Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wok @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

I never really trusted cafe owners when they claimed their food is ORIGINAL from so and so but I guess I cut The Wok owner, Mervyn some slack when I learnt he actually tore down his restaurant in Penang to move down south to KL to serve pitiful non-Penangnites some real good food.

Born and bred in Penang until I was forced to travel all the way down to KL to work, my tastebuds grew accustomed to those I frequented (which are also heavily biased to my parents favourites). 

Curry Mee RM 9.00

One good example would be the Curry Mee. While I like it with loads of santan a.k.a. coconut milk (just like how it was served at The Wok) and minimal sambal, many I knew love their curry mee to be dead spicy, which is why the chilli boh is served separately here to accommodate fussy people i.e. ME :P

Char Koay Teow RM 9.00

Char Koay Teow is the king of hawker food in Penang and being a Penang born, I'm pretty particular when it comes to Char Koay Teow. The Wok serves pretty decent Char Koay Teow, albeit a tad too oily but hey, I reckon this is one of the best I could find in 50 km radius. The rest weren't even close.

Prawn Mee RM 9.00

I gotta give in to THIS Prawn Mee. It was done to my liking - Flavourful, generous portion of leow (in Hokkien which means toppings .. or some sort) and not too spicy. The soup was obviously not from those instant chilli/curry powder, unlike many which I tried in KL.

Jiu Hoo Char RM 12.00 (S), RM 17.00 (M), RM 22.00 (L)

I look forward to this the most whenever I visit my grandma, ESPECIALLY during CNY. She's the awesome-ess chef when it comes to Jiu Hoo Char. I love the one I had at The Wok as well. The thin strips of turnip didn't turn out soggy. It's soft yet somewhat crunchy as I chewed on it. I exceptionally love it wrapped with fresh lettuce!

Fresh Gulai Tumis Snapper RM 18 (S), RM 24 (M), RM 34 (L)

Being a fish lover, this is voted to be one of the best I'd ever had! The sweet/spicy/sourish sauce compliments the (fresh) fish so well. I view this would go very well with rice even those on diet would go on double servings!

Tau U Bak RM 15 (S), RM 22 (M), RM 28 (L)

Typical favourites of locals. Chunks of tender pork slow cooked and prepared with hard boiled egg, tau kua, etc. Each goes well and compliments one another, which made this dish a way to go!

Roast Pork Garlic RM 17 (S), RM 24 (M), RM 32 (L)

I seriously do not know anyone who do NOT love siew yok! You can never go wrong with it. The siew yok at The Wok were crunchy yet soft and sinful. Very fragrant and flavourful. A definite addictive dish.

Paku Sambal RM 11 (S), RM 16 (M), RM 21 (L)

My mommy once said a meal is never complete without greens! Paku isn't a very common vege around KL and The Wok made it right with the awesome level of spicyness and generous amount of prawns to compliment the dish.

[L-R] Mango dessert, Cendol Gula Melaka and Sago Durian

My favourite of the whole lot of desserts served was of course the Sago Durian yo! Generous amount of fresh durian and sago. Finished most of this as there are a few who didn't fancy durians much :D

Sago Durian RM 7.00

26G Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand Damansara
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Contact: 03 6142 7388


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