Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pamper Session @ Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre


So. You must be wondering which paranoid stick-thin idiot would sign up for slimming courses just because of a mere 2-3 kg increase in weight.

While many strongly believe I’m skinny, I beg to differ. A decade ago, I probably was. I took Appeton Weight Gain milk powder for months (on top of my mountains of rice) yet I managed to gain just 3 kgs, max. At 14 years old, I was standing at 163 cm, weighing 39 kgs (108 lbs) only!

Photo courtesy of Jane Fong.

Right now, at the rate I’m eating, I won’t be surprised if I were to gain 5 kgs in a month sigh I wanna turn back timeeee!

So, after all the mean name-calling (Charles called me gemok! Read here), I was very delighted to get a free trial from Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre. I practically jumped at it despite me having to drive over to Puchong and face the risk of getting lost, again.

Oh btw dad drove the car down for me ady yay! I’m no longer crippled :D

Arrived at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre with a breeze with no wrong turning whatsoever. It was really easy to get there, says a noob driver who hasn’t been driving for the past year :) Was greeted by friendly staff and then off I went for an intense 5-hour session of the following:

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment
Signature Slimming Treatment
Incredible SPA Treatment

I used to trust beauty centres to handle my face and make it better but that one incident made me lose faith in facials. It led to massive breakouts, to the point I got so depressed and refused to step out *curses that beauty centre in Penang.

That was in 2008.

I admit I was a little wary when it was facial time at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre but my beautician was very comforting and understanding. She proved to be really experienced too when she analyzed my complexion. Yes, I have sensitive complexion and yes, I used peeling products to curb my major acne breakout.

Facial products used: ARWA, products imported from the US which are especially designed for Asian complexion

My 2-hour facial treatment includes eye care, face serum, octolift, relaxing massages and eyebrow trimming, on top of the basic steps a facial session should have. And for that, I gave both my beautician and Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre brownie points! :) The most important element, however, was the assurance she gave, which made me trust her with my most prized possession – My complexion.

I particularly loved the octolift because it helps in blood circulation – the one important factor for radiant complexion! It also helps to tone and firm up the face so I won’t look like I stuffed fishballs in my mouth.

The one session which was totally new to me was their signature slimming treatment. I have no idea how slimming sessions are like so I find it really interesting, especially the part I was cling wrapped, wearing nothing but disposable, tiny sexy lingerie provided by the center. 

Sexy eh? :P

That wrapping thingie made me look 2-dimensional albeit pretty shapely lol. If I were curvier at the right places, I’ll definitely fall in love with myself lol.

Photo courtesy of Google

Looking glamorously cartoonish in that wrap (which reminded myself of the Michelin Tire Man), I was escorted to LED Steam Bath, similar to a sauna yet so different. The purpose of this steam bath is to assist in detoxifying with proper breathing, unlike being in a sauna where I felt very suffocated somehow. 

Then came to the part I loved most; to cuddle in their Infrared Thermal Blankie Blanket!! So nice and warm and .. breathable (cause the cling wrap was finally off!!).

One thing I learnt about slimming: The main purpose of slimming sessions is to convert fats into free fatty acid to be drained out from the body. While the Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre signature slimming technology focuses on the obvious, they concentrate on detoxifying the toxins in the body as well, which results in a healthier body and better complexion.

A well-trained masseuse, Mary from Philippines, gave me an awesome full body massage, including one on my tummy. Okay, that was new!! I’ve been to several massage sessions including the legendary ones in China yet none actually massage my tummy!! Apparently it helps to tone the abs. Part of the slimming therapy perhaps? I admit that was pretty tough to go through (that was one strenuous exercise to my fragile tummy) but I guess with determination, flabby tires will be gone in no time! Tim Chew, please go for it!! :P

I find the full body massage really good so I enquired about the massage package, if I can opt for a single session without having to purchase the entire package. This enquiry is for Alex, who love to go for massages (old uncle ady) and not slimming, facial whatsoever. They do accept walk-ins for single sessions, priced at only RM 88 / 2-hour full body massage. OMG damn cheap. One outlet in SS2 charged RM 45 / 45-min of full body massage while one in Bangsar charged RM 60+ / 1-hour of full body massage. Super ex righttt!

Well, Alex was interested to try since I couldn’t stop harping about how good it was so yea, we’ll re-visit the center real soon!

The package offered at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre is as below:

2 x Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment (2 hours) – Total worth RM1198 
1. Scalp Massage
2. Amino Cleanse
3. Arwa Derma Deep Cleanse
4. Extraction
5. Eye Brow Trimming
6. Face Serum
7. Enzyme Mask
8. Ultrasound Face, Eyes, Neck (Octolift)
9. Face, Eyes, Neck Massage
10. Face, Eyes, Neck Soft Mask
11. Hand, Leg, Should Massage
12. Derma Tone (Toner)
13. Bio Essence
14. Face Serum
15. Eye Care, Neck Care
16. Soothing Cream
17. Moisturizer
18. Sunblock
2 x Signature Slimming Treatment (1 1/2 hours) – Total worth RM1216 
1. Lift BF (German Machine)
2. Per Part Slimming Wrapping
3. Body Contour Wrapping
4. LED Steambath
5. Infrared Thermal Blanket
2 x Incredible SPA Treatment (1 1/2 hours) – Total worth RM848
1. Full Body Sea Salt Scrub
2. LED Steambath
3. Full Body Relaxing Massage (1 hour)
I was really pleased with my whole head-to-toe pamper sessions at Advanced Beauty Slimming Center. It was intense and rejuvenating, something I needed badly after months of surviving in hectic KL.

So. IF you’re interested in this package, GoodDeals2u.com is offering a special deal on the package mentioned for 88% off, RM 388 instead of RM 3,262!! 

GoodDeals2u.com is an online site which offers great discounts in every aspect, be it F&B, sports, travel and beauty, so check it out to get hold of this deal.

A-G-36, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 7,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.

Business Hours
Monday – Friday: 11 am – 8.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 11 am – 6 pm

T: 03 – 80750361 / 0362

P/S: It’s really easy to get there. The best part is, there’s a CHATIME branch just 2 (or was it 3?) lots away from the Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre! This, I like! Yea, so if any of you got lost finding your way, shame on u!! :P


Jesse said...

Wow. very upgraded lifestyle, and also now ur big time blogger + advertiser. :p
Al d best in ur slimming programs. :)

Jesse said...

Wow. very upgraded lifestyle a u, and also a big time blogger + advertiser.
All d best in ur slimming programs :) cheers..

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