Saturday, December 29, 2012

My New Skincare & Beauty Regime!

Just a month back, my skin PMS-ed big time and I had a major breakout - to the extend I felt  ugly and my confidence level was at its lowest. Did any of you even notice? Or did the foundation and that make up managed to work its magic? :P 

Fact is, I grew up having to deal with bad skin and uneven skin tone. :( The picture above was taken when the acne rage was at its peak, but thankfully it wasn't visible in any of the photos. Good make up skills (LOL!) and good photo editing by the photographer sigh -_-

During that tough period, I became very wary of pictures being taken and would tend to shy away when I did not have any make up on my face. 

Top: Bad skin, in 2008, with ex-colleague during my internship at Altera Corp.
Bottom: Altera Corp.'s badminton competition

Seriously, there is not one person who would not want clear skin. Someone like me would consider a girl with good complexion above average, regardless of her facial features, because good complexion is something we are not blessed with :(

I got to know of a new range of skincare by NIVEA - Pure & Natural range. Apparently, these are Princess Kate Middleton's choice of skincare product, as she was spotted buying NIVEA products!

 Source: or click picture to be directed

SO, I attended the media launch at Delicious @ Dua Residency, just to find out more about this range of products before investing money into one of my many experiments in my quest to achieve flawless complexion.

 Really love the whole event setup - soft and demure in white and blue

Everyone gets this pretty little wrist corsage. It's still in my room! (: 

With Advertlets founder Josh Lim

Fashion show by Dominique Chan.

I got home with a bunch of stuff, very excited to get myself started with the NIVEA Pure & Natural products. So, first up, after a nice hot shower hahahaha;

Still clad in my bathrobe yo! 

#nomakeup Notice the visible scars on my face? :( This is already at its healing stage so you can imagine how bad it was D:

First up, NIVEA Pure & Natural cleansing lotion. Since I did not have any foundation or make up on, I skipped the NIVEA cleasing wipes a.k.a. make up remover.

Next: NIVEA Pure & Natural cleansing toner. This is my favourite step as my skin feels very refreshed after.

 This may not be my favourite as I generally dislike putting cream onto my face but it is THE UTMOST IMPORTANT step of all! Nivea Pure & Natural moisturizing day cream. This was the exact product Princess Kate picked up from a store in the UK!


So I kind of ditched my skincare products and focused on my new ones by NIVEA Pure & Natural! I'm crossing my fingers on this! I have been using these for almost a week now, and so far so good! I'm seeing some improvement on my skin tone, blemishes and skin texture. Good investment yo.

 Clockwise from top left: Cleansing lotion, cleasing toner, body lotion, deodorant, facial cleansing wipes (a.k.a. make up remover) and moisturizing day cream

NIVEA Pure & Natural is currently available in Malaysia at all Guardian Pharmacies nationwide, priced between RM 8.90 - RM 26.90 

Don't know about you guys but I love its affordability! (:

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petronas Reaches Out with the Cheer of Deepavali

Over the years, Petronas’ festival celebration campaigns have become one of the most anticipated elements. Petronas is well-known for its TV commercials as most of them, if not all, have touched many hearts for their heartwarming glimpses of the lives of ordinary Malaysians. With Deepavali just around the corner, the whole country is preparing for a huge celebration. Petronas launched a campaign in conjunction with Deepavali, themed “Be the Light A Celebration of Culture and Tradition”, with core messages of positive attributes and values associated with the spirit and celebration of Deepavali. The campaign is complemented with a series of television commercials and greetings, as well as print ads in the local papers.

Similar to previous campaigns, this campaign aims to promote common values, tradition and the culture we share in multiethnic Malaysia. The entire campaign, which runs from 5th to 25th of Nov’12, comprises the following:

- Exhibition in Galeri Petronas, inspired by old Indian heritage, showcasing the Indian culture and tradition as Deepavali is celebrated
- TV commercials and greetings featuring talents/personalities who have starred in Petronas  previous festive ads
- A series of Deepavali greetings and print ads in the local papers

Deepavali greetings by Sharifah Amani

I was just at the Galeri Petronas early this week and all I can say is, Petronas once again holds up its reputation when it comes to campaigns and advertisements. Their effort and sincerity were clearly seen in pretty much all the events arranged by Petronas in conjunction with the Deepavali campaign.

