Friday, September 23, 2011

My Gratitude

A few asked and I’m sure many wondered, what’s with my newly created Facebook page.

I’m no public figure and I don’t appear in the limelight often. I love writing though. I have a blog where I used to update religiously until I stepped into the working world, BUT I want to pick it back up because I intend to venture into the social media/blogging arena. It all started with me being part of a giant blogging community, Nuffnang in 2009, and about a year later, I was the first member to a growing blogging group, MHB. 

Being part of MHB gave me all the basic exposure I needed, as I was a fresh face in the social world of KL. It all started with no serious business intentions, mainly to meet new people, explore new places and to fill up my weekends with fun activities.

My mindset changed once I got to know this dude barely 2 months after I joined MHB. He finds me naïve (due to my lack of exposure), thus was very generous in sharing his business mind, teaching me bits and pieces along the way. After a year with MHB, I left; and that dude? He’s now my ‘manager’ :)

So the thing is, he laid out plans for me, but whether I am able to execute it is a whole different story because it really depends on my will and determination in the next one year. I am grateful to him for helping me out and I am equally as grateful to all of you who supported my Facebook page!! With that kind of support, I couldn’t afford to fall back and give up. So, many thanks!

My Facebook page was still very raw and new when I ran a simple contest to grab invites to catch Taio Cruz on Arthur’s Day. I was really doubtful when  I was handed 200 event invites but guess what?


Many even asked if I have any left but sadly, I don’t. All were wiped out. 

I sure hope I’m the pulling factor instead of the famous Taio Cruz but who am I kidding right :P

I hope you guys will enjoy yourselves tonight! Party on and take it ‘higher’ on Arthur’s Day with Taio Cruz! I also hope you will continue lending your support as I climb my way up in my little venture :)

P/S: I'll be giving out more event invites so follow my page ok!! :)


On a different note, I’d like to express my gratitude here, to my senior colleague, Azwan Ismail, for helping me with my (annual) assessment in July’11. I scored better than expected, and managed to close a few elements!! :) He was the first person in mind the moment I received my results :) 

With all these awesome stuff going on, I’m undeniably happy!! :)))