Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hennessy Artistry The Global Art of Mixing 2011 @ MIECC!

I had my first taste of Hennessy Artistry HALO party just last year, at MIECC and this year’s HALO event was held at MIECC too!! I was particularly excited because last year’s HALO was the turning point of a part of my life so going back there for the same event is somewhat reminiscing :)

We checked into our respective hotel rooms and chalets (I got the chalet :D) before hitting the pool, right by the beach. I didn’t care much about the algae-filled pool because I really looked forward to a relaxing and fun weekend after a stressful week at work that I didn’t mind petty issues. Heck, I even bought a chilli red tube dress from Clothes For Fun, just for HALO!

The crowd started pouring in at about 8.30 pm (according to a friend who was there like really early) but at that time I was still in my chalet, getting all dolled up <3

A little tip to avoid the massive crowd during registration – Be there slightly early to get yourself registered before heading to Mines Shopping Mall for dinner or something because the bulk of the crowd would usually turn up at 9 – 10 pm so if you’re there at the time, unregistered, you would have to waittt for a bit.

I was there at about 9-ish but I didn’t have to queue, many thanks to the exclusive ‘O’ invite given by Jeff Chong, the senior brand manager of Hennessy VSOP. I went to the ‘P’ quadrant first for a few rounds of drinks before going over to the ‘O’ quadrant for a better view of the artistes and their performances. First up was Park Jung Min, Korea KPOP heartthrob. Although I didn’t understand a single word from his mouth, I enjoyed myself just by looking at his pretty face and flawless complexion. He looked so good even when he’s all hot and sweaty. I couldn’t understand his choice of attire though .. not hot ka?

Next up on stage was Landy Wen, the R&B bombshell from Taiwan. Again, I could hardly understand Chinese, plus she wasn’t as pretty an eye candy as Park Jung Min so I didn’t care much during her performance. I have to give credits for her stage presence though, as she was able to engage pretty well with the audience, getting them to sing along with her. During her performance, I left the ‘O’ quadrant to look for my cousin who was in the ‘P’ quadrant.

If only both quadrants were placed closer together. Hennessy Apple (my favourite of the lot) ran out pretty fast at ‘P’ quadrant so like it or not, I have to return to ‘O’ quadrant for drinks despite having more familiar faces at ‘P’ quadrant.

Chris Willis was entertaining, with awesome stage presence and awesome live performance! Yolanda Be Cool came onstage with their hit solo – We No Speak Americano – dancing, jerking and fooling around onstage as the crowd went wild with them. I vote them to be the most entertaining of the lot. DJ Goldfish & Blink was the final act, but I find their DJ mixes very typical, nothing out of ordinary from the ones we get at clubs.

The rest of the night was history – the crowd was dancing and partying away accompanied by club hits, till 2 am when the whole event ended, with a bang of course! :)

With Miss Universe Malaysia 2012, Kimberly Leggett. Too bad this pic is slightly ruined :(

Bumped into a few of those who got their invites from my Facebook Page, one who promised to shave his head bald and offered his body to be a surf board if I gave him invites to Hennessy Artistry HALO. I’ll forget about the surf board thingy but I’m still waiting for pictures of his clean-shaven head :D


I had an awesome night out at Hennessy Artistry HALO, despite a few glitches here and there. I spotted a few drunktards who had to be carried out, one of them was a girl in a body-hugging mini tube dress, who gave everyone around free viewings of her peeking top and bottom as she was carried out by some dudes. Poor girl.

Lesson to be learnt: Drink wisely, and if you’re planning on getting drunk, dress ‘safely’ (ladies especially)

My outfit that night, click here!

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