Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cupcakes by Khapkeks!

Photo credits Khapkeks

If you know me well enough, you’ll know I have a thing for sugary sweet stuff. I love almost everything in the dessert range, be it Belgium dessert (truffles and waffles of course!), Italian dessert (biscotti, panna cotta and tiramisu), or the latest craze in Malaysia right now, Taiwanese desserts!

My virtual bakery store on my iPhone! Love!

While I have an uncontrollable desire for sugar, I am conscious enough to control my sugar intake because I’m vain enough to take care of my sensitive complexion, plus I do not want to die young. So I tend to get very selective with my desserts.

Photo credits Khapkeks

I happened to come across Khapkeks, a newly set up Facebook page for homemade cupcakes. I was intrigued by first, the name and second, the fact that these cupcakes are made from 100% butter (strictly no margarine) and contains zero buttercream or coated icing. 

These cupcakes look appetizing even without cute little decorative elements on it AND it’s a healthier choice so yea, you won’t be cheated with a whole lot of buttercream / icing and very little cake to enjoy! 

Plus, like I said, I do not want to die young so no margarine, no sugar overdose = Perfecto!

I ordered a total of 54 cupcakes from Khapkeks – 6 different flavours, 9 cupcakes each:

Nutella – Best seller
Choc Chip Nutella
Choc Chip Raisin
Nutella Raisin
Matcha raisin
Earl Grey Tea

Out of these 6, I have my own personal favorites! While I love their best seller and those with choc chip and/or nutella (I’m a chocolate person), I thought the matcha raisin was equally as yummy! It is hard to compare which is better because the first two are filled with chocolate goodness while the matcha raisin was a winning combination! 

The earl grey cupcakes were pretty interesting as well. Those who love the aroma of tea leaves would definitely fall for this! 


SuYi is the creator, the mastermind and the baker of Khapkeks. She has a keen eye for desserts and serious interests in baking.  Her husband was her inspiration – A fussy dude who does not enjoy desserts much, but when SuYi, the budding baker, baked a batch of cupcakes out of boredom, he loved them. 

With someone this picky to actually love her batch, SuYi was confident enough to go commercial, on a small scale. 

I brought the entire load of cupcakes to a barbeque party on the night I collected my cupcakes, to share some good love with the bunch. As expected, they loved them, particularly the Nutella, Khapkeks’ best seller!


So how did I place my order?

Follow Khapkeks on Facebook and place your orders on their wall! Alternatively, you can email your orders to khapkeks@gmail.com! Simple simpleee :)

She recently offered delivery services provided around PJ, Ara Damansara, Saujana, DiGi HQ, Subang & Sunway! Either that or you can opt to collect them at Subang Saujana. EVEN SIMPLER, just communicate with her, see if you guys can work something out. She's a nice person :)

* All orders are to be made at least 48 hours before collection ~


Another thing I like about Khapkeks is the flexibility, which allows custom made cupcakes suitable to your liking! They come in different sizes, toppings and even pretty wrappings!! Just the right thing for Christmas!! :)

Khapkeks signature Nutella in different sizes! Photo credits Khapkeks

Cute little marshmallow cubes on top! Photo credits Khapkeks

In short, just talk to SuYi and I'm sure she will try her best to accommodate your requests :)

This is just the right Christmas present, don't you agree? :)

P/S: I just found out there's more flavours (i.e. Red Velvet wheeee!) coming your way so follow Khapkeks Facebook Page naoo ~


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