Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Allan and Uncle Chris!

After a tiring week at work (Saturday included), I agreed to a simple dinner and a movie or two on a Saturday night. Alex aka Uncle Lye was more or less in the same boat as I was so we were set on the plan until he got a call – Uncle Allan’s 31st birthday dinner celebration at Unique Seafood Restaurant, 8 pm. I could never say no to seafood so I jumped at the invitation almost immediately :D

Huuge Scotland clam!

The highlight of the dinner was the Alaska Spider Crab! In my 25 years of life, I had never tasted the Alaska Spider Crab despite hailing from the land of great seafood, Penang. Birthday boy Uncle Chew was telling us how great the crabs were and despite its price – RM 278/kg, it was well worth it. I went ‘WOW!’ because just moments before that, I asked Uncle Lye to revisit the place ourselves.

The size of a 2.59 kg Alaska Spider Crab.

One of its 8 legs, 1/5 of its actual length! Look at the meat omgg!

The ridiculously sinful and addictive salted egg!

The famous Tiramisu from Alexis, Bangsar

It was really, really yummy! I shamelessly helped myself with more crabs, even after the guys stopped eating :D Our hearty meal for 6 cost more than RM 1.3k, which, more than half came from the Spider Crab! Both Uncle Lye and I were so full from dinner we skipped lunch the next day D:

Then it was Uncle Chris’ 30th poolside BBQ birthday celebration at Idaman Villas. Gated community and fenceless houses. Beautiful neighbourhood. I’d love to stay in one like that next time :)

Uncle Chris with cute little Audrey

His birthday gift from the both of us :)

That was one of the best BBQ dinner I had ever attended. We had fresh oysters, BBQ bacon-wrapped scallops, BBQ cranberry chicken, perfectly BBQ-ed chicken wings and more! Credits to the main chef that night, Uncle Lye!

Strawberry Meringue birthday cake

He reminded me so much of Uncle Liew. Both are spontaneous, born jokers and both love to cook mmm.

Don’t know what time the party ended but we left at 1 am, cause I was the only one who had to get up early for work :( I slept late, at about 2.30 am and I’m now zombified max. Plan to crash early, but who knows right? :P

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Tze Ling said...

wow, all Alexis cakes! yummy! n the crabs looks reli good!