Saturday, September 24, 2011


In 1759, history was made when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on the famous St. James's Gate brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Thanks to Arthur, people everywhere have been enjoying the world's most famous beer for more than 250 years. So each year, we celebrate the live and legacy of Arthur Guinness and his brewing tradition. And what better way to celebrate great beer than with great friends and live music from some of the best artists of our time? Arthur Guinness Day brings people together in their local pubs, their cities and around the globe to share and toast the black stuff together.

The celebration of great beer with great friends and live music from some of the best artists of our time was what happened yesterday from 7pm till midnight, at Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club.

DID YOU KNOW that Malaysia has once again been chosen to host the Asian leg of Arthur's Day 2011 celebration? It is in fact the biggest celebration aside from the originating country, Ireland!! And to top that off, the artist stealing all the headlines and drawing tens of thousands of people, is none other than TAIO CRUZ!

Read here and you'll see I ran a simple, simple contest for Arthur's Day event invites giveaway! All you have to do is to "LIKE" my Facebook page and post on my page's wall, why you want to get hold of the 1+1 invites!

I started with just 40 pairs of invites but guess what, I managed to give out 200 PAIRS OF INVITES to catch Taio Cruz live on Arthur's Day 2011!!

Kudos to those who supported my blog and page! Really appreciate your support. I even wrote an entry to express my gratitude! Really hope you guys will continue to follow my page and I'll have more coming my way!!xx

So. I was caught in the crazy traffic for TWO HOURS, and reached just in time to listen to Taio Cruz introducing himself. All 6 of us (yes we all cramped in a 3 series BMW!) panicked, quickly parked the car and rushed inside! OOoh the adrenaline!!

Guinness beer was going for as low as RM 10/cup that day. Dirt cheap! We bought like RM 100 worth of coupons to redeem 10 cups while enjoying Taio Cruz's popular No.1 singles "Break Your Heart", "Dynamite" and "Higher".

This clearly spells out our celebration of great beer with great friends and live music from some of the best artists of our time - Taio Cruz!!

Kinda sad I missed performances from other artistes - Soler (popular, drop dead gorgeous heartthrobs from Macau), Mizz Nina, DJ Skeletor and The Kartel Group which includes Joe Flizzow, Dandee (from Thailand) and Take-T (from Japan).

I had a pretty awesome time though! The only complaint I have (apart from the horrible traffic control) was that it ended way too early!! Don't you agree?? We braved the traffic just to be there for half an hour sighs but watching Taio Cruz performed live was well worth it!!

The sacrifices we all make for Arthur's Day!! :)

P/S: I really have to apologize to Calvin Sebastian & girlfriend, and Haidier & friends; for my lateness! Then again, the former got his invites from my impostor (WTF right) while the latter decided to go back due to other reasons.

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