Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just realized I have a damn long wishlist! Should I be happy to have stuff to look forward to, or sad cause my wishlist will make me go broke.

Life a as student is wayyy simpler. Wake up, eat, go classes, eat, watch drama/series/reality TV show, study a bit, sleeeeeeep! Didn’t need to worry about lay offs *touch woooood! Didn’t need to worry about money, and most of all, I didn’t need to receive any payslips. Tax deductions make me cry T_T

My latest craze is on PRADA leather goods, this one in particular: PRADA Saffiano (RED) Leather Tote!!

I actually saw a girl with a very pretty deep red tote and I pointed it out to Alex, not knowing it’s one expensive PRADA but he knew it right away and was proven right when we managed to catch a peek at the signature triangle. I hunt for it online and found out it costs 1,060 pounds sigh. I want the matching purse too!!

@ Gardens Mall with my new MacBook! And my cup of Wintermelon Grassjelly from Chatime :)

Bought my Macbook Pro with my recent bonus, yippee! That kind of satisfied my Apple addiction, at least for a bit until Justin came home showing off his brand new (sponsored) white iPad2s. One of himself and two for this bosses. 

Yer. I also want :( 

So that was my wishlist #2.

Sarah & Nicole @ Nerofico for Nicole's birthday party ~

Super LOVE Nicole’s Herve Leger pink bandage dress. I want one too, but not the exact same design cause I don’t have the necessary asset to pull that off :P Will get it when they have a sale, or when my boss decides to give me a big fat increment :)

Nice or nottt? :))

In need of a pair of glasses too (although I use it like once a week?) as my current pair is going through natural death. I will try to be more careful with my new one I promiseee! So, who here has company optical benefits but doesn’t need it, please donate to the needy i.e. MEEE!! :D

Lastly, which is the craziest and most impossible wish ever, I WISH TO HAVE SNOWFLAKE RIGHT BESIDE MY HOUSE so Alex wouldn’t complain about the traffic at KD whenever I express my craving for it.

Snowflake @ Kota Damansara

Him: What you wanna eat?
Me: Anything also can, up to u    <----   How typical 
Him: What do you crave for then?
Me: I crave for something which is in Kota Damansara    <----   conversation took place during lunch/dinner time
Him: Cannot cannot!
Me: Then you ask for what? -_-

And I thought this fickle-minded traits applies to females only lol. He bans going to KD during peak hours ady T.T

Okay that's all signing off kthxbai! xx


+ z e | i n g © said...

the conversation part is hilarious!!! the bandage dress is nice!

nasH said...

i think was there, when you bought the MBP, or rather i was working at machines :)