Monday, October 10, 2011

Me, Fully Made-Up!

I recently had an interview with a journalist from The Star Publications on young adults' thoughts and dilemmas in sealing their first property deal.

I was then requested to submit a profile picture of myself. I started searching high and low for a high resolution, decent profile picture of myself. The kind which is suitable to be published in the local papers, if you know what I mean :))

So. After much digging, I stumbled upon this photo:

Picture credits Chee Wah

A snapshot of myself fully made-up, taken end of last year hehehe! Damn different right?? It's one definite rare sight because I almost never apply make-up (because I'm not good at it T.T)

LOL what do you think?? I won't get offended if you think I looked mid-30s but I'd definitely be on cloud nine if you think otherwise!! :)

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