Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of Highlands, Clowns, Magicians and Guess What?

Someone requested a recent photo of myself for comparison. Read my post here.

#1: At Genting Highlands. Squinty eyes cause it was glaringgg!

#2: Wanted to win a teddy like that but I didn't manage to :(

Those were taken just last weekend. Should be recent enough. Even I can tell the difference in .. width T.T Wanna get back to being skinny but guess what? I just gobbled KFC dinner plate for brunch sighhhh!

So yea, I was at Genting Highlands last weekend. It was a pretty tiring trip going up down left right center but I guess it was worth it. 

Our room, fancy meals, GLITZ performance VIP tickets and theme park tickets were all sponsored wheeee!! Speaking of which, on our way to Casino de Genting, I came across a huge poster with portraits of 7 strangers and 8 names, one of which is familiar to me - David Lai.

And on the poster, the words "Superstars of Magic" was proudly sprawled across it. 

It doesn't take a genius to know what the poster is all about. I instantly took a pic of me in it, uploaded it on FB, typed "Me want complimentary tickets!!" and tagged David :P

Much to my delight, David replied almost instantly, "Okay, how many?"

WHEEE! Thanks Davidddd I want TWO VVIP TICKETS ONLY!! :D

It was indeed a fun weekend albeit a tiring one. Saw so many clowns at the theme park, and me being a kid at heart, I got excited and happy and get a balloon for myself too!

I was a happy kid lady! :)

On a somewhat similar intent, guess what I did after reading mean comments by Charles Tan Ian Kun?? :)

Full story on my next blog entry! Till then xx!

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chris said...

You look great! I actually prefer the current you, just ngam-ngam. Where got fat?