Sunday, September 18, 2011


In the arena of desserts, the craze over Taiwan bubble tea has been a tad overwhelming over the past months, very much thanks to a Taiwan franchised dessert, CHATIME.

I first heard of CHATIME from a friend, Marc, who was equally as hooked onto it as I am, if not more. CHATIME first opened in Pavilion in April this year if I'm not mistaken, and the next thing I knew, CHATIME was sprouting like mushrooms all over KL and Selangor, spotting on prominent locations for visibility and branding purposes.

I was one avid fan of CHATIME. I was at Gardens Mall when I bought my first drink - Pearl Milk Tea, their bestseller. Turned out I didn't quite fancy it as I didn't really appreciate milk-based tea. 

CHATIME @ Gardens [L-R] Mango Green Tea and Pearl Milk Tea

My next CHATIME experience was at SS2 Mall. And since then, I couldn't help but return to that branch for more. I've been to CHATIME outlets in Gardens, SS2 Mall, Pavilion, MidValley, Damansara Uptown and Kota Damansara (which happens to be the worst, actually) and all I can say is ..

CHATIME @ SS2 Mall wins hands down, toppling even their first flagship outlet in Malaysia @ Pavilion.

My Passion Fruit drink at CHATIME @ SS2 Mall

I took noticed of the outlet at SS2 Mall due to their generosity in toppings, which, the difference is quite evident compared to any other CHATIME outlets I've been to. 

My first claim @ CHATIME MidValley

But the one main factor which made us frequent the outlet so often was the couple running CHATIME @ SS2 Mall, Mr and Mrs Kwa. They were superbly approachable and friendly, and far from being bossy and arrogant despite the crowd they have. 

The crowd at SS2 Mall at 3 pm!

Happy, smiley faces of Mr and Mrs Kwa

A pic with Mrs Kwa on a busy Friday afternoon!

My current addiction - Wintermelon Grassjelly with Pearls. Note the generous amount of toppings!!

CHATIME @ SS2 Mall is strategically located on ground floor, right at the entrance/exit door behind Chynis Restaurant. You won't miss it :)


Angeline Ho said...

Love Chatime too! Recently fell in love with strawberry mango pudding au lait! But they nv give me any redemption card before though...

Ken Wooi said...

i prefer the SS2 one than the MV one.. less crowded.. btw, wow so many redemption cards.. i only have 1, and so far - only got 1 free. :)