Sunday, September 4, 2011

Of Relationship Thoughts

Ok I'm not gonna lie. Yes, I do feel envious of my friends who have settled down. Or going to. My childhood friend's expecting a kid already, 3 of my university batch mates tied the knot and I see more coming next year.

Me? I'm still ding-donging around lol.

Despite the envy, I was actually happy and contented at where I am. I met someone who would lift beer/Hennessy glass bottles to whack pervs for me (point proven yesterday). Poor dude got punched. Should I even pity him? :)

With Emma and Naomi @ Phuture, Zouk

MHB's 3rd round of anniversary celebration, this time it was supported by Hennessy VSOP!

While I do not encourage aggressive behavior, I was somewhat proud of him. He wasn't even around me yet he constantly kept a lookout for me and eventually came to my rescue :))

I thought I had found the one last year. We were good friends for a couple of years and during then, I love his smile, advice and the times we laugh together. I fell in love with our friendship.

But when we brought it to the next level, things screwed up a little. There was another girl and yes, I eventually got over it. Ok confession time. I did not. I thought I did but after that little drama, I opened up my options and kind of led him on for a couple of months. I should have ended it there and then.

Anyway, this ex of mine recently achieved something he'd hoped for and for that, I'm happy and proud of him. I sincerely hope the best for him.

It's a mean thing to say but I guess I regretted the relationship because it ruined our friendship, which, I treasure more. We didn't share much from the moment I said 'yes' to the moment I found out his little secret.

Oh well. Mistakes, mistakes. Gotta live with that.

On another note, just to share this cute little image:

Tee-heehee. I have yet to reach that stage but he's on his way already :P


Sarah May Low said...

Very very cute babe! :-D I agree about the friendship part.....oh wells, we learn things from past relationships :-)

ccc said...

you surprise me with this post. hm.

i had a tough time too, may be, still having.

5 years of memories. :(

Nana Eddy said...

although we love our friend very much, sometimes, that is all we could be. When we try to change it, it would ruin everything. I guess, I was in some sort of the same shoe as you. But, life goes on. And we will eventually get over it.

Stay strong, and all the best!