Monday, August 29, 2011

One Sweet One Night, Solaris Dutamas

A mini celebration yesterday (night) at One Sweet One Night, Solaris Dutamas – to reminisce a particular change of events exactly 365 days ago.

We had a slighttt difficulty getting there as the location was relatively new to us. Just a couple of hours back, we took a drive around the area to check out the existing and upcoming property projects. I kinda like that area. Love the avenue roads and the somewhat uptown-ish feel of it, albeit a lil congested as there were blocks and blocks of condominiums in Mont Kiara itself. Hartamas not as congested.

So. We finally found One Sweet One Night and got ourselves comfortable. While I liked the warmth interior deco, I winced from time to time as the talented pianist (there was a live performance) screeched at the top of his lungs, ruining many of my favourite songs. 

And it didn’t help that a bunch of people (age ranges from young adults to old timers, I guess it’s a company dinner) being really loud and inconsiderate with their nonsensical antics. All in all, it felt more like a rowdy bar than a diner as we could hardly hear each other without raising our voices.

Service was slow – only 3 waiters to attend to a fully booked diner, which, I believe all were there to redeem vouchers offered by group buying sites, including the both of us. We got ours from Groupon, priced at RM 29/set instead of RM 83.75. 

Set includes the following:

Printscreen from

I was quite impressed with their electronic menu – on iPad2s. Despite the screeching singer, rowdy group and slow service, I gave One Sweet One Night brownie points for being in trend. Not bad for a new outlet in town!

The mushroom soup was not bad. It was thick and creamy, but they could do better with more mushroom bits to chew on.

We had baked scallops, 4 each, priced at RM 12.80/set. The scallops were oh-my-goodness-help-me-please so damn pitiful! They were all stone cold and dry and the baked cheese did not go well with the scallop AT ALL.

As for my main, I ordered the Steak with Wine and Vanilla, priced at RM 29.80, which was also a disappointment. Steak looked juicy and tender but it was far from that. It lacked flavour and was slightly on the dry side. The vanilla + wine gravy which topped the steak was also a disappointment. The combination of the two was pretty weird and the vanilla was simply too sweet for my liking.

The New Zealand Taste Fish Fillet, priced at RM 18.80 was slightly better. It was soft and buttery, although I didn’t exactly fancy the sourish-salty thick gravy on it, but it was still better than the steak. The salad was hardly worth mentioning.

Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise

Cocktails weren’t too bad, suits those who didn’t like the bitter taste of alcohol as the cocktails served were mild and sweet. It was okay to have during dinner.

We topped up with two dessert – Mango Sago and Eight Bean Porridge. Couldn’t recall the price but it totaled up to RM 19.10 including tax and service charges. Pretty pricey if u ask me.

Verdict: We spent a total of RM 77 for a 4-course meal, 2 desserts, and an experience with an awful vocalist and rowdy crowd. Was RM 77 worth it? It was OKAY, since they serve cocktails and cocktails aren’t cheap but I wouldn’t pay RM 77 (which was a heavily discounted price) for that kind of food and service quality, what more a full amount which was a whopping RM 160++!!

One Sweet One Night has much to improve, from service to food quality to choosing the right performer to serenade and not torture the customers.

A2 - G2 - 3A, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 KL.
Tel: 03 6211 1439

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MHB's 1st Anniversary!

 Happy 1st birthday, MHB!

MHB's 1st anniversary party @ Bakita

I missed the first anniversary party at Bakita as I was up in the highlands, screaming my lungs out at the theme park and was close to suffering from a heart attack at the casinos. At lease we managed to cover our expenses there :)

Then came our 2nd round of celebration (since when one is enough?), this time at Hoofed, TTDI. It’s situated right above the famous Tom, Dick and Harry’s.

The Bacon Fried Rice stole all the attention that night, apart from their already famous Roasted Pork Belly. I was digging in on the Devil’s Hair Pasta when my nose twitched and so I looked over, spotting the fried rice on Alex’s plate. I stole a spoonful and wow, it was divine. The Bacon Fried Rice was very, very fragrant from the generous portion of bacon bits. It was well prepared, bacon bits were crunchy yet tender on the inside, and they blended well with the rice, making it a damn good combo.

