Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!


Dear Santa ...

All I Want For Christmas is to have a peaceful celebration with friends and family, hopefully with no calls from the office to disrupt my holiday!! :P

And also a PRADA Saffiano (Red) Leather Tote, APPLE iPad 2, LUMIX GF3, and .. and ..

And to experience white Christmas but of course, it's not possible this year :(

Picture credits Kenneth Soh, taken in Narnia Germany. He's mean enough to trick me and I'm gullible enough to believe him -_-"

Did I mention I got promoted from Enrich Blue to Enrich Silver already? All these in less than 2 years of purely domestic traveling. In fact, I'm now stuck in Bintulu Airport waiting for my flight back to KL. 

Oh ya, I'm having tong yuan after dinner today!! A kind soul took pity on me and arranged to get it done. And it's homemade! How sweet :D I had this last year, homemade tong yuan with longan and snow fungus. Really yummy! I look forward to having some tonight! :)

I'm going home for Christmas tomorrow morning! x.

P/S: I'll put my Christmas greetings on hold until the eve of Christmas :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 - Looking Back

In less than a fortnight away, we will be celebrating the new year and welcome the year 2012 with our loved ones accompanied by friends, family and a whole load of fireworks! As for myself, there are plans to celebrate the new year's with some friends at Gardens Residences. I am mentally too old to crowd with thousands of people in the heart of KL already.

So before the year 2011 really ends, here are the 11 happenings in my life which are worth mentioning:

#ONE: I visited China - specifically Shanghai and Beijing - for the first time! The holiday was my 25th birthday present :))

I even swallowed exotic food i.e. scorpions and beetles.


Okay I didn't -_-" I chickened out after several attempts. Oh and shopping in China was HEAVEN! I spent just RM 250 (~ 500 RMB) on a truckload of clothes and accessories I kid you not! 

#TWO: I turned into an Apple hardcore fan. I now own an iPhone, MacBook and iPad (self-claimed) in just a year! :D

With celebrity photographer Andy Kho - The exact same iPhone cover ;)

#THREE: I started a Facebook public page to share my thoughts and musings of a working young adult, as well as the happenings in KL. Follow me here!

#FOUR: I auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012! Without much experience in the beauty pageant industry, I showed up at the callback at Sunway Hotel, clad in casual jeans and white tee. Whoops.

I received four nods from all four judges but my journey in Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 had to be cut short because I could not commit to the 30-day Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 boot beauty camp due to work commitments. Then again, I'm not sure how my immediate superior would react if I were bold enough to ask for his permission. Would he be supportive, or would I be fired? lol.

Anyway, congrats to Kimberley Leggett for winning the  Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 title! And crown :) 

#FIVE: I had my first taste of beer pong, or in this case, liquor pong!

This was in conjunction with Moet Hennessy Diageo (MHD) Malaysia's Media Night @ The Hill, Damansara Heights.

For the benefit of others, beer/liquor pong is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer/liquor on the other end. And if it does, the other player has to drink it up.

#SIX: My first Prada item as a gift! Christmas came early this year! :) :)

#SEVEN: I contributed a published article on relationships, sex and contraception! It's one big taboo issue to be discussed openly to many but I thought it's a better option to be equipped with boundaries in dealing with these social issues, especially young children stepping into their teenage years, no?

Read my first article here!

#EIGHT: And recently, after ages and ages keeping my hair in its natural colour, I dyed it! Didn't really plan to do anything to it till Chinese New Year but Groupon offers were really tempting. I saw an awesome hair makeover deal by Alan Inspiration Salon @ Bangsar and I snapped it up. 

The outcome wasn't so awesome though. Their first attempt failed miserably - My desired pretty ash brown hair turned out to be uneven. I complained and thank goodness they were gracious enough to redo it. So it's now .. orangey brown? 

Wanted to list up to #ELEVEN but I couldn't really think of the additional three, which in turn, I'm listing them down as 2012 resolution:

#NINE: To lose some weight and tone up! That will be my topmost priority!!

#TEN: To be more thrifty, spend wisely, stop visiting online boutiques and stop drooling at designer leather goods. I now have two property mortgages to shoulder T_T Really hope these investments pay off.

#ELEVEN: To lead a healthy lifestyle, appreciate people who care, to be nicer to people who don't, and to convince my parents I'm no longer a little girl and that I can make my own independent decisions!

There!! My 2012 resolution. What's yours? :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Attractive Discounts From No, Not Really!

Read till the end!

The moment I was summoned to the twin towers’ lobby for parcel collection, I knew right away my Dicota BacPac Bounce laptop backpack’s finally here!!

Yup, I won a laptop backpack worth RM 179 for just RM 24.95! All thanks to!

