Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood, Kg Cahaya Ampang

Every time I mentioned Thai cuisine, Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood will always be the first to pop up. Apparently, it was HIGHLY (note the bold caps) recommended by food critics and friends/acquaintances alike.

Crabs under fire!!

Alex & I talked about dining there for the longest time and one evening, he decided to drive all the way down to Ampang from his place at Bandar Utama.

Note: He's willing to do that only if it's worth his effort/time.

We were famished upon arrival as we took slightly more than half an hour due to traffic. Plus, Ampang wasn't his forte so Alex drove slower as we looked out for that famous "little Thai shack". It's actually kinda huge to be called a shack -_-

The uncle frying the crullers was really friendly. He asked his worker to smile for the camera but that too bad that pic was blurred :(

We ordered a few of their highlights and while waiting for our dinner to be served, we had mini char koys (deep fried crullers) with pandan kaya dippings (RM 3) for starters. This was one of the must-try items here and I can see why. The crullers were fresh, crispy yet fluffy at every bite. The sweet pandan kaya dippings compliment the deep fried crullers well enough it gets really addictive.

Our dish includes the highlight of Nong & Jimmy - seafood Tom Yam soup (RM 12), black pepper BBQ crab (RM 42/kg), BBQ squid (RM 10), fried rice (RM 12), and some greens - kangkung belacan (RM 9) to complete our dinner.

It was boiling hot when I snapped this. Spot the little bubbles!

Nong & Jimmy's seafood Tom Yam soup was worth every penny, and every drop of sweat. Served with generous amount of seafood i.e. prawns and squid, the Tom Yam tasted more authentic compared to the ones we usually get around town. It was filled with spice and chilli and more spice, absolutely yummy that we continued slurping despite the fiery sensation in our mouths.

We ordered one black pepper crab to share, which was definitely enough for two. The mud crab was huge and fleshy, barbecued to the right hue with ample black pepper sauce to go with. While I enjoyed it, I think it's a pity the crab meat lost its sweet and juicy bit to the BBQ flame.

We made a mistake in ordering the BBQ squid, as we should have opted for fried curry squid instead since we had BBQ crabs already. Nonetheless, the squid turned out alright, nothing to shout about but I have no complaints either.

Nong & Jimmy's fried rice was one simple yet memorable dish. The fried rice turned out just right - not too oily - with light rice texture, fragrant smell and absolutely delicious. There were generous amount of prawns to accompany the simple dish too!

The kampung belacan was a disappointment though. It was bland and lacked flavour.

Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Restaurant did live up to my expectations, although there's still room for improvements (especially on the greens!). I was later told that apart from the seafood Tom Yam, the grilled stingray and BBQ prawns are a must! Dang. Will definitely go back for those and more seafood and authentic Thai Tom Yam!!

Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Restaurant
Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya, Ampang.
Contact: 03 4251 1807

Here are some simple directions:

If you're heading from KL, go along Jalan Ampang, turn right (towards Kg Pandan) at the traffic light right after Ampang Point. Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Restaurant is about one km down not he left near a block of flats.

If you're out of KL, head towards KL first and follow the direction above lol just joking. Use your Garmin or something! :P

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