Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Of Mean Cabbies and STUPID ING Insurance Policy!

I landed at KLIA from Miri at 1.40 pm and I'm writing this at Subang Airport while waiting for my flight to Kerteh, scheduled to leave at 5pm.

I was initially very excited whenever I get to travel but now? I'm starting to get tired of all the hours wasted on the road/air and waiting. 

BTW, I think the cabbies at KL Sentral were a bit too much when it comes to charging for their service. RM 60 from KL Sentral - Subang Aiport WTFF?!! It wasn't even peak hour, thus the rate should be around RM 40 - 45. Those idiots quoted 25% higher! Idiots.

I decided to take the train to Taman Bahagia and get a cab to Subang Airport instead, since I wasn't exactly in a hurry. This cabbie's damn nice and friendly, unlike the idiots, so I tipped RM 5 :)

It always pays to be nice!

Random note. I forgot how awesome SUBWAY Tuna's like! Munching away happily as I typed this! :P

Ok my flight's here already. Till then! x.

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P/P/S: I just called ING Insurance about my medical claim. They have the WORST policy ever whereby if you're unwell i.e. fever, flu, migraine, etc; they still expect you to drive to a panel clinic, unless it's a life threatening case. WTF??! How the hell do you expect me to drive when there's heavy pounding on my head you idiot!!

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