Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil; Back in KL!!

So here I am, putting out another simple, simple contest for you to win up to THREE (3) PAIRS of exclusive invites to JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil!!

Yes, in conjunction to the season-ending race in Brazil, the JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil is now back with a sexy Brazilian twist to the ultimate VIP race party experience! 

For exclusive invites from this blog, you’ll have to first ‘LIKE’ JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia at www.blackcircuit.com.my/Facebook and enter the contest for VIP passes before 15 November.

Charles James Wright, Brand Manager for JOHNNIE WALKER®, Malaysia, says “Our loyal fans and A-list guests in Malaysia have come to expect the best entertainment quality and service at a JOHNNIE WALKER® event. As an official partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 2005JOHNNIE WALKER® will not disappoint when Malaysians are invited by the JOHNNIE WALKER® Striding Man to Step Inside the Black Circuit and experience the international glamour of what has become a must-attend party for the stylish and sophisticated. We are committed to ensuring that the JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge VIP race parties always delivers exclusive insider-access into the extraordinary world of motorsport and the high-flying lives of progressive Formula 1™ drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, as they continuously pursue further success around the globe.”, he said.

A stellar international cast has been lined-up to entertain guests at the luxury event, featuring multi-platinum producer and DJ-to-the-stars Clinton Sparks from the USA, stunning Latin American DJ Von Kiss, DJ Mr. Gin from Taiwan and DJ Nikki from Malaysia. 

Headliner Clinton Sparks, who has produced for Lady Gaga, Akon, Pitbull, Ludacris and the Notorious B.I.G., will be making his much anticipated debut in Malaysia. DJ Von Kiss has shared the stage with industry luminaries like Snoop Dogg, Redman and LMFAO and her rising stardom will see her work with Diplo, Congorock and Harvard Bass in the near future. Known for her wildly versatile sets, Von Kiss will bring her dub-influenced mash up of hip hop to KL for the first time. DJ Mr. Gin, a resident DJ of both Primo and Luxy in Taipei, is a former DMC Taiwan champion in 2009 and finished in the top 5 in the World Championships held in England in the same year. He will give Malaysians a rousing example of one of his block rocking sets, DJ Nikki is one of the most prominent female DJs plying her trade in Malaysia, having won the Juice DJ Quest in 2007 and voted best female DJ in the CHOONS AWARDS 2011. She will be spinning one of her trademark and explosive genre-bending sets guaranteed to get any party started.

JOHNNIE WALKER® is the the award-winning world's number one Scotch whisky and global partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1™ since 2005!!

JOHNNIE WALKER® is the global partner of Formula One™ team VMM since 2005 because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership.

And also, JOHNNIE WALKER® brings the energy and glamour of the pulsating Brazil GP to the Black Circuit Lounge for a high-flying Formula One™ lifestyle experience.

As part of the JOHNNIE WALKER® Step Inside the Black Circuit Campaign to give consumers an inside look into the stylish and sophisticated world of motor racing, this exclusive and highly anticipated event is coming to you on Saturday, 26 November at the renovated KL Live in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur, and will be infused with the glitz and glamour of Brazil. 

JOHNNIE WALKER® will be introducing a personalised digital experience at the Black Circuit Lounge – Brazil that gives guests a unique opportunity to step Inside the stylish, extraordinary world of motor racing through an exclusive JOHNNIE WALKER® and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes virtual experience, getting up close and personal with Formula 1™ greats Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. The bold and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge race party will see a veritable who’s who of local high society and A-list celebrities Step Inside the Black Circuit for an unforgettable and elite nightlife experience, delivered in the trademark JOHNNIE WALKER® black and gold colour theme. 

Dominic Lau, host of E! News Asia and Deborah Henry, the current Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 will be the MCs for the night, co-host by model, singer and host Hannah Tan.


So. Brazil huh. The first thing that crossed my mind the moment I heard the word "Brazil" - How in the world would I match the style and sophistication of JOHNNIE WALKER®?

