Monday, October 3, 2011

My MOET Moment by MOET & Chandon

My MOET Moment. 1st of October 2011, 9 pm at Zouk Room, with a specified dress code - glamorous.

The turnout was indeed glamourous and dazzling, with MOET champagne going on free flow from 9 pm - 11 pm. My night out was awesome as I lovee champagne - sweet, sparkling and a definite addiction to me.

MOET has chosen this occasion to commemorate Natalia's graduation (although it's been a year since she graduated!!) so we had one HUGE MOET Magnum on top of all the free flows *loves!!

We continued our night out at Phuture, with more Black Labels and moreee shots of Long Island Ice Tea. I was pretty gone that night and hangover was pretty bad that the effect was really obvious during my Sunday evening meeting -_-

And I'm still a little heavy headed so I won't type much. I'll let you feast on the pictures, credits to Alex Lye and Marciano San.

Like this pic, taken at the photo wall upon arrival <3

Alex's JMs

Sisters <33

Red and hot! 

 With Johnnie Walker brand manager, Charles Wright! He's really nice and helpful! :P

 Local actress Candy Ice!

 Champagne's starting to kick in. With Dave Ewing (who has a hot gf!)

 Pretty Angel

 Michelle's soooo cute hahaha

 The boyfriends :)

 Really like this pic too!! :P



KK time to sleeeeep! Tomorrow's Monday again but I look forward to our wagyu beef dinner at S'mores!! :)

P/S: Tickets to catch Superstars of Magic LIVE at Genting International Showroom are still up for grabs! Read more here!!

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Charles T said...

*gasps at the last pic!!* whooott!! LOL