Sunday, July 31, 2011

H-Artistry is BACK!!

And I was back in the scene after a few weeks of going underground due to other commitments. This was also the reason I haven't been posting my overdue entries sorry Timmy!!

Thanks to those who wished me luck for my assessment last Friday. I think it went okay, some better than expected, some not quite. And I celebrated my freedom at Hennessy Artistry which was held at Mist Club, Bangsar!!

Thank goodness it got postponed to a date AFTER my assessment phew. 

H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: Picture credits to Nelson Teon.

I ran out of new dresses to wear (any sponsors? hint hint hint!! :P) so I figured I could reminisce the last H-Artistry event I attended (last year at The Mines) by donning the exact wardrobe!

H-Artistry 2010 @ The Mines: Picture credits to Marc.

H-Artistry 2010 @ The Mines: With Alex! Picture credits to Mike Yip.

H-Artistry 2010 @ The Mines: With MHB babes Sarah and Michelle! Picture credits to Nelson Teon.

I only wore it once and that also I had like just THREE pictures of me in it so don't care it's justified!! I received compliments on my dress then, and I received more yesterday. Credits to Andy Kho for picking this for me :)

The above pictures were taken last year in October and the following ones were taken just yesterday!

H-Artistry @ Mist Club

This time I managed to get extra invites for TzeLing and her bf, Ralph .. with the help of Alex of course :) It was a fun night, no doubt about it although I did feel as though something was missing.

Or someone. That person's probably enjoying her butt off in New Zealand, leaving us hanging, not knowing when she'll be back :( hehehe.

The star of the night was Reshmonu, whose performance was powerful enough to rock the crowd to life. Loved his rendition of LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.

 H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: Love this pic with Timmy! Picture credits to Timmy Chew.

H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: Love this one too! With Nelson, picture credits to him!

H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: Nah one rare facial expression of myself, just for u lol!

  H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: With blogger babe Ashley, who got 'attacked' by MEN the entire night :P Picture credits to Nelson Teon.

  H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: Love, love, love Roy's cheeky look as he tried to barge and disrupt our group pic :D Picture taken using an iPhone 4 so pardon the quality!

  H-Artistry 2011 @ Mist Club: And not to forget, a toast for an extremely fun night!

Hennessy Artistry left a significant mark in me. It all begins from that one event. Just that one event which made things turn and end up the way it is now.