Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart Matters: Signs of a Rebound Relationship

For the benefit of others, a rebound relationship is a relationship where either party is still affected by his/her previous relationship. 

A friend recently suffered from the aftereffects of a rebound relationship. His 3-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend ended pretty badly – she found someone new, and so he decided to as well, just to prove that he’s not on the losing side, only to bring regret and emotional pain. He didn’t admit it was a rebound though, then again, who would? More often than not, rebound relationship-ers are in denial. 

Many resorted to rebound partners because to them, such relationships distract them from the emotional hurt, pain and loneliness after a break up. It isn’t easy to just bounce from being happily in love to singlehood in a split second because you were so accustomed to texting, calling and spending time with him/her that suddenly, being all alone made you feel miserable and depressed, prompting you to jump into the dating scene as fast as you could. 

So, to those who are still in denial, and also those who are involved with someone who recently had his/her heart broken, these are signs to tell if you are in a rebound relationship.

SIGN #1: You jumped into a new relationship way too fast

This is a very common sign of a rebound relationship, especially if you just turned single from a long time relationship.

SIGN #2: You have the intentions of proving something to your ex 

As mentioned above, my friend got himself a new girlfriend just to show his ex that he’s not on the losing side. Many, especially those who are fresh from a bitter relationship, would have the intention of proving to the ex that he or she is way happier without ‘em.

I kind of think it’s mean for people to do so because in a way you are using your rebound partner, just to prove a point to your ex who might not even care.

SIGN #3: You couldn’t forget your ex

If you are hurt, bitter and still trying to figure out why the relationship turned sour, AND if you are already in a new relationship, chances are that you are trapped in a rebound. 

Just so you know, it is completely understandable to feel lonely and scared after all the drama with your ex-partner but it is wise to just give your heart and emotions some time to heal as your judgment is usually clouded after heartbreak.

FYI, I’m totally not in a rebound relationship (although I got into this one pretty fast), and no, I’m not in denial either! ;)

Friday, January 27, 2012

From Toughnut Candybars to Fragile Touchscreen

I was staring at my iPhone for a bit and couldn't help but wonder how awesome and genius men are in all their inventions. Looking back, I figured I was pretty lucky to own a handphone at a tender age of 16, although it's not the case now. My 3-year old cousin has a freaking iPad2 when I couldn't even afford one myself!

My very first handphone was the candybar Nokia 8250i. It was a relatively basic phone but back then it was one of the popular ones, just because it has blue lights lol. I particularly loved its butterfly keypads, which I thought, adds a pretty touch to it.

Parents then gave me the Samsung SGH E-700 as a reward for doing well in my SPM examination. I was one of the first few to get it, and newly launched phones cost a bomb I kid you not. This fragile Samsung cost RM 1.8k!! D: 

I was a happy kid because it's my first camera phone, and I was amused by the flip thingy. I didn't know how painful it was to fork out RM 1.8k, but now I do. My only issue with this phone is the display, which sucked real bad. 

Which is why I resorted to candybar phones once again. My 3rd phone - The Sony Ericsson K750i - was my favourite among the three simply because despite its rich features (back then), it didn't give me much problems.

I bought my first phone, a smartphone, in 2010. A 3-day old Blackberry Bold 9700 for RM 800. I know you know it was a damn awesome deal :D Its first owner didn't like its tiny keypads so after using it for 3 days, he decided to sell it at a ridiculously cheap price and get the iPhone 3GS. 

I used the Blackberry for about 6 months and I sold it off, because of 2 reasons. First, I didn't quite like the complexity and its tiny keypads either, and secondly, Alex gave me his extra iPhone 3GS, in white :D

I've been using it since. I'm currently waiting for the iPhone 5 to be launched, so Alex would get it and he will donate his iPhone 4. To me! :D :D :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

On The Eve of CNY

Quickie post!

The Dragon New Year is just a day away! Sis, bro and I spent the entire afternoon yesterday cleaning just the living hall and piano room, leaving the chunk of the house to the cleaning lady who is here today (thank goodness for their service!)