Hoofed was known for their Roasted Pork Belly since Day 1. I forced myself to NOT be a diehard fan of siew yok because they cause harm to my waistline (how disciplined, right) but I always give exceptions to good ones and that night, I easily had 10-15 siew yoks. And after all that, I was still craving for more but I didn’t scoop anymore sigh.

The dessert worth having is the Bananarama. Sinful yet so delicious and addictive, albeit a tad sweet. About an hour after we started dining, the Bananaramas were goneeee! I had only oneee! :(

Hoofed was gracious to prepare a cake to celebrate the anniversary. If you’re a fan of chocolate, go for their Chocolate Brownies. Every bit of the Chocolate Brownie cake was chocolate-rich, and the brownie was soft yet crunchy from the almond (I think) bits.

After a round of birthday song and many, many rounds of food and siew yoks and drinks and dessert, we graciously thanked Hoofed for their hospitality. 

I then left for Phuture for Daren and Jeff’s birthday party. Didn’t plan to drink much that night but I ended up playing a drinking game with Roy, Angel and Alex that I got pretty whooped cause I kept losing! 

That was my first time playing but it was Angel’s too and she beat my ass easily -_-“

Fun night indeed, crashed at about 0300 hours and got up past noon, famished. Had kai si hor fun at Choong Thoong Kee, TTDI before heading back for some cempedak while watching CSI. Spent the rest of my Sunday at Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Complex for Daren and Jeff’s birthday dinner which, the 7-course dinner plus a few starters cost RM 1200++


Expensive dinner. The only dish worth mentioning was the siew yok (siew yok again dieeeeee), which wasn’t even part of the 7-course dinner.

I had an awesome weekend. What about you? :)

18A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
TTDI, 60000 KL.

GPS: 3.15455, 101.62289
Tel: 03 7728 8567

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pamper Session @ Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre


So. You must be wondering which paranoid stick-thin idiot would sign up for slimming courses just because of a mere 2-3 kg increase in weight.

While many strongly believe I’m skinny, I beg to differ. A decade ago, I probably was. I took Appeton Weight Gain milk powder for months (on top of my mountains of rice) yet I managed to gain just 3 kgs, max. At 14 years old, I was standing at 163 cm, weighing 39 kgs (108 lbs) only!

Photo courtesy of Jane Fong.

Right now, at the rate I’m eating, I won’t be surprised if I were to gain 5 kgs in a month sigh I wanna turn back timeeee!

So, after all the mean name-calling (Charles called me gemok! Read here), I was very delighted to get a free trial from Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre. I practically jumped at it despite me having to drive over to Puchong and face the risk of getting lost, again.

Oh btw dad drove the car down for me ady yay! I’m no longer crippled :D

Arrived at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre with a breeze with no wrong turning whatsoever. It was really easy to get there, says a noob driver who hasn’t been driving for the past year :) Was greeted by friendly staff and then off I went for an intense 5-hour session of the following:

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment
Signature Slimming Treatment
Incredible SPA Treatment

I used to trust beauty centres to handle my face and make it better but that one incident made me lose faith in facials. It led to massive breakouts, to the point I got so depressed and refused to step out *curses that beauty centre in Penang.

That was in 2008.

I admit I was a little wary when it was facial time at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre but my beautician was very comforting and understanding. She proved to be really experienced too when she analyzed my complexion. Yes, I have sensitive complexion and yes, I used peeling products to curb my major acne breakout.

Facial products used: ARWA, products imported from the US which are especially designed for Asian complexion

My 2-hour facial treatment includes eye care, face serum, octolift, relaxing massages and eyebrow trimming, on top of the basic steps a facial session should have. And for that, I gave both my beautician and Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre brownie points! :) The most important element, however, was the assurance she gave, which made me trust her with my most prized possession – My complexion.

