Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Club Neverland

When Alex came home harping on how good the live band at Club Neverland was, I was skeptical. I admit I was being somehow judgmental. Live band with sexy Thai babes and dudes didn't give me a very "clean" impression.

After 2 visits, Alex dragged me to Club Neverland on a Saturday night despite me feeling a little woozy from a fever the day before. My very first impression was a plus, because the parking lot was just rightttt beside Club Neverland, unlike Zouk where we have to cross the busy roads in fitting dresses and high heels.

And my impression on Club Neverland just kept getting better, with impressive performances by the live band contributing most of it. The only downside of it is that they do not serve MOET champagne there so yea .. that part kinda sucked.

Nonetheless, I had a great time there! I took only several sips of Carlsberg from the countless of beer towers the boys ordered, and a shot of B52.

Jimmy :D

It was quite funny how the boys maintained their cool around the Thai babes while us girls - Angel, Denise and myself - were so starstruck by the good looking Thai boys. Angel was totally in love with Tony, I find Jimmy the prettiest Thai boy around while Denise wanted ALL OF THEM!!

Angel: I'm totally in love with Tony's dimples!! Sooo cuteee!
Denise: Me too me too! Come we share! I want all!!
ME: Cannottt! No sharing! I take Jimmy!

:D :D :D

And the boyfriends were just there, laughing at us jokers heheh.

Denise, Angel and myself, with Jimmy

 With Chen

The boys just went there on Monday night lol. I'm thinking of going there again this weekend! Join us, will you? :)


Anonymous said...
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alexlye said...
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alexlye said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think it is not fair for you to stereotype me like this. By posting this as anonymous, then I think you are a coward. Regardless I m a flirt or not is basically non of your business. And if you make the judgment of me being a flirt NOW and THEN. And that ur comment of birds of a feather flock together and also a leopard doesn't change their spots, then can I make the judgment that YOU are stupid and ALL your friends are stupid as well. Remember the birds of a feather and leopards analogy? Cos you mentioned that you are a victim of some of my friends and that you are Used and forgotten by one of them. By making those analogies, then it is safe to judge you that you are indeed STUPID. you claim u are lied to and conned and cheated by my friends so in future you will be lied to, conned and cheated by other people as well. Remember, leopard doesn't change its spot. you said it.

On another note, don't u think that judging me for a crime that one of my friends did to u is somewhat vengeful or misdirected? You want revenge, go after the person that did whatever to u.Not me. If you are one of those girls that I've insulted and if you can come out and make these accusations, then i think i did a good job insulting you. On whether my friends wanting to bring their gfs around, i seriously dunno what nonsense you are talking about. My friends bring their gfs out all the time in my opinion, the gfs are always around and I am totally cool about it.

And I don't think my friends lie thru their teeth to get what they want. I don't speak for them but what is shown is that they don't have to lie to get what they want. Erica has seen it in real life that my friends don't need to lie to get something from a girl. They give it mutually. Thats my observation though.

I also wonder the warning you gave to erica. What goes down whenever she is not around?? Seriously, i wanna know too. Are you meaning me or my friends? If it is me, i always tell her where i am going and with who and also whenever I am home I call her. If it is my friends, then i cannot speak for them. Go post on their FB wall if you want. That is if you haven't deleted or de-friend them. LOL.

Your 2 cents is obviously your own, but what I think is that you are obviously a girl that was hurt by one of my friends and that you have taken this as your own crusade to "warn" all other girls that may seen to be heading down this path. I also think you really have a lot of time to do this. Oh yeah, i forgot, you are a damaged girl and u don't have anyone else to spend your time on other than bitching on a blogpost.

Seriously, you may think you are doing the right thing to "warn" other girls. If that is what pleases you, then go ahead. Like you say, "leopards will always have their spots" (get ur proverb right), its a leopard never changes it spots. All i can say is that you are truly a sad sad girl (or guy)

eRiCa said...
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