the lot was the traditional Big Breakfast [RM 20].

Two sunny side up, grilled pork sausages, bacon, baked beans, saute' mushrooms, grilled tomatoes hash browns with bread toast and butter. How awesome is that? Big portion for my pig big appetite. You can opt to share it too :)

Another heavy breakfast meal would be the Steak and Eggs Breakie [RM 25] - Tender grain fed ribeye steak with sunny side up, hash brown, saute' mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and beefy brown gravy.

The Egg's Benedick's [RM 19]. Two poached eggs on toast with saute' mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and asparagus. I love every single bit on this plate, especially the saute' mushrooms.

Question. What's with the suggestive name to this dish huh? I'll leave it to your wild imagination :D

For pancake lovers, the Savoury Pan Cakes [RM 16] would be THE favourite. It has layers and layers of pan cakes decked between sunny side up, bacon, ham and mozzarella cheese. 

One interesting dish to highlight would also be the Banana Pan Cakes [RM 15] and the Junior Pan Cakes [RM 8] - for the little ones.

One thing these both have in common is the caramelized bananas which was really, really tasty.

The Corned Beef Frittatas [RM 16] is like a westernized murtabak lol. Instead of minced chicken/beef and onions whatnot in the traditional murtabak, this is just eggs and corned beef.

The Spanish Wrap [RM 19] is specially "designed" for vegetarians - Spinach with cheddar cheese wrapped in burrito, served with saute' mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and hash brown. 

The taste is .. very healthy. Acceptable for non-vegetarians like myself :)

Kid's Creamy Mac n' Cheese [RM 12]

Kid's Cereal [RM 9] 

In addition to all the menu above (they also have several kid's menu, pictures above), Tom, Dick & Harry's introduced a very special side dish - Harry's Chicken Crackers [RM 12] and Dick's Porky Fries [RM 15]

Harry's Chicken Crackers - Deep fried fatty chicken skin; Dick's Porky Fries - Deep fried luncheon meet.

Both are equally as SINFUL and equally as ADDICTIVE omg. Awesome invention by Tom, Dick & Harry's. I particularly loved the Porky Fries although it contributed a lot to my weight gain. We only live once so screw the worries! :)

And both are best to go with any of these ..

Tetley's, Connors, Franziskaner and Hoegaarden.

Tom, Dick & Harry's are well-known for their wide selection of draft beer aka beer on tap.

The food hunters!

 Us, with the tauke(s) of Tom, Dick & Harry's! Spot clownish Vijen behind, the operations guy in charge of Bakita. Food review at Bakita coming right up!

18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI),
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 - 7710 2122

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