People from all ages are in festive mood already, albeit with some ups and downs along the way. Shit happens, like this poor lady who got her house wiped out by the flood, but like any other festival celebrations, Deepavali is an occasion to let go of our worries, frustrations and disappointments; and just be happy and joyful.

Take this opportunity to forget the downsides and be merry. So, along with the cheer of Deepavali, I would like to wish Happy Deepavali to all the Indian communities around the world, and happy holidays to the rest! :)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Due to recent events, I start to wonder if being me is more of a blessing or a curse. For one, I seem to be losing friends, guys in particular, by making more and more girl-enemies (God knows why). I had this really long self-reflection on what I did wrong.

I couldn’t come up with any. 



Not everyone, and not everything, is meant to stay. There are things you don’t want to happen, but have to accept, things you don’t want to know, but have to learn, and people you can’t live without but have to let go. Some circumstances and people come into your life just to strengthen you, so you can move on without them. -

Friday, October 26, 2012

PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Race Appreciation Party

Random photo first #cheatingblogger

Really love this whole getup! Gorgeous Chanel inspired chiffon top by, Forever21 black bandage panel skirt, Aldo black pumps, Gucci Sukey tote and Hermes scarf! #ootd

Helped myself to this mango Kindori ice-cream at Pavilion right after the Petronas Switch for XTRA appreciation party at Delicious Cafe, Dua Residency. For some reasons my appetite was unusually big that day. Just 2 hours before, I had lots of pasta, mini quiche, cakes and tarts for lunch at Delicious Cafe itself.

This appreciation party was in conjunction with the PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Race competition (from 10 - 30 Sep'12) among four celebrities - funny guy Faizal Ismail, cute Awal Ashaari, and gorgeous Scha Alyahya and Hanis Zalikha, all four competing to the finishing line and stand to win RM 5000! 

Supporters of each of these celebrities stood a chance to go on road trips with them and win RM 10000! Damn! If I didn't have to be in Sarawak I would have participated! #fts

Awal Ashaari

Scha Alyahya

Hanis Zalikha

Faizal Ismail. Funny dude

Alex seemed to be quite entertained by them lol.

Camho in between hahahaha

Results were kind of expected, given the loud cheer by Faizal's massive supporters. I liked him the most (kind of caught by his witty personality) and approached him for a picture.

This was his idea - Gangnam style pose. Witty. See what I mean? Lol. 

P/S: Had to change into a black pants because my skirt was deemed too short. Hmm.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - Simmons Mattresses

After I started working, the common topic of interest among my friends are investment and business opportunities. A few of my friends are doing quite well in that – Quite a few invest in stocks, IPO, gold and/or property. But be very mindful on what you’re investing in yeah, you wouldn’t want to end up worrying like these poor people :(

As for myself, aside from my day job, I have quite a few part time stuff. Jack of all trades, master of none wtf. I do not live a lavish life despite all these because every month I have to take a huge percentage off my income for a promising investment opportunity - A house.

Construction phase done, and here comes the fun yet stressful part – Renovation. Mom handles every part of the house but we are tasked to design and fund our own rooms, which I totally do not mind because I love to style my own room any way I like! I wanted the second biggest room but sis thought it would be a waste since I do not actually live in Penang so she’s gonna fight for it -_-

Show unit of the room I wanted. Simple but lovely.

The house we bought together - I want this room!! 

So after much researching (thanks!), I have decided to go with this bedroom concept! Clean soft colours with minimalist design. My topmost priority is none other than the bed. I’m always in dire need of a good night’s rest, at least 8 hours to make me feel revived wtf like an old person.

Love how the designer models this. Modern yet very homey-homey .. I like!

It was sheer luck and pure coincidence when I was invited to spend the night at Deep Living furniture showroom, along with 4 other girls .. and a guy lol he’s like the luckiest man on earth, for that few hours hahahaha. I was one of the last few to arrive, no thanks to the really crazy Friday traffic. Taxi fare from KLCC to Deep Living’s main furniture gallery (along Jalan Yew) was RM 30! D:

My sleeping PJs! :D

Blaine, a Canadian-born creative designer and design consultant of Deep Living, gave us a tour around his showroom and spent time engaging with us bloggers over dinner. I was so hungry and tired from all the hoo-hahs of Friday traffic (which left me feeling annoyed and irritated) but Blaine entertained us all with his natural flamboyant personality. We were laughing at his jokes and witty words all through dinner!