I looked forward to an awesome time with family, relatives and friends whom I have not met for ages. Pumped up the mood with lots of bright-coloured tops and dresses! *loves

But guess what? I woke up this morning with a humongous zit on my cheek wtf! Seriously, zit on cheek, Y U NO spare me?! It's CNY! :'(

It must be that truckloads of (mini) mandarin oranges and cookies and bak kuas (pork jerky) sighs. Should I just screw healthy diet (and my complexion) just this one time and pig out instead. Should I? :|

RM5/kg at Cheow Yang pasar malam, PJ

OOohh I love the mini oranges btw. Very sweet, convenient and 99% of them are seedless.

Lazy Sunday. Just got home from CNY eve lunch at grandma's. My hair and complexion are on strike today. Can it get any worse? :(

Hope my day today will be compensated with lots and lots of angpau (red packet) tomorrow! x.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

PETRONAS' TVC, "Coming Home", for the Dragon Year

PETRONAS is no stranger in producing TVC for festive seasons in Malaysia. To-date, they have never failed to produce a video worth watching, videos which instill awareness, reflection and reminiscence. 

In the spirit of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations and to usher the coming year of the Golden Dragon, PETRONAS has once again stayed true to the common tradition and values that bind all Malaysians together in the strong and powerful underlying messages of its latest Chinese New Year television commercial (TVC). 

For centuries, people have migrated from one place to another, in hopes of finding better career and life opportunities. Titled “Coming Home”, PETRONAS captured the essence of togetherness through six individuals around the world who, regardless of how far they have come in life and the predicaments along the way, stay true to their roots and tradition. 

This heart-warming TVC, shot in 5 different countries – Malaysia, England, Belgium, China and India – highlights six separate stories of the struggle that each individual goes through in life, be it working two jobs, or having to be the head of the family at a young age, as in the case of the little boy in China. It illustrates what it takes to make life better through a progressive and bold attitude that one holds, opening the mind to new ideas and learn new things, ultimately making one a better human being.

The TVC is meant to celebrate not just the Year of the Dragon, but the spirit of perseverance, adaptability and determination as captured in each of the stories it depicts. This energy is something that should inspire us all as we navigate through the challenges we face in life. It is this innate spirit of resilience, energy to see opportunity, energy to go on, improve and move on while staying true to our values that we wanted to portray in our TVC. It is this same spirit that forms the core of PETRONAS’ corporate positioning, Reimagining Energy™ which emphasises and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit to excel in whatever we do – PETRONAS’ Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah


PETRONAS is organising a photography contest themed Reimagining Energy™, in collaboration with Leica Camera AG, so I assume this is good news to all, especially to those with keen interest in photography :)

To participate, all you have to do is to capture your Chinese New Year moments that best depict the spirit of Reimagining Energy™, submit them via PETRONASFacebook page and stand a chance to win great prizes. 

The picture could be as random as the excitement and the bonding during the reunion dinner, or the hustle and bustle of the Chinese New Year shopping. It could even be a portrait of the wise grandfather of the family, or a picture of the lanterns that light up our cities  quote Dato’ Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

Don't know about you but I'm definitely participating in this one! Contest ends on 12 Feb’12, so you better hurry! Prizes will be awarded to the individuals of the winning photos, which will be proudly displayed and exhibited at Galeri PETRONAS! :)


The “Coming Home” TVC will air until 6 Feb'12.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Matters: Moving On

First love. That strange feeling that gives you giddiness and silly grins before and after every date, and 99% of the time in between when you think of him/her. 

But when our initial infatuation-turned-love fell short, we subconsciously open up our hearts to move on and fall in love again. Moving on from past relationships, or even career, is part and parcel of life. Different people have different ways of handling failed relationships – They either cut off all contacts (especially if it’s a bitter breakup) or their friendship remains, bounded by their beautiful moments together. The unfortunate fact is that many tend to get lonely/revengeful and attempt to desperately recapture that special moment by going into rebound relationships or being a third party solely for companionship (or just to show an old flame he/she is doing better than ever). 

