Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 - Looking Back

In less than a fortnight away, we will be celebrating the new year and welcome the year 2012 with our loved ones accompanied by friends, family and a whole load of fireworks! As for myself, there are plans to celebrate the new year's with some friends at Gardens Residences. I am mentally too old to crowd with thousands of people in the heart of KL already.

So before the year 2011 really ends, here are the 11 happenings in my life which are worth mentioning:

#ONE: I visited China - specifically Shanghai and Beijing - for the first time! The holiday was my 25th birthday present :))

I even swallowed exotic food i.e. scorpions and beetles.


Okay I didn't -_-" I chickened out after several attempts. Oh and shopping in China was HEAVEN! I spent just RM 250 (~ 500 RMB) on a truckload of clothes and accessories I kid you not! 

#TWO: I turned into an Apple hardcore fan. I now own an iPhone, MacBook and iPad (self-claimed) in just a year! :D

With celebrity photographer Andy Kho - The exact same iPhone cover ;)

#THREE: I started a Facebook public page to share my thoughts and musings of a working young adult, as well as the happenings in KL. Follow me here!

#FOUR: I auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012! Without much experience in the beauty pageant industry, I showed up at the callback at Sunway Hotel, clad in casual jeans and white tee. Whoops.

I received four nods from all four judges but my journey in Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 had to be cut short because I could not commit to the 30-day Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 boot beauty camp due to work commitments. Then again, I'm not sure how my immediate superior would react if I were bold enough to ask for his permission. Would he be supportive, or would I be fired? lol.

Anyway, congrats to Kimberley Leggett for winning the  Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 title! And crown :) 

#FIVE: I had my first taste of beer pong, or in this case, liquor pong!

This was in conjunction with Moet Hennessy Diageo (MHD) Malaysia's Media Night @ The Hill, Damansara Heights.

For the benefit of others, beer/liquor pong is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer/liquor on the other end. And if it does, the other player has to drink it up.

#SIX: My first Prada item as a gift! Christmas came early this year! :) :)

#SEVEN: I contributed a published article on relationships, sex and contraception! It's one big taboo issue to be discussed openly to many but I thought it's a better option to be equipped with boundaries in dealing with these social issues, especially young children stepping into their teenage years, no?

Read my first article here!

#EIGHT: And recently, after ages and ages keeping my hair in its natural colour, I dyed it! Didn't really plan to do anything to it till Chinese New Year but Groupon offers were really tempting. I saw an awesome hair makeover deal by Alan Inspiration Salon @ Bangsar and I snapped it up. 

The outcome wasn't so awesome though. Their first attempt failed miserably - My desired pretty ash brown hair turned out to be uneven. I complained and thank goodness they were gracious enough to redo it. So it's now .. orangey brown? 

Wanted to list up to #ELEVEN but I couldn't really think of the additional three, which in turn, I'm listing them down as 2012 resolution:

#NINE: To lose some weight and tone up! That will be my topmost priority!!

#TEN: To be more thrifty, spend wisely, stop visiting online boutiques and stop drooling at designer leather goods. I now have two property mortgages to shoulder T_T Really hope these investments pay off.

#ELEVEN: To lead a healthy lifestyle, appreciate people who care, to be nicer to people who don't, and to convince my parents I'm no longer a little girl and that I can make my own independent decisions!

There!! My 2012 resolution. What's yours? :)

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ccc said...

i think you had a good year, better year than me.