Thursday, September 8, 2011

You've heard of,, and so on; which all have one thing in common: They are group buying sites offering attractive discounts on almost everything - from food to mechanics to beauty to travel - and the discounts? They were very successful in capturing interests of many Netizens.

But have you heard of any sites which offer great discounts on alcoholic drinks? :) is a group buying site as well, focusing on offering fantastic discounts for drinks at party events across KL! uses the power of the party to influence outlets to offer drinks at a more attractive prices, and in turn offer these savings back to consumers.

Their modus operandi is to post attractive offers up on their site and allow people to drink with a group of friends and party people at one specific location at any one time

Guess what? Tomorrow is organizing an event at Bakita, KL where everyone can get a bottle of Skyy Vodka for just RM 140!! Awesome or not?! 

So, hurry get a bottle and join me and my group of friends (one dude and 5 hot girls :P) if you're interested to expand your social circle!! 

Visit now!

33, Jalan Berangan
50200, KL
Contact: 03 2141 7733

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