Sunday, May 29, 2011

FEAST in Shanghai

A colleague recently asked if I gained like 2 kgs. I sighed and nodded and immediately asked if it's obvious. That's the most important part. If not obvious gain 10 kgs also nevermind lol.

Waiting at KLIA Premium Lounge

I indulged max in my 5 days in Shanghai guilty guilty!! I've always tried to make myself feel better by dumping half of everything onto a boy's plate but I'll be hungry soon and eat again -_-

Awesome noodles and lamb.

At Kagen Japanese buffet. 

The prawns, HUGE scallops, oysters and beef were the highlights of Kagen, all prepared fresh before your eyes yum yum!

Spotted some pretty huge burgers as well. 

Me at Tian Zi Fang. Very touristy which made me an easy target to con -_-

At New York Style Burger & Steak, Tian Zi Fang

This outlet's Hall of Fame set an average record of 9 minutes crazy bunch of ppl how the heck did they managed to swallow it in 9 MINUTES?! -_-"

Not to forget the highlight of Shanghai - SKEWERS!!

Meat skewers! Spotted outside the Fabric Market where I custom made 4 working shirts and a full suit, all for about RM 400 only cheap cheap!

Also outside the Fabric Market. This was a more healthy choice (spot the green vege?) plus he had my favourite mushrooms!

And this was right outside Qi Pu Lu, shopping haven for shopaholics! One dress cost as low as Rm 10 I kid you not but you gotta get someone who speaks Chinese with a local accent to help you bargain otherwise you'll be sliced.

I was probably halfway done only hehe :P

Another thing I'd definitely miss is the delicious Polo Bun @ Tsui Wah. It's as big or bigger than my face.

Crunchy on the outside and soft as butter inside! 

Shanghai offers awesome desserts as well, some which cannot be found in Malaysia. It was so good I even asked my friend if he wants to joint venture open one in Malaysia haha.

Ice-cream parlour with an interesting concept.

 Sesame & peanut paste @ Honeymoon Dessert

This was good but I've tasted better. In KL. Yes, seriously. Remember I mentioned there's this to-die-for dessert place in SS2, KL? 

Then again, maybe I haven't mentioned it here in my blog but I've been ranting about it all over in Facebook lol. My favourite was the sesame paste I got addicted to it ady. Never fail to order it.

But this Mango dessert was wayyyy better than the ones in Malaysia. They were very generous with the mangoes, and not too sweet. Me like!

At the end of each breakfast / morning break / lunch / tea break / dinner / supper,

It always ended up like this :P

Food aside, Shanghai is also a popular tourist destination renowned for its historical landmarks such as Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, Madame Tussauds, Pudong Skyline and their famous acrobatics performance - ERA: Intersection of Time.

This is so the highlight of the performance. Graceful and very beautifully choreographed.

The famous Madame Tussauds.

The growing Pudong Skyline.

And right across it was The Bund.

Very British right? The word "Bund" means an embankment quay, whereby this area centres on a section within the former Shanghai International Settlement. It was once under the British (if I'm not mistaken DON'T QUOTE ME!), which explains the architecture.

Lastly, not to forget, the very beautiful Yuyuan Garden.

One thing I noticed about Shanghai - They have random, artistic deco at any corner of the city. They promote nature and arts even in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city centre.

This looks like a Disney castle or some sort. So pretty!

Didn't have much pics with the rest so here you go. A pic of a hottie in red and us.

Many asked if I'll visit Shanghai again. Well, looking at how much I seem to miss the place, bargains and especially the food, I most probably will :)



Sarah May Low said...

Gosh!!! The next time you go to Shanghai, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! :-D

eRiCa said...

ok deal! i don't mind going there again to shop!! :P

taufulou said...

looks like aplace must visit d..