Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just realized I have a damn long wishlist! Should I be happy to have stuff to look forward to, or sad cause my wishlist will make me go broke.

Life a as student is wayyy simpler. Wake up, eat, go classes, eat, watch drama/series/reality TV show, study a bit, sleeeeeeep! Didn’t need to worry about lay offs *touch woooood! Didn’t need to worry about money, and most of all, I didn’t need to receive any payslips. Tax deductions make me cry T_T

My latest craze is on PRADA leather goods, this one in particular: PRADA Saffiano (RED) Leather Tote!!

I actually saw a girl with a very pretty deep red tote and I pointed it out to Alex, not knowing it’s one expensive PRADA but he knew it right away and was proven right when we managed to catch a peek at the signature triangle. I hunt for it online and found out it costs 1,060 pounds sigh. I want the matching purse too!!

@ Gardens Mall with my new MacBook! And my cup of Wintermelon Grassjelly from Chatime :)

Bought my Macbook Pro with my recent bonus, yippee! That kind of satisfied my Apple addiction, at least for a bit until Justin came home showing off his brand new (sponsored) white iPad2s. One of himself and two for this bosses. 

Yer. I also want :( 

So that was my wishlist #2.

Sarah & Nicole @ Nerofico for Nicole's birthday party ~

Super LOVE Nicole’s Herve Leger pink bandage dress. I want one too, but not the exact same design cause I don’t have the necessary asset to pull that off :P Will get it when they have a sale, or when my boss decides to give me a big fat increment :)

Nice or nottt? :))

In need of a pair of glasses too (although I use it like once a week?) as my current pair is going through natural death. I will try to be more careful with my new one I promiseee! So, who here has company optical benefits but doesn’t need it, please donate to the needy i.e. MEEE!! :D

Lastly, which is the craziest and most impossible wish ever, I WISH TO HAVE SNOWFLAKE RIGHT BESIDE MY HOUSE so Alex wouldn’t complain about the traffic at KD whenever I express my craving for it.

Snowflake @ Kota Damansara

Him: What you wanna eat?
Me: Anything also can, up to u    <----   How typical 
Him: What do you crave for then?
Me: I crave for something which is in Kota Damansara    <----   conversation took place during lunch/dinner time
Him: Cannot cannot!
Me: Then you ask for what? -_-

And I thought this fickle-minded traits applies to females only lol. He bans going to KD during peak hours ady T.T

Okay that's all signing off kthxbai! xx


Tze Ling said...

the conversation part is hilarious!!! the bandage dress is nice!

nasH said...

i think was there, when you bought the MBP, or rather i was working at machines :)