I particularly loved the octolift because it helps in blood circulation – the one important factor for radiant complexion! It also helps to tone and firm up the face so I won’t look like I stuffed fishballs in my mouth.

The one session which was totally new to me was their signature slimming treatment. I have no idea how slimming sessions are like so I find it really interesting, especially the part I was cling wrapped, wearing nothing but disposable, tiny sexy lingerie provided by the center. 

Sexy eh? :P

That wrapping thingie made me look 2-dimensional albeit pretty shapely lol. If I were curvier at the right places, I’ll definitely fall in love with myself lol.

Photo courtesy of Google

Looking glamorously cartoonish in that wrap (which reminded myself of the Michelin Tire Man), I was escorted to LED Steam Bath, similar to a sauna yet so different. The purpose of this steam bath is to assist in detoxifying with proper breathing, unlike being in a sauna where I felt very suffocated somehow. 

Then came to the part I loved most; to cuddle in their Infrared Thermal Blankie Blanket!! So nice and warm and .. breathable (cause the cling wrap was finally off!!).

One thing I learnt about slimming: The main purpose of slimming sessions is to convert fats into free fatty acid to be drained out from the body. While the Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre signature slimming technology focuses on the obvious, they concentrate on detoxifying the toxins in the body as well, which results in a healthier body and better complexion.

A well-trained masseuse, Mary from Philippines, gave me an awesome full body massage, including one on my tummy. Okay, that was new!! I’ve been to several massage sessions including the legendary ones in China yet none actually massage my tummy!! Apparently it helps to tone the abs. Part of the slimming therapy perhaps? I admit that was pretty tough to go through (that was one strenuous exercise to my fragile tummy) but I guess with determination, flabby tires will be gone in no time! Tim Chew, please go for it!! :P

I find the full body massage really good so I enquired about the massage package, if I can opt for a single session without having to purchase the entire package. This enquiry is for Alex, who love to go for massages (old uncle ady) and not slimming, facial whatsoever. They do accept walk-ins for single sessions, priced at only RM 88 / 2-hour full body massage. OMG damn cheap. One outlet in SS2 charged RM 45 / 45-min of full body massage while one in Bangsar charged RM 60+ / 1-hour of full body massage. Super ex righttt!

Well, Alex was interested to try since I couldn’t stop harping about how good it was so yea, we’ll re-visit the center real soon!

The package offered at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre is as below:

2 x Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment (2 hours) – Total worth RM1198 
1. Scalp Massage
2. Amino Cleanse
3. Arwa Derma Deep Cleanse
4. Extraction
5. Eye Brow Trimming
6. Face Serum
7. Enzyme Mask
8. Ultrasound Face, Eyes, Neck (Octolift)
9. Face, Eyes, Neck Massage
10. Face, Eyes, Neck Soft Mask
11. Hand, Leg, Should Massage
12. Derma Tone (Toner)
13. Bio Essence
14. Face Serum
15. Eye Care, Neck Care
16. Soothing Cream
17. Moisturizer
18. Sunblock
2 x Signature Slimming Treatment (1 1/2 hours) – Total worth RM1216 
1. Lift BF (German Machine)
2. Per Part Slimming Wrapping
3. Body Contour Wrapping
4. LED Steambath
5. Infrared Thermal Blanket
2 x Incredible SPA Treatment (1 1/2 hours) – Total worth RM848
1. Full Body Sea Salt Scrub
2. LED Steambath
3. Full Body Relaxing Massage (1 hour)
I was really pleased with my whole head-to-toe pamper sessions at Advanced Beauty Slimming Center. It was intense and rejuvenating, something I needed badly after months of surviving in hectic KL.

So. IF you’re interested in this package, is offering a special deal on the package mentioned for 88% off, RM 388 instead of RM 3,262!! is an online site which offers great discounts in every aspect, be it F&B, sports, travel and beauty, so check it out to get hold of this deal.

A-G-36, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 7,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.

