Friday, April 8, 2011

Ramble Ramble

So I was talking to a friend till wee hours on a weeknight (woke up late the next day but managed to clock in 10 minutes before 9 am phew thank God for flexi-hour)

Then I realized how survival has changed most of us. Back in uni, we were innocent kids. It’s all about fun and gatherings and makan-makan and our biggest worry was exams but after just a year plus of corporate life, life’s way more than that.

There’re taxes, installments, family, friendship, loved ones, responsibilities, accountabilities, judgment, criticism, and so on and so forth.

Which reminds me of another conversation with a different friend.

Contrary to popular beliefs, I’m deep down a simple girl with humble ambition and expectations in life.

Contrary to popular beliefs, I do not club that much. The number of time I club at Zouk was like less than 15, maybe even 10, and probably twice at Rootz. The rest of them I was at events organized at clubs. That’s not clubbing you fool.

Btw, posing for photos with guy(s) is extremely normal.

And contrary to popular beliefs, I’m not the mean girl people usually judge me to be. Which brings me to this JAZ PM (in her 40s, single, very available and desperately looking for love) who openly criticized me on FB when she knew nuts about me hmph.

I’m still not over that issue, so sue me.

So I was saying, all these nonsense we have to deal with took a toll on us. Not all, but many. Despite me claiming I’m simple and all, I do realize my expectations in life have heighten as time passes. Back then my mindset was way simpler and more noble.

Still, not as noble as my friend (the first dude). I respected him back then. Still do.

Emo post :)

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