Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Relationship Matters: What Women and Men Should Know

I was in a cab, on my way to KLIA when the song I Finally Found Someone by Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand was on air. 

I was a fan of oldies, especially the heart-wrenching, romantic ones. It has been a while since I last played this song on my iTunes, so listening it on air made me play back a thousand times on my iTunes, whenever I can. I got addicted to it probably because I can so relate to the lyrics, and also how the music touches the soft spot in me, especially the chorus:

I finally found someone, Someone to share my life 
I finally found the one, to be with every night 
'Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you
My life has just begun, I finally found someone

Which, might come off a lil corny to a few.

Stole this from TzeLing's entry

What are your thoughts on the statements above? 

While I agree whole-heartedly to it, one can never be so stringent. Everyone wishes to have a fairytale marriage with happy endings, but I'm sorry to say it's not going to happen. At least not to everyone. Relationships aren't easy to handle because life is simply too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is and absence to value presence. Yin and yang.

In other words, two individuals just have to fall apart to realize how much they need each other.

Quote: A relationship is like a job. You have to work hard to get in and you have to work even harder to stay in it.

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What I look for is someone who really loves me so much that when he sees what a mess I can be or how difficult I can get, he would still want me in his life. There will definitely be rough patches ahead but as long as both are committed and sincere in making it work, most problems will have its solutions. 

Except cheaters and two-timers, of course.

Quote: Love is cute when it is new, but love is the most beautiful when it lasts :)

Which is why I love seeing old couples because it makes me realize someone can actually love you forever :))

I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet 
I finally found the one, that makes me feel complete
We started over coffee, we started out as friends
t's funny how from simple things, the best things begin

This time it's different, dah dah dah day 
It's all because of you, dah dah day day
It's better than it's ever been  
'Cause we can talk it through  
Oohh, my favorite line was "Can I call you sometime?"  
It's all you had to say to take my breath away

This is it, oh, I finally found someone

Someone to share my life
I finally found the one, to be with every night
'Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you
My life has just begun
I finally found someone, ooh, someone
I finally found someone, oooh

Did I keep you waiting, I didn't mind 
I apologize, baby, that's fine

I would wait forever just to know you were mine
And I love your hair, sure it looks fine
I love what you wear, isn't it the time?
You're exceptional, I can't wait for the rest of my life

(Repeat Chorus)

Whatever I do, it's just got to be you 
My life has just begun
I finally found someone

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Kelvin said...

Too bad not a lot of couples knows the "should know".

Anonymous said...

What an insight review, I love your article.

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ccc said...

my grandparents were married for 70 years.