Blaine: The best thing that ever happened in the Canadian Entertainment industry is Celine Dion!
Sarah: Really? Not Justin Bieber?

Well, that’s Sarah, equally as witty.

After gaining experiences in many different countries, Blaine decided to settle here in Malaysia because of the potential of the booming property market, KL in particular. He has met some of the most amazing Malaysians that he felt at home and thought there was no better place to start things up.

I like Blaine because of his extravagant style and confidence, something I have yet to acquire. I remembered him saying he is lucky and fortunate because he truly deserved it and in my heart, I went WOW, like seriously. I have a soft spot for capable and confident guys so things like these could sweep me off my feet in a jiffy wtf.

Sarah babe and I shared this Simmons bed for that one night only :( Sad because we could catch up only for that few hours and also cause that mattress was too comfortable to settle for just one night :( 

Good quality mattresses make a damn big difference.

Deep Living, being the exclusive Malaysian distributor for the USA-based Simmons Bedding Company, is having a promotion on Simmons mattresses! 

Deep Living is currently on promotion - Check out the entire list here! Or you can just click the picture above.

They are incredibly helpful in helping you in your decision making too. Just confide your heart's desires, and budget of course, and they will whip out something fancy within your means. Very impressive.

You know what, I’m already considering getting them as consultants to beautify my new home!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub

Alex has this really bad habit - He tends to slouch against the bed frame while he's on his Macbook, and later complains of the pain in his neck and shoulders, which we quickly associated it to his bad posture, sleeping position or work stress.

The pain got worse; to the extent he couldn't turn his head. Whenever he had to face someone he had to move his entire body, very robotic. He looked really funny when he does that hahahahaha and I always laughed at that wtf. Already in pain, girlfriend didn't sympathize, but laughed instead fhl.

He consulted a doc and came home with strips of pills, which helped to soothe the pain just a lil. 

#random so one day after movie at One Utama, we dropped by Caring Pharmacy to stock up on some necessities. Alex came across the Tiger Balm Plaster and decided to give it a shot since the prescribed drugs didn't do any good to his stiff muscle.

I'm writing this to share a wonderful product by Tiger Balm, which in Alex's case, tops that expensive prescribed drugs. So in case you feel all stressed out or have a body ache, give this a try before going to the doctor.

Verdict: The Tiger Balm patch we got off the rack from a local pharmacy? It worked like magic! Within a day or two, the tight muscle at his neck and shoulders were soothed and relaxed! No pain, damn fast, damn efficient and your poor organs don't have to suffer consequences from oral meds.

Since then, Alex vouched by it. Whenever he has any slightest body aches, he would buy the patch. He seriously OD-ed on it wtf.

Although the Tiger Balm patch was effective and long lasting, the patch was pretty obvious, especially when it’s plastered on his neck.

So I got him these!

Tiger Balm came up with a solution dedicated for neck and shoulder tension! The Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub is clean and does not leave unsightly oily residue on the skin so it’s really practical, especially when he needs to be out and meet people.

Alex likened the Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub to a massage session at a parlour, except that this gives an on-the-go “massage”, without any kinky acts ahem.

He’s a huge fan of massage sessions btw, while I’m not quite, mainly because certain masseuses really go all out to “torture” you and my dainty body just couldn’t take the pressure and beating.

You know, before I got him this ointment, Alex always had that two Tiger Balm patch plastered on the back of his neck, even when he attended meetings with clients wtf.

The Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub comes in two variants: Regular, and one with a boost. I got him one of each.

This product is water-based so it has this clean and non-greasy feel which makes it practical when you need to be out and meet people. 

The regular one is for mild neck and shoulder aches while the one with the 'boost' has extra strength and lasting relief. I tried it on me and I could still feel the heat and cooling sensation after hours of applying it.

Try this product yourself and you be the judge. Alex is obviously a huge fan already and since I witnessed the 'magic', I guess I am too. I have not experienced any muscular aches on my neck/shoulders and I definitely don't look forward to the day I need to use it, though when the time comes (*TOUCH WOOOOOD) I would know what to look for to soothe the pain.