Friday, January 27, 2012

From Toughnut Candybars to Fragile Touchscreen

I was staring at my iPhone for a bit and couldn't help but wonder how awesome and genius men are in all their inventions. Looking back, I figured I was pretty lucky to own a handphone at a tender age of 16, although it's not the case now. My 3-year old cousin has a freaking iPad2 when I couldn't even afford one myself!

My very first handphone was the candybar Nokia 8250i. It was a relatively basic phone but back then it was one of the popular ones, just because it has blue lights lol. I particularly loved its butterfly keypads, which I thought, adds a pretty touch to it.

Parents then gave me the Samsung SGH E-700 as a reward for doing well in my SPM examination. I was one of the first few to get it, and newly launched phones cost a bomb I kid you not. This fragile Samsung cost RM 1.8k!! D: 

I was a happy kid because it's my first camera phone, and I was amused by the flip thingy. I didn't know how painful it was to fork out RM 1.8k, but now I do. My only issue with this phone is the display, which sucked real bad. 

Which is why I resorted to candybar phones once again. My 3rd phone - The Sony Ericsson K750i - was my favourite among the three simply because despite its rich features (back then), it didn't give me much problems.

I bought my first phone, a smartphone, in 2010. A 3-day old Blackberry Bold 9700 for RM 800. I know you know it was a damn awesome deal :D Its first owner didn't like its tiny keypads so after using it for 3 days, he decided to sell it at a ridiculously cheap price and get the iPhone 3GS. 

I used the Blackberry for about 6 months and I sold it off, because of 2 reasons. First, I didn't quite like the complexity and its tiny keypads either, and secondly, Alex gave me his extra iPhone 3GS, in white :D

I've been using it since. I'm currently waiting for the iPhone 5 to be launched, so Alex would get it and he will donate his iPhone 4. To me! :D :D :D

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