I spent about half of my entire investment in my attempt to bid for a Canon camera, which I lost due to the horrible Internet connection in Miri :( That was when Meiz gave me tips on how to increase my chances of winning, which obviously helped because my investment is finally paid off! *hugs bag

I still have about 10 tokens to play with. I frequented really often, waiting to snipe in hopes to win items with my remaining tokens :D BUT, despite all the happiness and joy, I won’t be purchasing any additional token packs, at least not in the next few months. is the sister company of, a bidding online website from Singapore where people would bid and counter-bid and counter-bid AND counter-bid, just to get hold of desired items at a cheaper price. Trust me when I say this bidding and counter-bidding thing is highly addictive! They have the latest gadgets up for bids – iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S II, iPad 2s, Blackberry smartphones, cameras and many more! All you have to do is to register with, purchase token packs and start bidding to win!

Sounds like an easy win, right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but no, it’s not so easy. And most who knew the modus operandi of such online sites labeled it as a scam. / is not the only bidding site available. We have,, and several others, all offering similar attractions to end users like us. With people counter-bidding endlessly, desperate to be the winner, little do they know that they are actually helping the sites to earn from all the tokens used. I’m not talking about 20% to 50% earnings, but 300 to 500%!!!

Each bid (1 token) costs RM 1.50; and every bid increases the iPhone 4s price by RM 0.01! The picture above is a genuine snapshot from, showing the closing price of the iPhone 4s at RM 113.46! 

That's a total of 11,346 bids!

11,346 bids = RM 1.50 x 11,346 = RM 17,019!!

So yea, the total earnings gets from the iPhone 4s (which costs about RM 2,800 retail), is more than RM 14k !!!

Then again, It’s really hard to conclude if this is a scam. Winners walk away with all the discounts (not all though, some ended up paying more than the retail price i.e. Mr Wee who got the iPhone 4s at RM 2,951.46), while those who didn’t make it lost their investments. As for myself, if I wanna be part of it, I would bid smart, not hard. It wouldn’t be a scam if you bid wisely ;)

But, like I said, I will continue bidding to not let me tokens go to waste, then I’m out of the whole bidding thingy, for now because despite winning an item from, I felt cheated, somehow :|

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Allan and Uncle Chris!

After a tiring week at work (Saturday included), I agreed to a simple dinner and a movie or two on a Saturday night. Alex aka Uncle Lye was more or less in the same boat as I was so we were set on the plan until he got a call – Uncle Allan’s 31st birthday dinner celebration at Unique Seafood Restaurant, 8 pm. I could never say no to seafood so I jumped at the invitation almost immediately :D

Huuge Scotland clam!

The highlight of the dinner was the Alaska Spider Crab! In my 25 years of life, I had never tasted the Alaska Spider Crab despite hailing from the land of great seafood, Penang. Birthday boy Uncle Chew was telling us how great the crabs were and despite its price – RM 278/kg, it was well worth it. I went ‘WOW!’ because just moments before that, I asked Uncle Lye to revisit the place ourselves.

The size of a 2.59 kg Alaska Spider Crab.

One of its 8 legs, 1/5 of its actual length! Look at the meat omgg!

The ridiculously sinful and addictive salted egg!

The famous Tiramisu from Alexis, Bangsar

It was really, really yummy! I shamelessly helped myself with more crabs, even after the guys stopped eating :D Our hearty meal for 6 cost more than RM 1.3k, which, more than half came from the Spider Crab! Both Uncle Lye and I were so full from dinner we skipped lunch the next day D:

Then it was Uncle Chris’ 30th poolside BBQ birthday celebration at Idaman Villas. Gated community and fenceless houses. Beautiful neighbourhood. I’d love to stay in one like that next time :)

Uncle Chris with cute little Audrey

His birthday gift from the both of us :)

That was one of the best BBQ dinner I had ever attended. We had fresh oysters, BBQ bacon-wrapped scallops, BBQ cranberry chicken, perfectly BBQ-ed chicken wings and more! Credits to the main chef that night, Uncle Lye!

Strawberry Meringue birthday cake

He reminded me so much of Uncle Liew. Both are spontaneous, born jokers and both love to cook mmm.

Don’t know what time the party ended but we left at 1 am, cause I was the only one who had to get up early for work :( I slept late, at about 2.30 am and I’m now zombified max. Plan to crash early, but who knows right? :P

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Facebook Game: Sunny Bay

I don't play that many games, especially those complicated ones like the recent craze on Facebook - Dragons of Atlantis. Those who saw my name there, that wasn't me! A friend conveniently borrowed my account and built a city to support his own city in the Ocelot realm.

Whatever that means. See what I mean by 'complicated'? 

I recently started playing this newly created Facebook game called Sunny Bay, hosted by the Yes, I Can campaign. Sunny Bay is a Facebook game designed with a creative approach to spread the message on resource and population management.

Sunny Bay is a fairly simple yet addictive game. It's primary objective is to nurture a happy, healthy and flourishing community by managing the delicate balance between the needs of the population and the resources available.

After getting hooked on it for a couple of days, I realized the one unique feature this social game has, which is of an advantage compared to the others - The mission and tasks to be completed on Sunny Bay is designed to incorporate the importance of health, wellness, as well as responsible resource and population management. 