No disrespect to those who are still happily madly in love with their first loves, but how many of such relationships manage to reach the wedding altar and continue to stay strong? In most cases, it’s all about toughening up and opening up your options in hopes of finding someone more compatible, and to love and be loved by someone who fits better in your life.

As I go deeper and deeper in my quest in seeking my own happiness, bittersweet experience from previous relationships forms an invisible barrier to protect myself from getting hurt. I'm not so good at taking rejections so I used to be very defensive and inexpressive towards my partner, right from my first break up (almost 6 years ago) until recently .. when I could tell he is sincere. For real.

Since then, life's beautiful ;)

Yours could too, but remember, happy relationships are not built in a day ;))

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together - Marilyn Monroe

P/S: We just spent our entire Sunday with his family, which, I thought was really a nice thing to do albeit a tad intimidating because I’m not very good at pleasing the elders. Either that or I'm extremely self-conscious!

Quote: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand million reasons to smile :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This One Desperate Guy

Disclaimer: Based on a true story but I'm not the lady heroine ;)

I recently lent a listening ear to a really interesting (true) story of an attempt a guy made on a girl. How they met (they kind of met through Facebook) and his ways in his attempts to win her were very cliche. My preliminary judgement on his courting ways tells that he was looking for a wife, not a girlfriend because I find him a tad too desperate and weirddd.

He says stuff like "We are very compatible", puts up a disclaimer that he's the type who wants to get married after 1 and a half years of courtship and plans their future together after talking to each other, ONLINE, for less than a week! And they have not even met each other yet!

He's 35 by the way. 

So, you tell me, is he desperate or is he desperate? Don't you agree that he's on his bullet train mission to hunt for a wife instead of going through the normal process of courtship to determine compatibility? He claimed he has a lot of "potentials" but none were compatible. Well, if this is how he judges compatibility, I'm not surprised he's single (and obviously desperate) at this age.

This story inspired me to list the obvious signs a guy is a no-no (and also to try knock some senses into the lady heroine's head). Note that the below are my point of view on how to determine if a guy is worth your precious time. Guys and girls, you might find these useful ;)

Disclaimer #2: The term 'guy' refers to the purser, not a boyfriend who is already in a relationship with you.

FIRST of all, when a guy sends meaningless sweet messages like "I really miss you", "Happy 1 month of friendship" (this one really WTF), or better still, "We are very compatible and we complement each other" after barely 5 dates, chances are he's full of bullshit and kind of pathetic to be with.

SECONDLY, when a guy starts getting frisky in his suggestions i.e. "Do you mind bunking in the same (hotel) room but in separate beds? I promise I won't do anything!", please do not agree to another date. Don't know about you but guys like that freak me out and make me very uncomfortable because the fact that he could make such suggestions proves he doesn't have much respect for you. And he probably thinks you are 'easy'.

THIRD, when a guy pushes his way through in getting what he wants i.e. kiss, hugs, sex, etc; he is definitely not worth your time. A guy like that is a certified douchebag, one who deserves a kick to the side curb. A man who wants something real and sincere with you will respect your decisions and will never force his way to get things go his way, even if it's something less harmful like a goodnight kiss.


GIRLS, don't be fooled by guys and their natural charms. You may think he's really into you but any guy who does any of the above - especially point #2 and #3 - is eligible to be stereotyped a player. 

And GUYS, if you do not want a girl you really like to think of you that way, do not attempt any of the above because you will definitely drive her away, unless she is up for either a rendezvous with you, or a heartbreak.

P/S: The weird guy did all of the above - Point #1, #2 and #3!

P/P/S: I really hope the lady heroine reads this so she's aware of the fire she's playing with, and the mess she's about to be in if she continues to give second chances to the weird dude.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Material Girls

I came across a rather interesting article on Daily Chilli recently, titled "Most Chinese Women are Material Girls".

