Saturday, December 10, 2011

Facebook Game: Sunny Bay

I don't play that many games, especially those complicated ones like the recent craze on Facebook - Dragons of Atlantis. Those who saw my name there, that wasn't me! A friend conveniently borrowed my account and built a city to support his own city in the Ocelot realm.

Whatever that means. See what I mean by 'complicated'? 

I recently started playing this newly created Facebook game called Sunny Bay, hosted by the Yes, I Can campaign. Sunny Bay is a Facebook game designed with a creative approach to spread the message on resource and population management.

Sunny Bay is a fairly simple yet addictive game. It's primary objective is to nurture a happy, healthy and flourishing community by managing the delicate balance between the needs of the population and the resources available.

After getting hooked on it for a couple of days, I realized the one unique feature this social game has, which is of an advantage compared to the others - The mission and tasks to be completed on Sunny Bay is designed to incorporate the importance of health, wellness, as well as responsible resource and population management. 


Sunny Bay is part of Bayer HealthCare's ongoing commitment to empower young people with knowledge on sexual and reproductive health issues and contraception. This social game is one of the many creative channels through which the Yes, I Can campaign continues its initiative to spread the awareness on the values of family planning and the importance of contraception in our lives.


I recently wrote article on the importance of contraception, which was posted up on Yes, I Can online site. That article, titled Growing Up: On Life, Love and Sex tells a real-life story of how the awareness on the importance of contraception and safe sex was inculcated in the lives of two teenagers.

Yep, it's based on a true story ;)

My second article is coming right up! *hint: it's something many of us faced in life, especially in our teenage years :)

See you on Sunny Bay!! xx

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