Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gemok? :(

Woke up to a Facebook wall post by Charles Tan.

wei gemok, when are you taking your mac-baby home? :P

:((( I'm very fat meh now cis!! I've definitely put on a pound or two .. or more .. -_-" but still it doesn't warrant that name-calling humph :P

I wanna be this skinny once more! :(

#1: With photographer Andy Kho at Belvedere Fashion Meets Music event

#2: With Nicole in sexy bandage dress during food review @ Skewers 

#3: With photographer Andy Kho @ Skewers

#4: At some park in KL

All these were taken just last year in October sigh.

I'm probably 3-4 kgs heavier than I was back then ady T.T


Anonymous said...

U r just nice..

Tze Ling said...

Yep you have gained but looks good n just nice what...skinny doesn't look tat good ler. So mean one Charles haha!

chris said...

perhaps put a current photo for comparison...