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I had personally listed Sunway Giza to be the epitome of epicurean taste of fine gourmet almost immediately after my first dining experience there, thus was very much delighted to be there again, this time at 17 Saloon.

Didn't have much trouble looking for the diner as my attention was caught on the cute little white garden swings parked by the aisle the instant I stepped into Sunway Giza.

Also love the brilliant, fluorescent blue jukebox in 17 Saloon which focuses mainly on soothing music. My favourite :)

The main highlight this time around is JAZ FRESH BEER, which comes in 3 flavours - Jaz Fresh Lager, Jaz Fresh Aromatic and Jaz Fresh Lychee!

Jaz Fresh Lychee will only be launched sometime end of this month but my gut feeling's telling me I'm so gonna love this one! Can't wait for it to be launched!

Love their cute little canisters, officially known as keg (1 keg = 2 litres)!

Not a big fan of beer cause they are mostly very bitter but my tastebuds could somehow adapt to Jaz Fresh Beer. The one sole reason it is Jaz FRESH Beer is that it contains zero additives/preservatives, and it is unfiltered and unpasteurized to keep it "alive". 

*Holds up Jaz Fresh and .. Kampai!!

Sounds dodgy to have "live" beer with "live" yeast swimming in your stomach but yea, it's apparently more healthy that way because filtering the yeast removes some really useful stuff i.e. B minerals and other nutrients.

Jaz Fresh - Best enjoyed at 3* Celsius when the beer is cloudy and golden in colour!

... AND not to forget delicious meat and cheese and seafoood yumyum!

Seafood Curry Udon RM 19.70+

Seafood was fresh and curry wasn't too spicy. Just right for me as I can't really take spicy stuff -_-" They could do better on the presentation though.

Curry Chicken Cheese Baked Spaghetti RM 16.90+

The one thing I like about this dish was the tender chicken meat and the melted cheese compliments it really well.

Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice RM 16.40+

This dish is very much similar to the previous one. Not a biggg fan of pork chops (unlike Uncle Timmo) but I gotta admit the pork was awesome. I had two helpings :)

Classic Thick Toast RM 4.30+

Works well for the sweet-toothed and I am one of them lol. Toast was a lil dry though. Funny how everyone commented how sweet it was when the toast was gobbled up in a second ;)

Ostrich Fillet RM 20.90+

How often do you come across ostrich meat on the menu? As far as I could recall, that was my first time eating ostrich. Tasty indeed but gotta get used to the tougher texture. Goes really, really well with Jaz Fresh Beer.

Steak Skewer RM 11.30+

Steak was prepared medium, tender and very much to my liking. Also perfect to go with Jaz Fresh Beer. I'm such a meat eater :)

Prawn Skewer RM 16.90+

AHH this I like! Fresh juicyyyy prawns with awesome marinade! Bonus points awarded cause prawns were all de-shelled. Works for lazy people like me :P

Baby Squid RM 7.30+

I think the same (awesome) marinade used on the prawn skewers was used on this cause the taste was pretty similar.

Prawn Sausages RM 7.30+

This was surprisingly delicious. I think it's the teriyaki-like sauce :)

Pan Fried Fish RM 11.90+

We girls were debating on whether this was fish or pork. That was before we knew the name of the dish of course lol. Naomi psycho-ed us into thinking it was pork and we had to get the boys to verify hahaha we had a rather amusing time playing guessing games.

Fun aside, I'm a fish lover so this was one of my favourites! By the way please do not get me wrong. We were confused (fish or pork, pork or fish?) due to the taste, not the texture. It was soft, just like any other fish meat.

DESSERTS: Flourless Chocolate Cake [RM 8.90], Mini Round Cake [RM 10.90], Blueberry Cheesecake [RM 10.90] and Opera Cake [RM 10.90]

Flourless Chocolate Cake RM 8.90

Mini Round Cake RM 10.90

Interesting naming system they have.

Blueberry Cheesecake RM 10.90 (Backdrop: Mini Round Cake)

Opera Cake RM 10.90 (Backdrop: Flourless Chocolate Cake)

Their dessert line was very impressive. Each and every slice we tried we were left in awe. I love, love, love all of them (except for the cheesecake but that's cause I don't really fancy cheesecakes) but I exceptionally love the FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE yummm!! Please, do give it a try :)

Us with cute Jaz Fresh girls!

B-9-G, Sunway Giza, Jalan PJU 5/14
Contact: 010 - 427 9160
GPS Coordinates: 3.1517, 101.591563

Jaz Fresh Beer Promotions 
Open to 7 PM: Buy 1 Free 1
7 PM to 9 PM: Buy 1 Free 1/2

1 Pint: RM 26+
1/2 Pint: RM 13.50+
1 Keg (2 litres): RM 100+

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