Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart Matters: Signs of a Rebound Relationship

For the benefit of others, a rebound relationship is a relationship where either party is still affected by his/her previous relationship. 

A friend recently suffered from the aftereffects of a rebound relationship. His 3-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend ended pretty badly – she found someone new, and so he decided to as well, just to prove that he’s not on the losing side, only to bring regret and emotional pain. He didn’t admit it was a rebound though, then again, who would? More often than not, rebound relationship-ers are in denial. 

Many resorted to rebound partners because to them, such relationships distract them from the emotional hurt, pain and loneliness after a break up. It isn’t easy to just bounce from being happily in love to singlehood in a split second because you were so accustomed to texting, calling and spending time with him/her that suddenly, being all alone made you feel miserable and depressed, prompting you to jump into the dating scene as fast as you could. 

So, to those who are still in denial, and also those who are involved with someone who recently had his/her heart broken, these are signs to tell if you are in a rebound relationship.

SIGN #1: You jumped into a new relationship way too fast

This is a very common sign of a rebound relationship, especially if you just turned single from a long time relationship.

SIGN #2: You have the intentions of proving something to your ex 

As mentioned above, my friend got himself a new girlfriend just to show his ex that he’s not on the losing side. Many, especially those who are fresh from a bitter relationship, would have the intention of proving to the ex that he or she is way happier without ‘em.

I kind of think it’s mean for people to do so because in a way you are using your rebound partner, just to prove a point to your ex who might not even care.

SIGN #3: You couldn’t forget your ex

If you are hurt, bitter and still trying to figure out why the relationship turned sour, AND if you are already in a new relationship, chances are that you are trapped in a rebound. 

Just so you know, it is completely understandable to feel lonely and scared after all the drama with your ex-partner but it is wise to just give your heart and emotions some time to heal as your judgment is usually clouded after heartbreak.

FYI, I’m totally not in a rebound relationship (although I got into this one pretty fast), and no, I’m not in denial either! ;)


ccc said...

almost a year now since the separation, i think i keep myself busy with work as a way of forgetting. but who would forget just like that? and didn't even bother to look for another.

happy cny!

kevin wong said...

Another sign might be that u seek to find your previous partner in your new partner