Business Hours
Monday – Friday: 11 am – 8.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 11 am – 6 pm

T: 03 – 80750361 / 0362

P/S: It’s really easy to get there. The best part is, there’s a CHATIME branch just 2 (or was it 3?) lots away from the Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre! This, I like! Yea, so if any of you got lost finding your way, shame on u!! :P

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't smoke.

Seldom drink. In fact, I don't fancy alcohol that much.

A chicken when it comes to gambling.

Spent my glamour years studying in a rural area called Tronoh (Bet you've never heard of it).

My pool of friends are monitored and filtered.

Broke up with 1st ex cause he was "filtered".

I'm not allowed to drink.

Not allowed to attend events. Lectures (note the plural) are almost guaranteed after every event I attended.

Not allowed to mix with the "wrong" kind of people.

Any getaways/holidays I'd have to get my "passport" stamped and approved before proceeding with any bookings.

I stayed home after work on most days, hardly argued to get things to go my way, yet I was accused of getting "wilder" already. 


I'm 25 years old. FML    <---   My first time using this famed abbreviation.

I was born a girl, lived my life as a puppet and will most likely die as one.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of Highlands, Clowns, Magicians and Guess What?

Someone requested a recent photo of myself for comparison. Read my post here.

#1: At Genting Highlands. Squinty eyes cause it was glaringgg!

#2: Wanted to win a teddy like that but I didn't manage to :(

Those were taken just last weekend. Should be recent enough. Even I can tell the difference in .. width T.T Wanna get back to being skinny but guess what? I just gobbled KFC dinner plate for brunch sighhhh!

So yea, I was at Genting Highlands last weekend. It was a pretty tiring trip going up down left right center but I guess it was worth it. 

Our room, fancy meals, GLITZ performance VIP tickets and theme park tickets were all sponsored wheeee!! Speaking of which, on our way to Casino de Genting, I came across a huge poster with portraits of 7 strangers and 8 names, one of which is familiar to me - David Lai.

And on the poster, the words "Superstars of Magic" was proudly sprawled across it. 

It doesn't take a genius to know what the poster is all about. I instantly took a pic of me in it, uploaded it on FB, typed "Me want complimentary tickets!!" and tagged David :P

Much to my delight, David replied almost instantly, "Okay, how many?"

WHEEE! Thanks Davidddd I want TWO VVIP TICKETS ONLY!! :D

It was indeed a fun weekend albeit a tiring one. Saw so many clowns at the theme park, and me being a kid at heart, I got excited and happy and get a balloon for myself too!

I was a happy kid lady! :)

On a somewhat similar intent, guess what I did after reading mean comments by Charles Tan Ian Kun?? :)

Full story on my next blog entry! Till then xx!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gemok? :(

Woke up to a Facebook wall post by Charles Tan.

wei gemok, when are you taking your mac-baby home? :P

:((( I'm very fat meh now cis!! I've definitely put on a pound or two .. or more .. -_-" but still it doesn't warrant that name-calling humph :P

I wanna be this skinny once more! :(

#1: With photographer Andy Kho at Belvedere Fashion Meets Music event

#2: With Nicole in sexy bandage dress during food review @ Skewers 

#3: With photographer Andy Kho @ Skewers

#4: At some park in KL

All these were taken just last year in October sigh.

I'm probably 3-4 kgs heavier than I was back then ady T.T

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8TV’s Controversial Ramadan Advertisement

Watched this just this morning.

All three announcements, which run for 30 seconds respectively, show the same Chinese girl acting obnoxiously in different situations at Ramadhan bazaar stalls. They depict her being rude, greedy and dressing inappropriately in a public space. The announcements are then followed by public service messages urging viewers to act appropriately. 

All the ads end with three 8TV presenters telling people not to get carried away and to understand the significance of Ramadhan, before wishing its viewers Selamat Berpuasa (Happy Fasting) – Source: The Star

One of the TV presenters, the lady in red kebaya, was Julie Woon, a friend of Alex. She was the emcee for the recent Hennessy Artistry event held at Mist Club, Bangsar. Damn hot. Google her if you don't know who she is :P 

Apparently I was very outdated already. 8TV released the Ramadan advertisements on the 29th of July 2011. Barely 3 hours later, they were circulated on various social media platforms, causing them to be taken down yesterday due to public outrage on the racist and insensitive advert.

