Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oktoberfest at Ecoba!

Oktoberfest has always been German’s favourite festival. Hailed all the way from Munich, Oktoberfest is to drink to celebrate and celebrate drinking, whichever makes you merrier!

Last Saturday, 1 Oct’11 was the day Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest landed in Ecoba and in conjunction with the German’s largest celebration, Ecoba organized Beerlympics to make sure all remain in the game all night long and get completely wasted! There was also a special Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest bazaar where one can find junkyard sales, cakes, clothes, accessories, etc.

A blogger friend of mine, Jane Fong (pic above, with boyf Douglas) who runs her own online boutique, had her stall set up in the bazaar so I got there pretty early to get some clothes from her. Check out her online boutique, Clothes For Fun!

Carlsberg brand manager, Lam got us a 1.0L beer stein of Carlsberg, which Alex finished it all (and got a little tipsy), except a sip which I stole from his mug :) Every 1.0L beer stein of Carlsberg beer was RM 50 and every refill was RM 40. Quite a reasonable price for a 1.0L beer stein plus a litre of beer at Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest!! 0.o

We were there enjoying a wide spread of barbecued dishes - sizzling German sausages and beef patties and some French fries while watching people (and Alex) riding the mechanical bull and attempts to dunk Lam into a huge barrel of water.

Lam told Alex he would give me one Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest hat if we stayed a little longer. Well, I wanted the hat so I refused to leave till I get it despite us having to rush to Zouk for the most awaited My MOET Moment event. After bugging Lam and Kean (one of the owners or Ecoba), I finally got it!! We left just before it got dark, had a quick dinner at Face2Face pan mee and rushed back home to dress glamorously for My MOET Moment event at 9 pm <33

Come to think of it, it’s all Lam’s fault for offering the hat in the first place! Lol.

Didn’t get to stay and enjoy the fun but I heard it was a blast, tons of beer to go around with more fun activities like Ecoba’s Centurion Challenge, chicken dance and barrel race, all with fantastic prize giveaways!

If you missed out on the awesomeness of Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest at Ecoba last Saturday, fret not as there are more coming your way! Just remember to mark your calendar, throng the venue, drink to celebrate and celebrate drinking, whichever makes you merrier x!!

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