Friday, October 21, 2011

My PRADA, by

Whenever someone talks about branded goods – be it GUCCI, PRADA or BURBERRY – many will go “WOW you’re so rich!!”.

Little do they know the sacrifices made just to get them at a bargain price.

My first designer handbag – COACH, was signed, sealed and delivered all the way from the United States. Got it for almost half the price compared to the COACH retail outlets in Malaysia. I considered myself lucky as I suffered only minor impact from the exchange rates, full credits given to a friend who coincidently went over for job training.

I purchased my second designer item – a GUCCI 'Sukey' Medium Tote at Grand Lafayette, Paris during my Nov’10 Eurotrip. I literally snapped up the GUCCI tote the moment I knew how much it cost (in Euro), which shows just how much cheaper I got it for compared to the retail outlets in Malaysia :D

I’m au naturale in bargain hunting as I am aware of the pinch and guilt of having to own a designer handbag, especially in Malaysia, which is why I’ve never gotten any from the retail outlets here. It’s either a friend/family did me a favour, or I was there to shop for them myself.

But how often do you get such favours from friends/family, or the opportunity to travel? :(

Well, the wait is now OVER the moment I got to know of this site, so here I am, sharing my new found joy with you!! Not just the babes, but dudes as well because that site – Eranzi – caters for the men too!

Early birds promo: Eranzi is giving away RM 100 voucher just by signing up!

Eranzi is relatively new in town, but TRUST ME when I said I’m au naturale in bargain hunting! Bargain hunters’ hobby is to compare prices and get the best deal out of all the available options – and I totally did my homework!

I was really interested in what Eranzi has to offer because Eranzi houses so many of my favourite designer labels at a fraction of a retail price! Which, eventually led me to a meet up with the owner of Eranzi – Mabel, to find out more about Eranzi, as well as their current and future labels!



This is one limited edition GUCCI baby which is not even available in Malaysia! I’m eyeing on this already! ^.^

Eranzi offers cute little GUCCI merchandises too!



Eranzi even has designer labels which are affordable to graduates and young execs who are trendsetters, and very much in touch with the designer fashion world! MARC BY MARC JACOBS and SEE BY CHLOÉ are the two I love most!




PRADA!! Like OMG my current favourite designer label!!

I was thrilled when I heard Eranzi offers PRADA items and was sooo into by the bargain that .. I purchased a PRADA purse, right from their online site!

It’s pink, it’s chic, and it’s a damn good buy! I’m a happy girl!! :D

The main reason I decided to go for it (besides the great bargain Eranzi offers, of course) was the fact that they give ‘Money Back Guarantee’ on all their products’ condition, quality and authenticity! This gave me all the assurance I needed.

And when I knew how particular and fussy (in a good way) Mabel gets in handling the packaging, it’s a definite go! She personally makes sure all items sent out are well protected in layers and layers of pretty boxes! 

Which makes it an obvious option for gifts and presents! *My birthday's in 6 month's time hint hint :D

An example of how their packaging is done, sent by a satisfied customer who thanked Eranzi on such awesome packaging. I was too excited I totally forgot to snap a pic of the packaging of my PRADA :|

PRADA wallet in a PRADA box;
PRADA box in an Eranzi signature box;
Eranzi signature box in a huge brown box, protecting the PRADA box, Eranzi signature box AND the PRADA item!

All secured, sealed and delivered via the reliable UPS Delivery System!

Eranzi has lots more to offer besides the above! Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Botega Veneta, and many more. The best part is, you can even suggest a brand to Eranzi to be brought in!!

Check their site out (CLICK HERE!) and follow their Facebook Page for the whole list of designer label Eranzi houses!



Eranzi is giving out cash credits of up to RM 2,000 to you, you and YOU! Simply share your personal style by submitting a photo of your best ensemble to Eranzi !! Yes, it's that easy!

Check out their Facebook Page or their online site for more info on the contest! Best of luck you guys!!

Don't know about you but I'll definitely be in the running for that cash credits! I want that limited edition GUCCI !! :( 

Meanwhile, happy shopping with Eranzi !! I know I will! :)

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Julian said...

Thanks soooo much!!! Been hunting down these kinda sites and never had I bump into this. Most of the time I just shop in states and have them shipped back via VsHUB. This is really a great steal!!!

Thanks again!!