Monday, September 12, 2011

STYLE KANDI - Collective Inspiration is very much like - EXCEPT that they focus on pulling together style-related content from around the Internet in one single stylized platform.'s target audience? Simply anyone, be it an experienced blogger, designer or just anyone who's keen on things that look good. All who shares this common interest contributes by uploading contents from blog/Facebook/Flickr to share your likes with the community!

Like how the saying goes, sharing is caring! :)

To have a better idea of what the hype around is all about, take a look at the next few screenshots, courtesy of!

Women's accessories


Gadgets!! Love the cool yet old-school looking camera!

Girlie stuff i.e. make up, manicure, fashion, etc! 

Nope, isn't just for the ladies! 

Or something cool but non-existent which you think might give inspiration to others. Some ideas might seem impossible now but you'll never know ;)

Now that you've seen it, isn't just about fashion, but simply just anything and everything that revolves around looking awesome.

So here's the deal. is having their GRAND LAUNCH in TWO DAYS!! The launch - StyleKandi Introduced - is simply a platform for all to join celebrate the debut among KL's most trendy!

It's happening on September 14, 2011 at 8 pm - 11 pm at Aural, KL City Walk.

Wanna be there to to show and also witness casual yet stylish and trendy people and concept alike around you?

Simple. Just "LIKE" the following two Facebook FanPages (one of them is mine tee-hee) and post, on your blog, what is to you and why you wanna be part of this community.

Click here and here to "LIKE" the FanPages! Both will be the judges so better suck up to them if you wanna win ;)

I have TWO PAIRS of invites to be given away so be quick to do so before 8 pm, September 13, 2011.

The two best representation of what means to you wins the invites! It can be a one liner blog entry. I'm not looking for the longest written essay so fret not! :)

Completed blog entries can either be emailed to OR posted in the comment box to this entry. Winners will be notified via email by 11pm, September 13, 2011!

All the best to all! Join me and to drink, be merry and party with style! xx

StyleKandi Introduced
8 pm - 11 pm
Aural, KL City Walk

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