Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't smoke.

Seldom drink. In fact, I don't fancy alcohol that much.

A chicken when it comes to gambling.

Spent my glamour years studying in a rural area called Tronoh (Bet you've never heard of it).

My pool of friends are monitored and filtered.

Broke up with 1st ex cause he was "filtered".

I'm not allowed to drink.

Not allowed to attend events. Lectures (note the plural) are almost guaranteed after every event I attended.

Not allowed to mix with the "wrong" kind of people.

Any getaways/holidays I'd have to get my "passport" stamped and approved before proceeding with any bookings.

I stayed home after work on most days, hardly argued to get things to go my way, yet I was accused of getting "wilder" already. 


I'm 25 years old. FML    <---   My first time using this famed abbreviation.

I was born a girl, lived my life as a puppet and will most likely die as one.


Julian said...

Hopes this help. :)
It gave me just enough to stand up and face those 'lectures' and 'filtration'

Grace said...

Damn, you sound like you're still under your parents' watch 24/7

Yes i do know where tronoh is. My friend is also studying there under Petronas scholarship but is not hiring their own scholars now (but still somewhat bonded) so you better thank your lucky stars. :P

YOU are in control of your life and only YOU can make it different. or any way you want it to be. hey it's your life. They have nothing to hold against you. Nothing.
Feeling depressed and losing hope will never really help to correct any situation. plus, you are well connected so enjoy life while u still can? :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you and understand your deep frustration.. But i believe every lecture was good intentioned and sprung from a concerned heart.

Of course it's not to say they've not a better way or form to put it in words or action (i'm assuming it's from parents or someone close). Just that what they think is good for us varies greatly with what we feel.

At times there are moments i feel like screaming and shouting too.. I guess we probably wouldn't see it the way they do till we are in their shoes.

Maturity is borne out of strength & perseverance. Roll with the punches, E. =)