"According to Chongqing Morning Post quoting a survey on the status of marriage and relationships in China, almost 70% of women in China regard having an apartment as a prerequisite for men to ask for marriage"

I kid you not when I say apartments in China are freaking expensive. A tiny one easily costs RMB 4 million, equivalent to RM 2 million for a thousand sqft! D:

The sole reason I decided to pen my views and thoughts is that, over a short conversation with a friend today, I was reminded of the times I was categorized under "materialistic girls" and "high-maintenance girlfriend" by my university friends back then. Or should I degrade them to acquaintances for making unfair accusations like that.

I really wondered what made them assumed so, or in their confidant books, know so. I didn't own any expensive branded material stuff back then, neither did I dress 'expensive-looking' to classes. My favourite was a pair of old denim!

Come to think of it, I do not recall any of my ex-bfs commenting I am materialistic / high maintenance, only friends! That tells a lot. And material girls do not go for unemployed men (read here)!

Note: I might have bullshitted someone with lame reasons just to end things without having to tell him straight to his face that I have fallen out of love. There's a reason to that, but it's a long story.

Don't get me wrong. I do not have anything against girls who think that 'material love' makes their lives complete. While I believe in true sincere love, I cannot deny the fact that money matters can make or break a relationship. Trust me when I say that because I have been through a lot of relationship tests and challenges when it comes to financial planning, even when it involves a simple task like planning for a holiday in our neighbouring country. Only in our neighbouring country! I don't even dare to imagine how heated the planning would be like if we were to plan for a Euro Trip or something :|

Who doesn't want an easy life, right? Being in a giant oil and gas company like PETRONAS does not warrant a comfortable life, at least not in my stage. I'm still struggling to save every cent just to reward myself. I wanted a higher end camera for the longesttt time but till now, I couldn't afford one yet. Plan to get the Canon S100 with my coming bonus so .. I really hope there's one coming my way! *fingers toes crossed

Ladies, true love lasts so .. just remember that BUT that doesn't mean you should sacrifice your well-being for a guy's sake *wink

And men, if you're not looking for trophy girlfriends and if you're not willing to invest unnecessarily on a depreciating asset, there are good women out there still. You just have to keep looking. Not all of them want just your money because some believe whole-heartedly in true love and are perfectly content with your heart ;)

Till then x!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heart Matters: Is He The One?

Recent conversations with some friends made me ponder. How do I know he is the one?

Despite the obvious differences we have i.e. lifestyle and a huge age gap, we are getting along really well. People around us could tell how stable the relationship is and are asking questions like meeting the parents, engagement and of course, marriage. Talking about marriages, I kind of dread the coming Chinese New Year because that's the only time I will be ambushed with series of questions from my aunties and uncles :|

So. The question above became everyone's favorite the moment things got a little more official and public - How do I know he is the one?

When we first met, he was on his one-year break after resigning from an advertising firm, based in China. He didn't have a job and he wasn't in a hurry in securing one, which, on normal circumstance most girls would have her reservations towards guys like that. But I saw his potential, believed in him, and most importantly, I could see the loving and caring traits in him. He was in the sales industry, he was a good salesman and I guess he managed to sell himself well ;)

I admit though, there were instances that made me think twice. 

I recalled an article I read a couple of months back, that one of the most useful tip in finding Mr. Right is to know what I look for in a man. Expect a human being, not someone flawless and perfect because I for one, am not Ms. Perfect. I used to ask myself where and who I want to be in 10 years. As of now, I know exactly what I want - A happy family with a loving and loyal husband who comes home on most nights for dinner together with our 2 kids. Too ideal? ;)

Happy relationships are not built in a day because it is crucial to find out and discover your partner's traits and habits. And if it's not too much to ask, tolerate and learn to give and take. 

Be patient.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Next Beach Holiday!

My first day at work didn’t start off well. First of all, it’s my first working day after a longgg Christmas and New Year break. I missed sleeping at odd hours and waking up just in time for lunch. I missed doing nothing, enjoying every minute just lazing around.

