Friday, June 3, 2011

Pick-up Artist vs. Playboy vs. Player

I was chatting with a friend and our topic revolved around these three roles.

Pick-up Artist. Player. Playboy.

I obviously didn't know the differences among the three so I asked and that's how it started.

A pick-up artist is someone who's skilled (or tries to be) at meeting random women, hoping to get lucky. A skilled one would be able to sweep a girl's feet off without realizing how corny some lines can be while a failure would lead to ignorance, a slap or two or worse, a hurt ego.


A playboy is pretty much one who goes all out to have fun (and probably uses pick-up lines while he's at it) with female companion(s), separately and secretively. For example, a dude with girlfriend who flirts and encourages another girl in one way or another when both girls do not know the existence of one another in his life. Something like that.

Players, on the other hand, make it known to the girl he's up for a one night stand (or two) and it's a mutual thing. The dude who told me all these admitted he's a player but history shows he's committed when he was in a relationship.


Did I get the definition right or did I mess his words up lol. It was a casual chat between us so don't take my words too seriously but opinions and comments are welcomed of course.

Regardless, don't be too careless with who you choose to be with. A clean cut dude may not be as loyal as you may think he is while a happening guy who's often seen with girls around him may not be the player everyone seems to assume ;)

This applies to girls as well.


Anonymous said...

would you consider yourself a cynic and a pessimist when meeting someone new? or you did rather be an optimist until proven wrong?

alexlye said...

to address anonymous:

doesn't matter if she is a cynic or a pessimist when meeting someone new. in this day and age, it better to be careful and be safe that sorry. U will never know. INCLUDING YOU WHO PREFER TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS!

KW said...

haha ... which cat doesn't eat fish!!

Adrian Low said...

hmm I guess you got the pickup artist half right, there is more than that. The Game by Neil Strauss (rolling stone's writer), considered an introduction of being a pickup artiste, not just only about picking up girls in a social setting, but to also improve ones social life.

Also, it is useless being a playboy/player/PUA if you can't maintain a serious relationship.