Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa ...

All I Want For Christmas is to have a peaceful celebration with friends and family, hopefully with no calls from the office to disrupt my holiday!! :P

And also a PRADA Saffiano (Red) Leather Tote, APPLE iPad 2, LUMIX GF3, and .. and ..

And to experience white Christmas but of course, it's not possible this year :(

Picture credits Kenneth Soh, taken in Narnia Germany. He's mean enough to trick me and I'm gullible enough to believe him -_-"

Did I mention I got promoted from Enrich Blue to Enrich Silver already? All these in less than 2 years of purely domestic traveling. In fact, I'm now stuck in Bintulu Airport waiting for my flight back to KL. 

Oh ya, I'm having tong yuan after dinner today!! A kind soul took pity on me and arranged to get it done. And it's homemade! How sweet :D I had this last year, homemade tong yuan with longan and snow fungus. Really yummy! I look forward to having some tonight! :)

I'm going home for Christmas tomorrow morning! x.

P/S: I'll put my Christmas greetings on hold until the eve of Christmas :)

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