Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wagyu Beef Steak, S'mores Restaurant

I came across this eye-catchy deal on one day.

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WTF wagyu steak with add ons for 40 bucks??! My eyes went from this ( -.- ) to ( o.o ) lol! Eyes was like this ( -.- ) because it was a workday and I was stuck in the office that time. I snapped up the deal and kept it from him. I wanted it to be a surprise but ..

He conveniently accessed my mail (for a valid reason, with my permission of course) and pea-brain me totally forgot about the voucher(s) notification in my mailbox!! >.<

So yea. Surprise!! -_-

Planned to book a place for 2 at S'mores Restaurant on his birthday but weekends were fully booked all the way till November so we had to settle for a belated birthday dinner on a weekday.

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My first look at S'mores, a restaurant & bar in Bangsar South gave me a very positive vibe. It came across as great place to chill after a long day at work. Despite us going there with vouchers in hand, I studied the menu and thought they have a wide variety of pasta and alcohols at a reasonable price. Beer's going at RM 50 nett for 3 pints!

Wagyu beef steak with herbed butter, corn and coleslaw

Wagyu beef steak with mushroom gravy, corn and coleslaw

Our vouchers called for wagyu beef steak, 2 sides dishes to choose from a selection of fries, coleslaw, corn, potato salad, etc; chicken soup and iced lemon tea. I ordered my steak to be medium rare and his, medium well.

While I loveee the coleslaw, I thought the chicken soup and corn was mediocre. The soup wasn't homemade (at least it didn't taste so) while the corn was somewhat tasteless. The coleslaw, on the other hand, was crunchy and not overdosed with mayo.

My steak with herbed butter - The medium rare part of the steak

My medium rare wagyu beef steak turned out to be, well, a disappointment? I guess the chef just had a bawl with his wife or something. Half of my steak was medium rare and the other half was well done! So I enjoyed the medium rare bit but not the well done portion as it was tough and chewy :(

His steak with mushroom gravy

Alex's medium well wagyu turned out to be more bloodied than it should be. Weirdd.

But for RM 39.90 each, this was pretty okay. Steak was tender enough (it's wagyu!) so no complaints. If I were to pay RM 133 for it, I'll definitely demand them to replace my steak!

One thing's for sure, I'll come back to give their pasta a shot! :)

G2, Ground Floor, The Sphere,
Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2240 0069


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