Although that controversial ad has been taken down by 8TV, it is still available for viewing on YouTube.

Chill guys. Don’t overthink the ads. Its written, produced and directed by a multi-racial team. If you overanalyze, anything will be bad, claimed Media Prima CEO Ahmad Izham Omar on Twitter yesterday.

From my judgment on that advert, I do not think we overanalyzed but in fact, Mr CEO, you’d instead under-analyzed this.

Please understand and respect the significance of Ramadan.

That was the lesson of this holy month, but seriously, instead of wishing the Muslims sincerely, the non-Muslims were given a lesson. Should I congratulate or wish you guys well done? :|

The hype is not as strong already but .. oh well, just putting my two cents.

P/S: I actually wondered why 8TV chose to portray Muslims as such weaklings. In the 3rd advert, the girl was in a singlet, no cleavage whatsoever. Very arousing meh -_-“

On a different note, I was seriously super pissed with Air Asia. They did it again - Instead of the punch line Now everyone can fly, everyone agreed it's supposed to be Now everyone can wait!! Grr!

Flight to Bintulu's scheduled at 1620 hours but guess what time I touched down at Bintulu Airport? 2020 hours!! I was supposed to reach 2 hours earlier lor!! Should have taken MAS :(

I'm now in my hotel room, snuggled comfortably under the thick sheets. Can't wait for my mini getaway this weekend!! :))

Till then! xx

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just realized I have a damn long wishlist! Should I be happy to have stuff to look forward to, or sad cause my wishlist will make me go broke.

Life a as student is wayyy simpler. Wake up, eat, go classes, eat, watch drama/series/reality TV show, study a bit, sleeeeeeep! Didn’t need to worry about lay offs *touch woooood! Didn’t need to worry about money, and most of all, I didn’t need to receive any payslips. Tax deductions make me cry T_T

My latest craze is on PRADA leather goods, this one in particular: PRADA Saffiano (RED) Leather Tote!!

I actually saw a girl with a very pretty deep red tote and I pointed it out to Alex, not knowing it’s one expensive PRADA but he knew it right away and was proven right when we managed to catch a peek at the signature triangle. I hunt for it online and found out it costs 1,060 pounds sigh. I want the matching purse too!!

@ Gardens Mall with my new MacBook! And my cup of Wintermelon Grassjelly from Chatime :)

Bought my Macbook Pro with my recent bonus, yippee! That kind of satisfied my Apple addiction, at least for a bit until Justin came home showing off his brand new (sponsored) white iPad2s. One of himself and two for this bosses. 

Yer. I also want :( 

So that was my wishlist #2.

Sarah & Nicole @ Nerofico for Nicole's birthday party ~

Super LOVE Nicole’s Herve Leger pink bandage dress. I want one too, but not the exact same design cause I don’t have the necessary asset to pull that off :P Will get it when they have a sale, or when my boss decides to give me a big fat increment :)

Nice or nottt? :))

In need of a pair of glasses too (although I use it like once a week?) as my current pair is going through natural death. I will try to be more careful with my new one I promiseee! So, who here has company optical benefits but doesn’t need it, please donate to the needy i.e. MEEE!! :D

Lastly, which is the craziest and most impossible wish ever, I WISH TO HAVE SNOWFLAKE RIGHT BESIDE MY HOUSE so Alex wouldn’t complain about the traffic at KD whenever I express my craving for it.

Snowflake @ Kota Damansara

Him: What you wanna eat?
Me: Anything also can, up to u    <----   How typical 
Him: What do you crave for then?
Me: I crave for something which is in Kota Damansara    <----   conversation took place during lunch/dinner time
Him: Cannot cannot!
Me: Then you ask for what? -_-

And I thought this fickle-minded traits applies to females only lol. He bans going to KD during peak hours ady T.T

Okay that's all signing off kthxbai! xx