In my mind, Brazil is equated to .. SAMBA & SALSA baby!!

I'm going to dance all my way into JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil, full with style, sophistication and spiceee! What an awesome way to match it right?? :D

Oh, you wanna join in the fun too?

Here's how to win one of the 3 PAIRS OF EXCLUSIVEEE PASSES to the JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge - Brazil!!

Answer me this (in this blog entry comment box only!)


Name a Malaysian public personality who you think epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking” and in 75 words or less, describe how this person inspires you on your own journey of personal progress and determination  "

For example, Tony Fernandes, in my opinion epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking”. Reason being, his bold – no quitting attitude brought Air Asia to where it is today; being one of the World’s best no frills carrier. September 11 was believed to be the worst time to start an airline company, however Tony braved through the impossible and proved them wrong in the statistics by clearing debts and breaking even on the financial front in just three years.

Give me your version filled with originality and creativity, who knows, you might be the one walking away with those passes! :)

So, let’s Step Inside the Black Circuit Lounge with JOHNNIE WALKER® for an inside access into the style and sophistication of the world of Formula 1™



Keep Walking! And remember, 



Unknown said...

hey.. i want the pass erica!! :)

Unknown said...

I choose Ahmad izham Omar, 8tv Chief Executive Officer. He's dynamic and creative which everyone knows he's start with Positive Tone (record Label)at very young age - 24 and built his own names with successfull artists such as Inuendo, OAG, Ferhad, Too Phat, VE, Ruffedge, etc. With Positive Tones he introduce 'new music' to Malaysia and yes, there's so many varieties in our music industries. Then, he form 8tv, the most creative TV stations (which u can see a lots of differences from the recent Tv stations). Yes, I choose him as part of my journey to success. Being indifferent is nothing wrong.

TriStupe said...

If you ask me, the "keep Walking" spirit is with a man named Ahmad Jauhari Yahya. The man that has made Malakoff what it is today. Starting with only 15 staffs, he retired from Malakoff with 700 over staffs. His success with the IPP (independent Power Producer) was emulated and envy by others. Upon his retirement, he did not stop there and has started a Renewable Energy company that produces bio-fuel to power powerplants to produce electricity! if that wasn't enough of the Keep Walking spirit, he took up the challenge to be the MD of Malaysian Airline. The guts to take on the unknown triumph over all other risk taking that i know off. Plus, AJ, as he is fondly known, is a very humble, down to earth individual that walks the talk - and he swim, bike and run!

flora said...

As we all know, Johnnie Walker's motto is "Keep Walking", I personally think that Thanuja Ananthan epitomizes the meaning of those 2 words not solely because she was crowned Miss Malaysia 2009 but she live up to her words in saving animals as the ambassador of PETA Malaysia and also not supporting animal tested or produced products for her glamorous looks. She also personally help me gain more confidence during my training as a finalist in Miss Malaysia World 2011. Being first in the line up was not an easy task but she kept giving words of encouragement to keep me going.

Flora Oh

Anonymous said...

Not 'despite', but 'because' of the (locally) controversive nature of her works, I believe that the late Yasmin Ahmad would be a unique
epitome for 'Keep Walking'. In the face of enforced stereotyping/racism - otherwise 'social conservatism' in Malaysia,
she chooses to educate us on that particular glass ceiling through the heart-warming but nonetheless true depictions of the Malaysian
'situation'. That her dedication has come far enough to be recognized
for her work's positive impact is an inspiration for me to keep moving forward. So chin up. Eyes straight. And just keep walking.

Su Juin Chew said...

I feel that Michelle Yeoh is the Malaysian epitome of "Keep Walking". Not only is she known among the homies (Malaysians) but is a star of the international arena. She has come a long way since winning the pageant, and despite her being elder, she still hasn't stop kicking butt. She has not only put Malaysia on the map, but lived her life to the fullest and sharing with the world her talents and capabilities.

She is very much alive and kicking, and symbolizes the slogan "Keep Walking" perfectly.

Facebook name: sujuinchew