Sunny Bay is part of Bayer HealthCare's ongoing commitment to empower young people with knowledge on sexual and reproductive health issues and contraception. This social game is one of the many creative channels through which the Yes, I Can campaign continues its initiative to spread the awareness on the values of family planning and the importance of contraception in our lives.


I recently wrote article on the importance of contraception, which was posted up on Yes, I Can online site. That article, titled Growing Up: On Life, Love and Sex tells a real-life story of how the awareness on the importance of contraception and safe sex was inculcated in the lives of two teenagers.

Yep, it's based on a true story ;)

My second article is coming right up! *hint: it's something many of us faced in life, especially in our teenage years :)

See you on Sunny Bay!! xx

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes, I Can - Growing Up: On Life, Love and Sex

I was recently "appointed" to write for an online site - Yes, I Can - featuring my views, thoughts and musings on sex, love and relationship, lifestyle and healthy living.

A friend commented he had no idea I was so open-minded to talk about this. Well, let's put it this way. It's a big taboo topic, yes, but I thought it's a better option to be equipped with boundaries in dealing with these social issues, especially young children stepping into their teenage years. 

Sex education or reproductive and social health education has officially became a subject in the National Service Training Programme.

Anyways, my first article - Growing Up: On Life, Love and Sex - was recently published. Let me know your thoughts, and if you like it, click LIKE to show support!

My second article is on the way ~

Follow me here!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hennessy Artistry The Global Art of Mixing 2011 @ MIECC!

I had my first taste of Hennessy Artistry HALO party just last year, at MIECC and this year’s HALO event was held at MIECC too!! I was particularly excited because last year’s HALO was the turning point of a part of my life so going back there for the same event is somewhat reminiscing :)

We checked into our respective hotel rooms and chalets (I got the chalet :D) before hitting the pool, right by the beach. I didn’t care much about the algae-filled pool because I really looked forward to a relaxing and fun weekend after a stressful week at work that I didn’t mind petty issues. Heck, I even bought a chilli red tube dress from Clothes For Fun, just for HALO!

The crowd started pouring in at about 8.30 pm (according to a friend who was there like really early) but at that time I was still in my chalet, getting all dolled up <3

A little tip to avoid the massive crowd during registration – Be there slightly early to get yourself registered before heading to Mines Shopping Mall for dinner or something because the bulk of the crowd would usually turn up at 9 – 10 pm so if you’re there at the time, unregistered, you would have to waittt for a bit.

I was there at about 9-ish but I didn’t have to queue, many thanks to the exclusive ‘O’ invite given by Jeff Chong, the senior brand manager of Hennessy VSOP. I went to the ‘P’ quadrant first for a few rounds of drinks before going over to the ‘O’ quadrant for a better view of the artistes and their performances. First up was Park Jung Min, Korea KPOP heartthrob. Although I didn’t understand a single word from his mouth, I enjoyed myself just by looking at his pretty face and flawless complexion. He looked so good even when he’s all hot and sweaty. I couldn’t understand his choice of attire though .. not hot ka?

Next up on stage was Landy Wen, the R&B bombshell from Taiwan. Again, I could hardly understand Chinese, plus she wasn’t as pretty an eye candy as Park Jung Min so I didn’t care much during her performance. I have to give credits for her stage presence though, as she was able to engage pretty well with the audience, getting them to sing along with her. During her performance, I left the ‘O’ quadrant to look for my cousin who was in the ‘P’ quadrant.

If only both quadrants were placed closer together. Hennessy Apple (my favourite of the lot) ran out pretty fast at ‘P’ quadrant so like it or not, I have to return to ‘O’ quadrant for drinks despite having more familiar faces at ‘P’ quadrant.

Chris Willis was entertaining, with awesome stage presence and awesome live performance! Yolanda Be Cool came onstage with their hit solo – We No Speak Americano – dancing, jerking and fooling around onstage as the crowd went wild with them. I vote them to be the most entertaining of the lot. DJ Goldfish & Blink was the final act, but I find their DJ mixes very typical, nothing out of ordinary from the ones we get at clubs.

The rest of the night was history – the crowd was dancing and partying away accompanied by club hits, till 2 am when the whole event ended, with a bang of course! :)

With Miss Universe Malaysia 2012, Kimberly Leggett. Too bad this pic is slightly ruined :(

Bumped into a few of those who got their invites from my Facebook Page, one who promised to shave his head bald and offered his body to be a surf board if I gave him invites to Hennessy Artistry HALO. I’ll forget about the surf board thingy but I’m still waiting for pictures of his clean-shaven head :D


I had an awesome night out at Hennessy Artistry HALO, despite a few glitches here and there. I spotted a few drunktards who had to be carried out, one of them was a girl in a body-hugging mini tube dress, who gave everyone around free viewings of her peeking top and bottom as she was carried out by some dudes. Poor girl.

Lesson to be learnt: Drink wisely, and if you’re planning on getting drunk, dress ‘safely’ (ladies especially)

My outfit that night, click here!