Getting up for work was a complete horror. I had dreams (thank goodness it wasn’t a nightmare) and I woke up 4 times in the middle of the night. The only thing that got me going was my favourite Subway breakfast, a cup of steaming hot Milo and interesting news by Daily Chilli. My breakfast on workdays are pretty standard – Subway’s honey oat bread with breakfast strip, lettuce, tomatoes, extra cucumbers, capsicums, mayonnaise and lots of pepper on the egg. Maybe 1 out of 10 days I’ll opt for chicken ham instead of breakfast strip.

To think that I haven’t had it for the past week! No wonder breakfast today tasted extra yummy.

So. To kick off the new year (and to get myself more motivated), I started planning my Chinese New Year holidays AND my annual beach holidays already! This time, we’re set on going to Krabi Island. We intended it to be on early February to coincide with Federal Territory Day, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and Thaipusam holiday but due to last minute planning and work commitment, we couldn’t proceed as planned :(

Backup plan: To go on early May to coincide with Labour Day and Wesak Day holidays but the big question now is ..


I googled but the information extracted from different websites didn’t tally, which worries me a lot! One said rainy season starts in May while the other said it starts only in July. Those who have been to Krabi, helpp?! I wouldn’t want any rain during my 5D4N beach holiday! I hope May’s a good time to go though so I can save on my annual leaves ;)

Now that I can redeem my Enrich Miles points, we might opt for a different beach destination. A friend suggested Phi Phi Island.

Anyhoo, how was your first day at work/school? :) Somehow I feel old just by typing the word “school”.

Oh by the way, today is the day I joined PETRONAS, two good years ago! *throws confetti

Monday, January 2, 2012

Of 2011 Reflection, Penang Food and NYE!

I welcomed the year 2012 whole-heartedly as 2011 hasn't been that easy on me. It started off with a not-so-amicable breakup from someone whom I treasured more as a friend than a partner. And .. it's not hard to guess that our friendship is no longer the same. Talk about making bad decisions. 

Then there were some really unpleasant dramas but to cut the long story short, I'm pretty much on my own now. The person who once took really good care of my well-being kind of hates my guts now. Or so it seems. I didn't expect things to end up this way but in life, people come and go. It's saddening to see how things turned out the way it did though.

There were a few epic moments which were hardly forgettable too! Especially this incident where I was unhappy about a lame joke Alex pulled at an event with a dancer girl (the topic was on pole-dancing, you go figure). His friends found it unbelievably hilarious that I got pissed they couldn't help teasing me about it almost every single time we met.

And of course, there were other happy moments i.e. when I travel and when I eat. 

So touristy ~

I went back to Penang to celebrate Christmas with my family, which I took this opportunity to snack in all the Penang goodness which KL has by far failed to impress.

Camouflaged among all the other hawker stalls at Batu Lanchang market, there's one Char Koay Teow stall right by the corner (next to a famous Hainan Chicken Rice stall) which has been my favorite CKT spot for ages. I was never a fan of the overrated Sisters Char Koay Teow. I find them extremely overpriced for a tiny plate of some noodles with huge prawns and nothing else.

One of my favorite Penang style Hokkien Mee was there too, although there were more tasty ones around in Penang.

This is undeniably the best Penang style Chee Cheong Fun!! Signed, sealed and approved by most Penangnites, if not all. Location - Genting Coffee Shop, Island Glades.

I have been busy indulging in good food from all corners that I got conscious and signed up for a yoga course. So far my waistline didn't expand much, yet D:

My one week in Penang during Christmas was all homey homey, partly cause most of my friends weren't back in Penang but mainly because I do not have any auto car to use (I can't handle a manual car for nuts). Met up with rag over a cup of Tutti Fruti and went over to KC's to visit her newborn daughter. I got the baby girl a full set of clothing too! 

I got her this! Cute or not :P Too bad the little hat didn't fit.

I reached KL just in time to celebrate and welcome the year 2012 at Gardens Residences! The traffic was surprisingly smooth, or smoother than expected. I had an awesome NYE celebration with friends and love (and MOET too) I look forward to an awesome whole new year.

Pictures below were taken from Marc.

I may be late but .. HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE! ;)